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Dear Santa,

I would like a new tripod for Christmas, and of course World Peace, and I would really like my children to get into University next year.  Oh, and can I please have some new perfume, mine is running out, I like Ralph by Ralph Lauren.  I would like some new shoes too, summer ones that are really comfortable.

What else, if you can really stretch that far, I would love a 60mm Macro lens and maybe a 35mm lens.

Thank you Santa,

Lots of Love


So if I were writing a letter to Santa this is what I would write, maybe, though when I was a child, if I had written a Santa letter there would have been no where to post it, but it seems Australia Post has solved this problem for children in Melbourne.

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2226I am sure a lot of cities do this sort of thing.  The box gets put out every year, and my children posted letters in it when they were young.  It is a great idea and this year I found out a little secret.


A close up of the Santa letter that someone wrote in chalk on the footpath in front of it.  It is a lovely sentiment.  I do know that Santa won’t read this letter, unless a copy is posted as well.

My husband does some contracting work at Australia post and he told me that Australia Post have hired a heap of “elves” to answer the Santa Letters.  He said they work very hard to send a reply back to everyone who puts a letter in the box to Santa.  I suppose you have to make sure your address is on it.  I think that is so cool.  How amazing would it be if you were a child and you got a letter from Santa?

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2227Big sign on it just so you know exactly what the box if for.

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2228I don’t know about you, but I think the Santa Post box is a brilliant idea, and even better if you can get a letter back.  Big cheers to Australia Post.

Now I should write my letter out, post it with my address, and see if I get one back, or maybe, better yet, get what I want for Christmas.  How is your list going?

If you need to post your letter in Melbourne, the box is on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street, near the City Square.

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