14 Days and Some Things Take a Break

Normally on Wednesday’s I do a post for, and while I have done one today, it was really just a short post to let people know that we are taking a break for a short time.  You can take a look at the post if you like, Christmas is Here Again.  

Flags Flying outside the Town Hall, image taken for City of Melbourne.

Flags Flying outside the Town Hall, image taken for City of Melbourne.

I have to admit, I really enjoy writing for that blog, there is something quite challenging about it, I have to find different things to talk about.  I am hoping they will want me to continue next year.  Writing is something I enjoy doing, not as much as photography, but I suspect it is why I love blogging so much, because I get to write as well.  

Can I just take this small moment to say thank you to all of you who have been following and reading the blog on,  I have really appreciated the support.  Thank you.


  1. We will miss you dear Leanne Cole, you are so nice, I should say Thank you, your writing, sharings and photographs always so inspirational and so nice to learn more. Have a nice break and Merry Christmas, love, nia

    • Oh Nia, I might not have explained it well, this blog will keep going, I just won’t be writing for the other one for the next month or so. So I hope you will stay with me. Thank you.

  2. Have a nice break Leanne… and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… look forward to your return in 2014..

  3. enjoy your break from the second blog, and i’ve enjoyed your work on there as well as on this one. you never know, it may start up again )

    • Thank you ksbeth, it will be nice, I might see if I can plan some other posts, hopefully they will won’t me back.

  4. Glad to hear the blog will keep going. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you Leanne. Best wishes…Andrew

  5. Have a good break and a peaceful holiday. Thank you for reminding me to ‘look up’ when I am out and about… some interesting photo opportunities above me!

    • Thank you Georgia, I love them too, I am forever taking photos looking up, probably has something to do with me not wanting people in my images. :)

      • Funny…I don’ want people in my images either…then sometimes I could use one or two for an illustration and have to go a purpose to take a few! :-)

      • Yes, I am starting to do that sort of thing as well. People in your images just ruins them I think at times.

      • yep…unless you’re going for the people of course. Here the problem is you never know if someone will bean you if you take their photo…people are really privacy nuts here lately.

      • Yes, it is…wasn’t always like that, but the media pumps up terrible stories, suppose that’s the reason.

      • I think it is also the internet, people can be so paranoid about it, like if their image is on the web then someone will come and find them. I don’t know how someone would find them, but there you go. The internet is great, but has also created a world of paranoid people.

      • Could very well be. Maybe something a little like the old days when in Africa or the Middle East people thought you could take away a part of their sould in a camera…only on a more physical level.

      • Strange, strange, something like what our government is doing right now, we are all sitting back saying, who are these people.

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