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It’s Monday, and as I have previously said, my Monday posts are for you, to show your Christmas photos.  I wish I could say the response had been overwhelming, but it hasn’t.  I have only had one person send me some photos, so today I am going to show you photos from Squaw Valley, and they are from my wonderful friend Nia, her blog is Nia Simone, Author.

SONY DSCI love the images, they are so different to our Christmas here.  For one, there is snow, we never get snow.  I want to thank Nia so much for sending me these images, otherwise, not totally sure what I would have done otherwise.

There is still next Monday if you would like to email, leanne@leannecole.com.au, a link to some Christmas photos on your blog, that I can copy a couple of, put them up here with a link to your post about them.  I was just reading Nia’s post, and she said something I hadn’t thought of, remember, Melbourne Australia is further ahead in time to most countries, and for the US, especially, your Sunday is our Monday.

I look forward to seeing more images.

I am going put some more of Nia’s images in a gallery now, but please go and look at her blog, she talks about the images there, Nia Simone, Author.

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