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When I went into the city to get the photos of the lights on the tree being turned on, I also took some photos of the Town Hall before and after the event.

LeanneCole-townhall-20131129-0236This is what it looks like during the day, with a big red ribbon.  Looks like it has been wrapped for Christmas.

When the sun goes down a light show is projected onto it.  They did this last year as well.  I thought it might be the same one, but they have got a new show for this year.

LeanneCole-townhall-20131129-0238This was taken just before they went on for the first time.  There were lots of people standing around waiting for it to happen.  Many of the people that were there for the tree lighting then came over to watch the light show.

I got myself a new tripod, and didn’t take the advice from the guy at Vanbars, and got one that is a lot taller than me.  It was great for this because I could put it up so it was above most peoples heads.  I used live view to compose the images, then I put in my new wireless remote control and just stood beside it and clicked.  Brilliant.

LeanneCole-townhall-20131129-0239It was a pretty amazing show.  Different from last year, and this one seemed to have a lot more going on.  I took something like 130 photos in the 5 minutes it was on.

The light show happens on the Town Hall every night from 9.30pm.  The show goes for 5 minutes and is played every 15 minutes.  They have put up barriers this year so people don’t go over the tram tracks, apparently last year they had a lot of trouble with the crowds and trams not being able to get through.

LeanneCole-townhall-20131129-0243As you can see, nothing stops the trams, they go regardless.  It was like peak hour this night, so many trams went past in both directions.

I have prepared some more images for you, not many, certainly not all the ones I took, but it gives you an idea of what is there.  I am going back in soon and will try and do a video of it with the new camera, then you can see and hear it.

Once again, these images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and are for their exclusive use.

I did go into the city yesterday and took lots of photos of the city.  The sun was out, which was great.  The first time in so long.  We are having a very wrong run up to Christmas, it is usually sunny and hot, or warm, but it is all rain and overcast.  Not great.  I was pleased that I got to go out.  I can handle walking around, it wasn’t a problem, but we didn’t stop anywhere for coffee or food, so no sitting.  I loved it and can’t wait to go back and get more.

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