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The Christmas Festival has most definitely begun in Melbourne and when you go into the city Christmas does seem to be all around us.  I do love it when there is that sense of Christmas, and how it can be, I don’t know how to describe it, almost spiritual maybe, or infectious, where everyone seems happy and wants to share that joy of the occasion.  People seem to be smiling more, or maybe that is just me.  I always smile at people, can’t help it.  It is nice to do, people nearly always smile back.  

The tree lighting ceremony was just over a week ago and today I thought I would show you some of the photos that I took at that.  I was taking photos for the City of Melbourne and all these photos were taken for them.  The images still belong to me, but they were taken for the city and they have exclusive use of them, however, I am allowed to show you here. 

LeanneCole-citysquare-20131129-2253The event was starting at 7pm and you can see from the clock on the Town Hall that it wasn’t long to go.  In the square there were still people setting it all up, see the flouro jackets on the guys.  It was extraordinary to see.  I don’t know why, but I thought it would have been set up days earlier, but it makes sense that most of it went up on the day.  How wonderful does it look.  It is unfortunate that it was such a grey day and rain was threatening to ruin the night.  Luckily no rain, just a few spots towards the end, though it was a cold evening.

festivities-20131129-0003There were some great entertainers there as well. These candy canes drew lots of crowds and so many people wanted to have their photo taken with them.  They were brilliant.  I have more photos of them, but will put them into a gallery at the end.

LeanneCole-citysquare-20131129-0040There was a function for the Starlight Foundation in a nearby place that had a balcony so I could take some photos of people enjoying the concert.  I think they are the Australian Girls Choir.  They were fantastic.  The Salvation Army Band also played and entertained the people.  

LeanneCole-citysquare-20131129-2256The reason everyone was there, was for the lights on the Christmas tree to be lit up.  People had to wait around a couple of hours for that to happen as the city didn’t want to turn them on until it was dark.  Being summer and with daylight savings, that meant it couldn’t be done until 9pm.  I had my flash on my camera for this, but I will go back and take more photos of it with the tripod so you can see how great it really looks.  

I am going to put the rest of the images in a gallery now, and put explanations under them if I can.  How are your Christmas photos coming along, no one has sent me any emails yet, so it is looking like Monday’s post may not happen at this rate.  

On another note, the back still isn’t good, but things are slowly improving, I can sit for short periods, which is great.  I think I will attempt to go in and take more photos this weekend.  I will be okay as long I don’t have to sit for too long, and if my husband comes and carries my bag, we should be all set.  Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, it has meant a lot.

I would also like to say Vale Nelson Mandela, truly one of the most inspirational people of the 20th century.  

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