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I really wanted to make Christmas special and then I hurt my back and I can’t sit down without a lot of pain.  I am doing everything they told me to do to try and make it better faster, and things are slowly improving, but it means time on the computer is very hard.  I can’t process many photos, so today, I got an email from One Thousand Words and she has given me permission to use some of her Christmas photos from last year.

Last year she went out and started taking photos of everything Christmassy around Chicago, and I loved what she was doing, so I started doing the same with Melbourne.  So 1000 has given me permission to show you some of her photos from that time.

I am going to put them in a gallery for you, and hope you enjoy them.  Please go and thank 1000 for letting me do this, her blog is One Thousand Words.  Thank you 1000.

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