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21 Days To Go and Stepping Away from Christmas

LeanneCole-webb-6938Today I have taken a break from Christmas and written another post for

As I said last week, I have been thinking about setting up my own stock library, and with this idea, some new problems have arisen, so please take a look at When Does it Belong to Me.  It would be great if you could leave your comments there as well.


  1. I’ll certainly be checking out laws here in Chicago, Leanne, though I’ve not attempted to sell images yet.

    It is important to be aware of just where one stands legally, or one’s life/livelihood could be jeopardized so quickly.

      • We had snow today, but yesterday was brutal downtown…windy and oh, so very cold…about 15 degrees F.! I had to keep ducking into stores, just to warm up for a few minutes and get out of the wicked wind.

      • It only really snows in a few places in Australia, well one, really, on our mountains, in North East Victoria and south in NSW. We are too flat. I do like seeing it though.

      • We had more today, and it is just so beautiful–thick and very white–at least for the next day or so. Snow in Chicago turns ‘dirty’ very quickly!

      • I think many cities suffer from that, the dirty look, it used to be like that in Denmark when we were there as well. Lovely when it first falls though. I saw your photos and it looked fantastic.

      • It’s not too bad to be out in it, as long as it’s not windy and frigid, Leanne! I love the ‘refreshed’ feeling I get after taking a walk in the snow!

      • That is good to hear, I wish it would get warmer here, I’m afraid summer is going to hit us like a hammer this year, there won’t be any lead up to it, that is scary.

      • Funny, I’m thinking the same, because I occasionally check on your weather over there. I guess evry nation gets their ‘chance’ for odd weather patterns–ours here has been ‘cold and snowy’, which we haven’t experienced for a number of years, and people get upset that Chicago isn’t “as warm as it should be”! Pah! It’s Winter!

      • :) I know what you mean, it seems winter has come early to many places in the US, maybe set for a full on white christmas, that would be amazing.
        Remember what I was saying about it hitting us suddenly, well this week, slow build up to Thursday to 40 degrees, yuck, too hot, especially when there has been no build up like normal. We have all been wearing jumpers and coats. Too strange.

      • It is high and very hot and horrible. I have to agree, it is amazing what we can get through, not always pleasant, but we get through it.

      • We had a late winter similar to that two years ago, when it was mid-80s F. in March! The magnolias bloomed TWICE that year, and both spring and summer were quite uncomfortably hot.

        Hoping you get some relief…soon!

      • It is funny, I have a Ornamental Pear tree and the leaves keep looking like they are changing colour, like it can’t work out what season it is. It has hit us now, we are definitely in summer now.
        Thanks 1000, it will come with a thunderstorm I hope.

      • Oooh, a thunderstorm would be great, with all the heat…everything will soon pop with bright color (hoping here?), and you’ll be healed enough to go out and get some fantastic shots!

      • I hope I am home long before the thunderstorm hits, and long before it reaches 40 today. I do have to go into the city to get some final shots, but I really want it all to be done. I love watching a thunderstorm from home though, I love watching lightning.

      • Ah, so do I! Storms fascinate me, and I love watching lightning (which we get a lot of right where I live), and the different ways it strikes, especially when the bolts go cloud-to-cloud, or reach up from the ground!

      • I find the same, though I like to be uncover when it happens, I find if I see lightning I have to go to the window and watch, mesmerising.

      • Never that good to be outdoors during a storm, though I’ve done it in the past, Leanne.

        When I was about six years old, our 12 year old newspaper boy (a good friend) was struck and killed by lightning when he took shelter under a large tree.

        So, I do it, I’m cautious–but like you, I am mesmerised by lightning!

      • I feel the same way, I like to watch lightning but I like to be undercover to do it.
        I have never known anyone to be struck by lightning, though I know it happens. That is horrible.

      • Yes, I woke to the New Year about 40 mins ago, I’m afraid I didn’t stay up for it.
        Happy New Year 1000, I hope you do have a much better year.

      • Thank you 1000. I wish you were on facebook or somewhere else so we could just chat, I know why you’re not, but I can still wish.

      • We could do Google chat, but the time difference kind of puts a kibosh on that, Leanne.

        I know when I occasionally post late in the evening here, you sometimes comment almost immediately…but it’s the absolute end of my day. Wish we could just ‘chat on and on’…perhaps I can find a way?

      • It is probably possible 1000, I looked up Chicago and you are about 17 hours behind, I get up around this time nearly every day, which puts me 6.30am and you 1.30pm. We might need to consider this. I’ve chatted with others from the US>

      • Do we have to become friends on google? Not sure how it works, but I will be around, I will make sure I am.

  2. Those images are fantastic! And thanks for the info on selling photos. Maybe some day I’ll have to wonder about that.. hehe

  3. Leanne, I have a long and deep history with stock photography and its legalities. The first thing that I can tell you is that there are no easy answers as the laws change rapidly and various sites play be various rules. Your best bet is to release the image when you make the picture…. even from the street. Sometimes that costs money, sometimes not. But, make sure the person who signs the release is authorized to do so. And,, make sure you know the ground rules. For instance, if you travel to Paris, you can likely see the Eiffel Tower from almost anywhere. You can photograph it and license the image. But, if you photograph it night when it is lighted, the French consider it to be copyrighted and will seek injunctive relief. Yes. that’s really splitting hairs…

    • I think I have started to understand this, so much to find out. I have started thinking more seriously about places that I would like to photograph and paying the rate they ask for commercial photography. I don’t think my images will ever be used for anything more than people wanting an image on their walls, or for portraits. I do need to start looking into it a lot more. Thank you for your advice here. Funny you can photograph whatever you like really, but it is all about what you do with it. I think the Eiffel Tower story you said is really funny, not a good funny. You are right, it is splitting hairs.

  4. It must be difficult to get a handle from a business perspective. Here in the USA, no second thought would be given at selling an image of say a train station or a private park seen from the street.

    • I am finding it quite a challenge working it all out. I think that is almost the same here, though someone was telling me about buildings being recognisable and stuff and that can change things. So much to find out, thanks David.

    • I got the link and I thought I had replied, it was a good link Elizabeth, I have hurt my back and how I respond to things has been a bit haphazard, so I might have done it on my tablet and it didn’t work, so sorry if that happened. Thanks for the link.

      • Ok, Thank You for clearing that up. I did find many other interesting links including this one from a photographer and solicitor, which may interest you.
        Please note it this subject is of interest to me too, and I do have some knowledge of the Law, I am a taxation Law Professional. Ps I was concerned about facebook and similar sites that may want to take our work for their own use in the future, ignoring Copyright Law.

      • Thanks again Elizabeth, I will check it out.
        There is a lot of concern for photographers at the moment, violations of copyright and stuff. I try to only put things on facebook that can be used for advertising, but also have a watermark on them so if people want to steal them, they have to do quite a bit of work to get rid of the watermark.

  5. ” Images taken in the street are usually considered yours. Most of us know this. If you photograph a building from the street, then that image is yours, and I wouldn’t have any trouble selling it. -(”
    Leanne, I’ll think you will find that’s not necessarily true. From my very limited experience with a microstock agency, as I understand it if the building is private property AND is recognisable in your photo, or if has any logo or company brand names on it, then you can only sell it for editorial use (ie magazine article) unless you have a signed property release.
    An example : a photo of Sydney Opera House cannot be used for a postcard, calendar, etc. even if taken from a public street, but the Harbour Bridge right next to it can, and to complicate things more, if you had a panoramic photo of the harbour including the Opera House, the Bridge, and more it would probably be OK as long as the opera house does not feature too prominently.
    Your first photo of Flinders St station also has a visible brand name on the adjacent building, so you would have to photoshop that out before the image would be accepted by a stock agency for commercial sale. The other photo from inside the station would need similar work done on the tram even if you did have a permit for commercial photography inside the station. And model releases for any of the people who might be recognisable ! but both images would be ok for editorial use, ie in a magazine article about old railway stations.
    There are a lot of grey areas and blurred lines !!

    • Hey Mike, I want to give a long reply, but how long I can sit is very limited, so I can just say thank you so much, this information is fantastic, and has given me lots to think about. I might respond more when my back gets better.

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