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22 Days and the Block Arcade

Last year when I went to photograph the Block Arcade I was very disappointed.  For an arcade that is steeped in the history of Melbourne it was so sad to see almost nothing there.  The shops in the arcade had far more.  So when I saw it on the list for the City of Melbourne, I was intrigued to see what I would find when I went there.

I wasn’t disappointed this year.

Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

There were Christmas decorations everywhere.  It was so nice to see.  It is such a beautiful arcade, and I am glad I was given yet another reason to photograph it.  

My back still isn’t good, so please enjoy the photos.  


  1. I suppose in Melbourne if you want Christmas snow you might have to do it as we’ve sometimes seen when we used to live in Seattle and a local shopping centre like your arcade shown here would have noontime indoor “snowfall” around the holidays!

    • I have never seen that, I think it is probably too hot here, I did have a cold Christmas once in Denmark

  2. Some very beautiful photos. I really like the ceilings of places such as Melbourne’s Arcade. I think the architecture is fascinating, and obviously with Christmas decorations it makes it ten times better!

  3. deanwestphotography says

    Wow Leanne i must say you really excel at architecture work. It makes me want to go out and try some myself. Once again great photos :)

  4. I’ve been viewing your photos and wondering what makes them so beautiful to me. Not only the subject matter of course, but you manage to process these with a deeper richness but still maintain wonderful light that doesn’t darken the entire photo. How you do this is a mystery to me, but I love it!

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  6. Very nice photos. These Christmas decorations are lovely (looking more traditional than what I came across here in Auckland) :)

  7. Love, love, LOVE these images, Leanne…and the suspended wreath! Those take a long time to hang properly, and I’m happy to see the city did it!

    Please take care of your back…that’s been problematic for me also lately, and one of the reasons I haven’t posted as often as I would like. Unfortunately, bed rest is the best, then walking a bit, then making certain you stretch some so the muscles don’t get tightened. Back pain is frightful, so take it easy, OK?

    • The wreath looks great, and they did do a good job of it. I will take care of my back, it is my number 1 thing at the moment, I want it to be better, thank you.

      • Thank you, I hope so too, it is a strange pain as it goes down one leg, and it is the pain in the leg which is the hardest.

      • Yes, I think the same, I have been to the hospital and had xrays, all good, now seeing a physiotherapist, she has given me some exercises to do. It is really starting to get better which is nice.

      • I had another physio appointment today and it seems my posture at the computer is all wrong. I will have to work on that. She said all the problems I am having are consistent with it, so I have more exercises and I need to work on my posture. It is getting better, so that is good.

      • Ah, that is important! I have a nifty little attachment to my chair (strong wire and mesh) that helps keep the back curved properly, and I recently added a small pillow (to help my ‘bum’ from getting so sore while sitting and Photoshopping).

        However, I also have something wrong with my back, and will go have an MRI this week…that’s apparently what has been causing the severe leg cramps!

      • I like that idea of the wire and mesh support, maybe I should look for something like that here. I am planning on getting a new desk, one that I can adjust the height of so it fits me. Apparently to my physio if you sit properly you hardly sit on your bum, which i found interesting, she said you should sit on the back of your legs more.

        I read that about your back, MRI’s scare me, never had one, hope I never have to. Leg cramps would be the worse. I’m having trouble getting to sleep, my legs ache so much, so I am trying magnesium to see if that helps. I hope you get sorted out soon.

      • I guess that’s why they invented those ‘ergonmic’ stools, though I found them very uncomfortable, Leanne.

        We all tend to ‘hunch over’ when at the computer, and not realize the harm we’re doing because we get so absorbed in our work. I’ve learned to take many breaks, and do shoulder rolls and stretching/straightening a lot, which helps but, I sometimes just have to walk away from the computer a lot, too.

        I just had an MRI about 6 wks ago, but that was for the lungs, and this one will concentrate on the lumbar/sacro region–don’t think it will include iodine injection, but I don’t know yet. MRIs don’t scare me much at all anymore–I find them quite fascinating, as they bring out many more details than an x-ray.

        I’m a tiny bit worried though, should this require an operation, so I’m just taking it, as you have, one step at a time!

      • I am supposed to set the timer to go off every 1/2 hour to check my posture, but I haven’t been spending that much time on the computer, but I think I need to start doing it. I am getting a bit sick of lying around on the couch, I don’t think the couch is very good for me either.

        I don’t like the tunnel think, claustrophobic, scares me the idea, but I don’t need one, so should be fine. I have been with someone when they had one done of their brain, it was fascinating.

        I really hope you don’t need an operation, when will you find out? One step at a time is always good.

      • MRI is scheduled for Friday, late afternoon, so I’ll probably have results by late next week.

        My doctor takes vacation beginning Friday, so it all depends on when he returns. The hospital I go to seems to determine results very quickly, but I’ll have to make another quick trip to the ‘Patience Store’, I think.

        BTW, the couch can turn out to be very detrimental, Leanne, depending on it’s softness or firmness, so take care not to spend too long a time on it. I know, you just want to alleviate the pain, and comfort is so very necessary. I usually get up and walk around or stretch quite often, but then it’s easy to lose track of where I am in the processing! :-( !!!

        Wishing I could just have a couple brandies and get totally relaxed!!!

      • I hope you don’t have to wait too long for the results. Fingers crossed, and fingers crossed that the problem is major.

        I am starting to realise that about the couch, so have been trying to be more active and doing more around the place, moving really. So I hope that helps heaps.

        I think of wine, I should try that, a couple of glasses should send me to sleep. I don’t drink much.

      • Can’t drink at all, so reading is what does it–even if it’s a ‘thriller’!

        I’m just taking one day at a time…the situation is my right outer leg always has a dull pain, from foot to thigh, and it seems to get very tired, very quickly. Just walking through the (small) apartment is painful some days, so hopefully the MRI will show the problem readily, and somehow, my back can be treted and heal?!?

      • Oh I can drink, but not much. My father was an obsessive sort of alcoholic, so I try to be very careful with how much I drink, I have that same obsessive sort of nature, so I have to be careful.

        I am getting better and better, though yesterday I did too much, trying to get the photos for the city finished, almost down now. I really hope the MRI does work out what is wrong, I would hate to be living in constant pain like that. You make sure you take care of you.

      • I’ll tell you–part of me is a little scared of what the results may be, and the most part of me says, “What the hay? Just take Life as it comes, and deal with it!”.

        Please…please, take it easy…though I’m the last person to be giving that advice, aren’t I?

        But…I’ll wager those images are fantastic, and doing a great job can really help the healing, at least I think so!

      • I can understand how you feel about it, I think I would be the same.
        I will take it easy, I just want this gone, though I know I will get a lot of to rest once I have done the City of Melbourne stuff, then there will be plenty of time to sit around or relax.
        Thank you 1000, I think they are pleased with the images, and like what I have been doing, well, I hope they have.

  8. Oh, I *do* love that building! So wonderful to see it well-dressed for the Holidays!

    Hope your back is better soon…I know how limiting that can be.

    • I love that building too, so majestic. Thank you, I really want it better now, haha, but I am taking care of it and making sure I rest.

  9. I love the Block Arcade and walk through there at least once a week. It still a lot of charm after all these years :) Love your photos – so bright and cheery!

    • I love the Block Arcade too, my husband’s business has an office above it and I love going to visit him when he is working there. Thank you Mabel. :)

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