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Looking Back With 23 Days to Go

My Monday posts have always been about other people’s work besides me, and I had hoped to show you the work of another WordPress photographer, but she has not responded to my emails, so I was kind of left with nothing, and as no one has sent me any images, I thought perhaps today we will look at my work, so in today’s post I thought we might look at the Christmas photos I took last year.  I hope you don’t mind.

I am going to put them in a gallery for you.  I thought it would be interesting to look at them again and we can compare what happens this year with what happened last year.  I know some of the things are the same, but some are most definitely are not.

I have done something to my back, so I can’t spend too much time on the computer, so please excuse me if it takes longer to get to your emails than usual.


  1. Cynthia says

    A wonderful set of images. Helps me get into the Christmas season. Take care. ;)

    • Thank you, I hope you will take some photos of Christmas in St Louis, would love to see some, email me a link.

  2. I loved looking at these again Leanne. I was thinking today that I need to go out and take some photos for you. Will probably only happen when the school break begins though.

    • Thank you Colline, glad you enjoyed seeing them again. Oh yes, please do, and send me a link, would love to put up some of your photos.

  3. I’m collecting new Christmas images. I have more this year than I had last year, but I had some really nice ones from Boston at night near Christmas last year … don’t know if I’ll make it downtown this year. I do love the lights this time of year and your pictures are as usual, beautiful.

    Does EVERYONE have back problems? Even my granddaughter — at 17 — has a displaced spine from gymnastics! Me, my husband, my son, my granddaughter and one of our dogs too … all bad backs. That’s a LOT of bad backs! You have my sympathies. Heating pads help us. Sometimes. Drugs may not improve my back, but they improve ME.

    • Sounds fantastic, if you put some up on your blog, please email me a link, I would love to feature some next Monday.

      So many with back problems, wow. I know what you mean about backs, and I love what you said about the drugs, that is it exactly. Haha. Thank you Teepee12.

  4. deanwestphotography says

    Great Christmas photos Leanne. I really like how you have brought the detail out in the shop-front pictures. Fantastic work :)

    • Thank you so much Andrew, I hope the same, sitting is really bad, but walking is fine, so maybe if I do what I am told I will be okay in a couple of days.

  5. Margy Rydzynski says

    It’s getting on to that time of year, isn’t it? Oh, and nice pics!

  6. That was great. I am on a tropical island so I haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. Your photos have helped. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Gypsy, I am doing exactly what they said to do and really doing everything to make sure I am back on my feet pain free soon. Hopefully in a couple of days.

  7. Great pics! Been following your blog for a while and think you do great work, and I think it’s really nice of you to feature the work of other photographers!

    • Thank you, that is so wonderful of you to say. I don’t do reblogs, but I like looking and introducing my followers to other people who follow me, or photographers/artists that I really like.

  8. Maggie Beck says

    Looking at your photos is the perfect start to the Christmas season! While I love when you feature other artists, this turned out to be serendipity! Take care, Maggie.

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  10. No response needed!! Just get the rest and recovery you need! We’ll be here when you get back.
    Love all the bright and beautiful colors in these images!

  11. Lovely festive photos Leanne. The problem with having a sore back is that no one can see it. It’s not like having a broken leg and it’s obvious you are hurting, so you don’t get anything sympathy. Take care, and get a massage!

    • That is so true, the biggest issue is that I can’t sit without a lot of pain, but hopefully it will get better. I am supposed to be getting a call from physio at hospital, so that should help. Thank you Carol

  12. Wonderful set of photos. Especially like the tearoom photos, may be it’s the treats. :)

    I was hoping to do the Christmas parade on Saturday night, but we’re expected to have some very frigid weather … so that’s out. But the other homes in my neighborhood go all out in the decorating department.

  13. I hope your back recovers soon—funny (well, not FUNNY, but…), I nearly sliced my finger off in the kitchen this morning, and typing is fairly uncomfortable at the moment. There must be some sort of ‘thing’ going around!

    Beautiful photos, as always. I especially like the reflection in the Christmas bulb and especially that gorgeous big, green tree! Recovery wishes coming your way—try to take it easy, you’ll heal faster.

    • Thank you so much Jen it is starting to get better I can sit now without screaming in pain. Look after your finger, take care.

  14. OMG, im speechless. Christmas decoration there is a complete gorgeous!!! full of lights and colors. I can feel the heat of the celebration from here too. :)

    Merry Christmas ! ^_^

  15. Not long to go now !!! Super pictures Leanne I really can’t believe it’s been a year .
    Ouch * a bad back is not what you need right now . I’m hoping as I work my way through catch up it I’ll find it has improved for you …

    • No, not long, I know what you mean, this year has gone quickly.
      No, I really don’t need this now, it is really annoying, but is slowly improving, I am doing that they told me to do, so hopefully it won’t take too long. Thanks Poppytump.

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