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24 Days to Christmas

The silly season has begun, and I have been out taking lots of photos of what is happening around the city, both for myself and the City of Melbourne.  The city is abuzz with the Christmas Spirit and you can find it nearly everywhere you look, well the main parts of it anyway.  The city is also so crowded, didn’t expect that with Christmas still 24 days away that so many people would be in the city.


Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

This the main walking bridge between Flinders Street Station and Southbank, and it has been lit up for Christmas.  I went in there last night to get some photos of the bridge, and took this one a bit down the river.  I love the way the lights reflect off the water.

The main reason for going in last night was because handing in the middle of this bridge is a light decoration of mistletoe, so I had to get a couple kissing under it.

Image part of the City of Melbourne's Christmas Festival

Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

Mistletoe is not something we do here really, and I suspect a lot of people don’t know what it looks like, so I thought if I gave the council a photo of a couple kissing then they could use the image to help show people what to do under it.  Not sure how it will go.

Was hard to get, the bridge was moving so much with the people on it, but you get the idea.

Will find time to start processing all the photos I’ve taken, so more will be coming.  I am looking forward the emails from you guys about the photos you have been taking.


    • The bridge wasn’t too bad you could feel it moving with people walking on it. No,we don’t really do mistletoe though heard about through TV and movies. Thanks John

  1. These are lovely. I like the one of the two lovers kissing :)
    I look forward to seeing your Christmas postings Leanne.

  2. Awesome. Melbourne is beautiful at night. I wish I could take night photos but I can’t. ;(

    • I think so too,stunning, if you live in Melbourne perhaps you should come out with us to do some night photography

  3. Melbourne is so beautiful at Christmas time.. I miss the Myer windows since I shifted to NSW

    • I think the same I am planning on going in to get the Myer windows so I will be able to show you. Thanks

  4. The mistletoe photo is great. I love how the people behind are moving while the couple is so still. It’s like they are in their own private world. Great start Leanne.

  5. That bridge shot is amazing! I love it in your header, too. You crack me up with showing what is supposed to be done under the mistletoe!

    • Mistletoe is not something we do here and I think that people will get a better idea about it if I showed them, you could see people walking under it and not realizing that is what it was meant to be. Thanks Nia

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  7. I did find it bizarre when I lived in Melbourne for a year to experience Xmas in warm weather while seeing ‘snowy scenes’ in malls and Xmas decorations. Such a great city – excited to be visiting again soon.

    • It is strange, but I have had it all my life,though did experience a cold Christmas once in Denmark which was incredible. How exciting when are you coming back?

      • Will be there in February visiting some of our favourite places in and around Melbourne, while escaping some of our winter weather.

      • How wonderful, though I have to warn you that the word going around is that summer isn’t going to really hit us until then, so be prepared for lots of hot weather. If you want some ideas on places to go let me know, I might be able to help.

  8. Nice shot. 24 Days to Christmas…BUT only 20 to the winter solstice and another start to a climb to either summer or winter depending upon which side of the equator we sit.

  9. Lovely pictures! It’s so much fun seeing cities all lit up for the holidays. I like it being called “the silly season”, that’s a great nickname for it.

    • I always thought everyone called it that, but maybe it is an Australian thing to call Christmas the Silly season, maybe because it is kind of silly being in the summer. Thank you Jessica, I love the lights too.

  10. Only the thought of Christmas … nothing for me – but I love the decorations, the lights and the cards. The year just flies away with us.
    Your harbor photos is so stunning.
    Have also been out taking photos in dark – have posted some of them … in 12 days in random. Personal I think my little camera has done a great job.

    • All sounds good Viveka, I think if I wasn’t doing the job for the City of Melbourne, or doing them on here, then I probably wouldn’t, but I like doing them now.

      • Both the photos are brilliant …. I looked that the couple photo again and then I saw that there is “people ghosts” behind them, don’t know what I should call them, very cool anyhow.

      • Leanne, I didn’t see the passing people around them at the first look. A great way to describe it.

    • Thank you, we do somethings the same, but we are usually all dressed in summer clothing, haha, and it doesn’t get dark until 9 so we have to wait a while for the lights.

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