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When I first got my Nikon D800 I couldn’t wait to take it over to the bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia.  I wanted to see how much I could capture with the full frame camera and my 14-24mm lens.  It was a beautiful day and I loved how the sky has come out in the images.

dca-20131111-1192I know this image looks very similar to the one I showed you last month, but it is taken from a different place, really.  I was surprised how close I could go and how much I could get in the shot.  I think this and some of the others show you what a glorious spring day we were having.

dca-20131111-1267When I first got there I walked past this fence that had gumboots hanging from it.  I loved them and thought I would get photos when I was leaving.  By the time I was leaving, I had forgotten all about the boots until I was walking out.  I did consider not taking the image, but in the end, I just had to get the camera out again and do it.  They were very cute.  I think you can see we were losing out our lovely spring sky.

Part of the reason for going on this day was too look at some photos that belonged to a former student there, she was there during the 1930′s and had some photos, letters and other memorabilia, that were from the time she was there.  I can’t show you any of that at this time, but it has all been scanned and once some things are finalised, I will be able to show them to you.  However, when the images came to me to be scanned, there were some class photos, and I want to show a couple of them today.

group_class_photos_0005-1919_1The class of 1919.  I assume this is the whole school.  I am afraid I don’t know a lot about these photos, but I do hope to find out more.  It is funny looking at it, the boys in the back standing straight and tall with their arms folded, the boys in front lounging, maybe looking a little bored.  How do you get the attention of this many children, you can’t yell at them, they wouldn’t hear you.  They have had to stay still for a while, you can see the boy on the very left moved and is a bit blurred.

I had to do a bit of work to this one, it was too big for my scanner, so I did in two bits and put them together.  I hope it isn’t obvious where it was done.  The image itself was in pretty good condition and I didn’t have to do too much to it.   Unlike the other one, which I will put into a gallery for you, it was so faded and I had to do a lot to bring it back, though I don’t think it will ever be perfect, but it is far better than what it was.

I have more photos and will put them in a gallery.  I also wanted to show the front entrance as well because it is now open again, so it was nice to see it without all the tape and barriers around it.

I am off to the city tonight to start taking photos of the Christmas Festival in Melbourne.  Should be a great night in the city, lots happening.  I am excited about it, and a little nervous.  I should have lots of photos to show you in the weeks coming.  How are your Christmas photos coming along, anyone have any for me yet?  Remember you can email links to me.

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