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Weekend Wanderings – Take a Look Up

This week I have edited over 500 photos from Europe, not mine, but for a friend who went and wants to put her images in a photobook.  I got the job because I can do it so much faster than her, so I have been stuck at home all week and haven’t really had a chance to get out to do a Weekend Wandering shoot, so I thought I would do something a little different.  I am just going to show photos that you have seen before, but I am going to put them together in a different way.

I was saying to my photography friend how I always used to walk with my head down, but since getting into photography I walk with my head up.  I am constantly trying to see what is above me and over me.  So today’s post is all about Melbourne Architecture and what you see when you look up.

The images are all in a gallery for you, and I will put what the building is.

So how often do you look up?


  1. Melbournecertainly has impressive architecture. You are right about looking up . . . and, all around. I always anticipate a surprise.

    • It is one of the best things about Melbourne, our architecture is spectacular. I love getting that wow moment. Thank you.

  2. I have been practicing looking up too, Leanne. I even have a couple of photos in my collection that resemble yours! Thanks for the reminder, lovely shots!

    • Thank you, it is a good thing to do I think, when I walk into a place I look all around, up and down. Sometimes you only get one opportunity to photograph a place, so you have to make sure you get everything.

  3. Tricia SweetRascalPhotos says

    Oh my, I love all of these! Keeping looking up! ~Tricia

  4. leecleland says

    Wow, love the variety of images ‘looking up’, the Block Arcade in particular looks amazing.

  5. Thanks for the advice to look up Leanne …. will try to do that, hopefully I get something different …

    • Yes, lucky I am very quick at it these days, didn’t take too long, most of them just need straightening and a little lighting adjustments, camera raw was perfect for them.
      Thank you so much, what a great compliment. I do love doing them.

    • You are welcome, I need to go back with my new camera and the wide angle and see how much more I can get in, though the last time I was there the clock was all covered up. Thank you.

  6. Nice perspective on things Leanne – I find my self looking down a lot – due in no small part to the locations I go to – I need to be mindful of where I am stepping.

    • I can totally understand why you would be looking down, makes sense, I do that what I am on rocks near the ocean. Thank you Robert.

  7. MemoriesValued says

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    Looking up when you see trying to capture that perfectly intriguing photo. Here are some great samples. Enjoy!

  8. Leanne, your photography moves me. Wow. Tremendous beauty I do see. I LOVE looking up, especially in the sky. I’ve gotten some truly remarkable photos.
    (Thank you for BEing at Petals Unfolding!)

    From what I have seen, your pictures speak of you. Elegant. Unique. Perfectionist. Adverturer. Passionate. And beautiful!


  9. Very nicely done Leanne. I often have to remind myself to always look behind me when I’m taking landscapes, you never know what you might be missing. Clearly, never forget to look up, holds true for architectural photography. These are smashing!

    • Oh yes, I have to do that as well, though I don’t do landscape photography nearly as much as you do, but it is still so true. Thank you Chillbrook.

  10. Fabulous sequence of photos, Leanne. That’s some GPO and national library, not to mention the Exhibition building! :)

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