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This week I have edited over 500 photos from Europe, not mine, but for a friend who went and wants to put her images in a photobook.  I got the job because I can do it so much faster than her, so I have been stuck at home all week and haven’t really had a chance to get out to do a Weekend Wandering shoot, so I thought I would do something a little different.  I am just going to show photos that you have seen before, but I am going to put them together in a different way.

I was saying to my photography friend how I always used to walk with my head down, but since getting into photography I walk with my head up.  I am constantly trying to see what is above me and over me.  So today’s post is all about Melbourne Architecture and what you see when you look up.

The images are all in a gallery for you, and I will put what the building is.

So how often do you look up?

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