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32 Days to Christmas

I better get a move on with my Christmas shopping and working out what we are going to do this Christmas.  As I said last Friday I am going to be busy this December photographing the Christmas Festival for the City of Melbourne, so I will have to see what I can do in between.  I will be spending quite a bit of time in the city, so many opportunities to take in what will be happening there.  

scxmas-3hpm2989-4cepThe tree from last year.  I didn’t realise that it was a real tree and that they will be using the same tree this year.  The lights are set to be turned on next Friday night, so I hope as many of you who live in Melbourne will come along.  It looks set to be a spectacular evening.  

I mentioned last week, at least I hope I did, that for the month of December I would try and put up Christmas photos every day leading up to Christmas.  Which means that some things for the time being will stop, like my introductions posts, they will recommence in January and I already have someone lined up for the first post.  


So, for the month of December on the Monday posts I thought I might show Christmas from other parts of the world.  I am not totally sure how this is going to work, but I want to show your images.  Last week I talked about a challenge for photographing Christmas, and I want to be able to share those images.

I thought people could send me a link, then I can copy an image from their blogs and put them up on my Monday posts with a link back to them.  I will only do it for people who send me links.  You can email the links to me.  I don’t know exactly how it is going to work, but I am happy to give it a go.  


I haven’t posted any awards that I have received for a while.  I was collecting them, and then something happened to the page I was saving them on and they were deleted.  Then I started again, using my self hosted blog, but when I went to change it to my website, well, everything had to be deleted and I lost them all again.  

I knew I had to find a better way of doing them.  I can’t reciprocate, I am sorry, but I do like to acknowledge the people who have nominated me for an award, so I have come up with a new plan.  Under my awards page at the top, I have a list of the awards that have been given to me recently and the people who have nominated me with a link to their website.  I hope this is a good compromise.  


  1. I think it’s great you have an awards page. Maybe some day I’ll need a page, haha. I love your xmas photos. :) I’m sure you will have many more beautiful ones from the holidays.

    • Thank you Laura, I am sure you will need one or something similar soon. I hope so Laura, I am really looking forward to walking around the city and seeing what there is there.

  2. I love your Christmas tree images. I can say that my own images are not as stunning as yours.

    • It is a pretty stunning tree Colline, and I think that is what makes the difference. I would still love to see your Christmas photos. Thank you.

  3. Pardon the pun but these truly are picture perfect Christmas images. Literally perfect for editorial work.

  4. Thank you for liking “Transition.” Your Christmas tree photos are beautiful. Like you, I am already thinking about Christmas. Good luck with this year’s Christmas photo shoot and the Christmas photo challenge for December. :)

    • You are welcome, and thank you so much. I hope you will participate in the Christmas Challenge, that would be great. :)

  5. Yikes! Christmas has come around fast this year. I’ll make a point of looking each day at the Christmas photos you post each day Leanne, it should get everyone well into the Christmas spirit. :)

  6. Looking forward to the Christmas pictures.
    Our scene has deteriorated into something very drab and unspectacular.

  7. I love Christmas Lights. We have several light shows and I hope to capture some as well. Although, our city scapes are not as impressive as the ones you have shown above. lovely

    • I love them too Darla, I hope you do capture some and let me know. Melbourne has really turned it out the last couple of years, it is fantastic.

  8. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…! my youngest son has just made a computer programme to assign who buys what and for whom – way more complicated than a simple Kris Kringle. I’ll have to keep up with your Christmas posts to get on the mood!

    • Wow, that is very high tech Sukie, and it certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the images.

    • I am slowly trying to work my way into it, though I know that last year actually trying to find the Christmas in Melbourne really helped, so hopefully it will again. Thank you Marie.

  9. Oh I can’t wait to see all of your Christmas photographs this year! I remember how beautiful they were last year!

  10. Someone is counting the days. :)

    My Christmas shopping is done, which is a first. It’s made easy when they’re all women and they like bling.

    • Oh yes, otherwise I might get caught out.

      That is great, I got my own present today, haha. I like that, not a bling girl myself, so you will have to think of something else. ;) LOL

  11. 32 days!!!! Gaah! What happened to 2013? Leanne that first photo is simply gorgeous. I think the City of Melbourne will be so pleased they asked you to photograph Christmas this year. No wonder they did, if they saw this photo from last year. I’m not sure what to do about awards. I reciprocated with the first few, but it’s so much extra work and there have been a couple more that I didn’t do anything about. I feel like I can’t put them on my blog if I haven’t followed up, but I don’t really have the time to respond to them in the way that’s required either.

    • I have no idea where it went Carol, been thinking the same as me. I hope so, I am really excited to be doing it.
      Awards are a hard one, what to do. I did ignore them for a while, but I felt bad, but I hope this is a good compromise and so far people haven’t minded, of course if they don’t like it, they can choose not to nominate me, I don’t mind that either. Good luck with deciding what to do.
      Thanks Carol.

  12. Lovely images. I love Christmas and Christmas trees, and look forward to seeing more of them from other parts of the world. I’ll have to see what I can come up with here. In Russia, they are New Years trees instead.

    • Thank you, I love Christmas too, it is bit strange here because it is summer, so you have to stay up late to see all the decorations. Russia sounds interesting, I hope you will send me a link to some photos.

  13. I might be tempted get all giddy again about Christmas seeing your pictures Leanne ;-)
    Perhaps I’ll have a look at what is happening around here at home too … I do like the idea of seeing the festive season through other fellow blogger’s eyes .

    • I hope so Poppytump, I do love Christmas, though have to admit since my girls are basically adults now, the last few years haven’t been so great, but doing this last year really helped, so it will be great to do it again. Please let me know if you get any images, would love to see some from you. :)

  14. here in Malaysia, we celebrate christmas 3 months before. hahaha. with all the sales and decoration. Well i dont exactly celebrate it but i always love the colorful decoration of the eve. its a fantasy world!! wee… ^_^

    • That is a great way of describing it. It is like a fantasy world. I actually love Christmas, though ours is weird too because it does seem like such a winter sort of holiday, but it is in summer here. Why 3 months before?

      • i dont called it weird, i think it was beautiful, in summer, winter or autumn.. whos care? its Christmas! :D

        oh yes, i dont know.. maybe because christmas falls at the end of the year, so theres too many sales going on. Customers are like crazy buying and business people are crazy selling too! (we actually received the Company Annual Bonus at this time). hahaha…

      • I think that happens here too. It is the silly season.
        I love Christmas, but I would love a cold white Christmas, I think that would be magcial.

      • Well, on the second tot.. i agreed with that. what makes christmas a christmas is the snow! really :P

  15. Really hoping to get downtown to see the decorations here in Chicago too, Leanne! Your tree in Melbourne is so spectacular…wonder if they’ll change any of it this season?

    • Well I can say the tree is pretty the same but many other things are different, will show things slowly, thanks 1000

      • It has been cold here, and it has been good, though I suppose it is normal for where you are. I hope you get to get out, love seeing what your city does for Christmas.

      • I see parts of Victoria had ‘summer’ snow, Leanne!

        Today’s little venture to the pharmacy, just a mile down the road, chilled me to the old bones!

        It’ll warm up a bit, I’ll get out then.

      • I didn’t know that, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised, it has been more like winter here than summer.
        I can imagine how cold it gets there, I hope you got warm.

      • I think so too, though the thing that is driving me crazy now, is that at night I can’t get to sleep, takes me hours to full asleep. I don’t like not sleeping.

      • Oh, same here…even when I’m exhausted, it’s difficult to sleep. My solution? Reading, as invariably, after 20 mins or so, I awake with my nose in the book!

      • I find reading hard at night, the moving the book, turning out the light all wake me up again. I do like to watch movies in bed though. If I am really tired, there are some movies that usually send me to sleep. I have rules that I can only watch this I have watched before at bedtime. Though this isn’t working at the moment, seems to work if I come and lie down on the couch, I go straight out. Weird.

      • If only I had the ‘luxury’ of watching movies in bed, Leanne…but I only have the computer, and there’s no remote, so when the movie ends, I’d have to get up and shut everything down.

        Nor do I have a sofa…just my bed, and that’s where I read, laying on my stomach, doing stretching until my back ‘cracks’ (sometimes it doesn’t!).

        And that is rather weird, but…there’s something about that couch that relaxes you–it must be really great!

      • The couch is very comfy, I have to admit, but I do need to keep getting up from it, though, I think I am going to spend some time on it this afternoon, I really need to get some zzz’s, I am so tired.
        We have too many TV’s but I do love watching movies and tv shows, over and over, sad maybe.
        Not weird, just what you are used to, I think.

      • Love, love, LOVE watching movies over and over again, Leanne! Just wish I had a nice long, comfy sofa, as you do.

        Get rest whenever you can…and I sincerely hope the air conditioner is working well?

      • Oh yes, the couch is great for watching movies, only I tend to fall asleep, so not always good, haha.
        I finally got a good nights rest last night, finally. I hope it means I can sleep again.
        Yes, I hope the air conditioner can cope as well. Fingers crossed. I hope it is too cold for you there.

      • Well then, the sofa must be quite comfortable but, you’re more likely a bit exhgausted from lack of sleep, Leanne! A feeling I know all too well….

        Today was rather ‘warm’, just at the freezing temp, for a change…and it felt great to get out, if only for yet another trip to the pharmacy (but–DOVE chocolates were on sale, which made that mundane trip a lot ‘tastier’!)

      • I have been able to sleep the last two nights, and in bed, so even better. I feel so much better after getting a couple of nights of good sleep.
        That is great that you got to go out. Am thinking of you today and your MRI though it probably isn’t Friday there yet, fingers crossed that the news is all good.

      • It was long and even though I was given ear plugs, it was like being in a tunnel with a very poor garage band drummer! I’ve never had one quite this long–a total of twenty or so minutes in several different stages! I haven’t kept THAT still–ever!

        Don’t know when I’ll get results, but I’m due back at the doctor’s on 10JAN…at least for now!

      • My friend who had one was told to bring music for her to listen to, they plugged in somewhere and gave her earphones. I don’t know if they still do that here.
        I don’t think I could have handled that, 20 minutes in something like that, no, I have heart palpitations just thinking about it.
        I hope the results are positive, I hope they find the problem, but that the problem will be easy to fix.

      • Just waiting–patiently–kind of. Though I haven’t had any cramps for two days now, that dull pain is always there, and my leg tires so easily. I start out walking well, but after about a block, I have to stop and rest it.

        It was horrid today as I walked 4 blocks into an extremely cold wind…the temps were only in the low teens F. and windchill was close to ZERO degrees F. I made it, barely, to the grocer and took the train and bus back home–and was very happy to put my feet up for a bit!

      • That is great that the legs are doing better, but don’t over do it. I am glad you were stopping for breaks.

        That sounds horrendous and way too cold for me. I hope you have warmed up again, stay warm and safe.

      • Guess what? Though I’ve always lived where there is Winter, I’ve come to HATE the cold, probably because I’m older and not in the best health! You would not believe how bundled up I was, while cursing myself that I didn’t also wear a pair of tights under my knee socks and leg warmers–and TWO pair of gloves!!!

      • I think as we get older the cold affects us more. I have always preferred the cold over the heat, but as I get older I like the inbetween so much more. Though I hate summer the most. The heat can be so limiting, not much you can do in it, especially with photography. Make sure you over dress, keep warm, don’t get sick, take care.

      • I don’t think I could imagine living somewhere where it could get that cold, well take all that and keep rugged up and I will look forward to the photos.

  16. Gorgeous Christmas photos. I hope you have a great time photographing the city lights. I’m sure you will do a magnificent job as you always do.

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