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Finding What Inspires You

scchambers-5hpm7546-6I have written my latest post for and today’s topic is about finding inspiration.  I know, that for some, finding inspiration is hard, and for others not so hard, so the post, Finding What Inspires You, is about finding ways, and about how I find inspiration.  Please take a look, and it would be great if you could leave comments over there, makes me look good, LOL.  Thanks

Here is the link again

Finding What Inspires You


  1. This is a photo which can be an inspiration by itself! Personally, I’m inspired by anything that has a story to tell, and a harmony that leads to beauty. Gorgeous shot!

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  3. Greg Urbano says

    Great article, I think I find inspiration from people , places and things. I think everyone is an artist inside but being able to tune into those inspirations and act them out be it in a photograph, painting or sculpture is what makes you an artist to other people.
    You are an inspiration Leanne through your style of photography, that is probably why your admirers asked you to write the article!

    • Thanks for sharing where you find inspiration Greg, for some the drive to be creative can be overwhelming, almost like breathing, I find that.
      That is a lovely thing to say, thank you so much, I do hope that people enjoy the post I wrote, I wasn’t sure.

  4. Its sometimes hard as a photographer to find inspiration when you are shooting for a client on a job that does not interest you.. its simply done to pay the bills… but I always try and take a step back at that point and try get inspiration from other sources.

    • That is so true, I’ve had that at times as well, though so far been very lucky to only shoot things I love, but I am sure it will happen.

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