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Today’s photographer is Dmitrii Lezine from Places Unknown, or as I know him, Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine.  His blog was one of the first blogs I ever started following and so I have been watching his work for a long time.  For me Dmitrii is an expert at HDR, and he does a lot of it.  I am fairly certain that nearly all the images I am going to show you are HDR images.

BiltmoreMovie13-Blog-X3When I wanted to learn more about HDR images I went to Dmitrii’s blog and I went through his tutorial on how to do them.  I found it good to follow.  I did eventually start doing my own thing, but I used his tutorial a lot in the beginning, it helped me to learn how to use Photomatix.

My first question, why do you take photos?

It goes well with my love for travel. I like to record all the cool places that I have a chance to see and share it with my friends, my family, and all the good people out there in the world. It also pushes me to see new places that otherwise I’d probably never see. For example, one of my goals is to visit and take a photo in all 50 states in USA. After doing that I might have a goal to visit 50 countries and take a photo in each of them as well, who knows. Sometime I browse through my own blog, look at the photos, read what I wrote and relive that moment again. What could be better than this to remind me of how lucky I am to be able to see all of those places.

That is such a great idea, reliving where you have been.

SeattleLights1-X3When I asked him about inspiration, this is what he said.

I consider myself to be an outdoor landscape photographer. When I take photos I like to be outside, whether it in the wild or some big city. The world is beautiful, and I try to capture it one day at a time.

I find it unusual to hear him describe himself as a landscape photographer, not that I disagree, but when most of us think of landscapes, we think of the image below, and not the image above.  Of course, both are landscapes, just different types of landscapes.

PalouseSunrise1-1-X3There is so much variety in his work, that you are never quite sure what you are going to get.  Though, he doesn’t just take big sweeping landscapes and you will find more enclosed style landscapes as well, if that is the right way of putting it.  You will have to go to his blog and look for yourself I think.

I always ask if there is anything special about how they work?

Not really. I enjoy the outdoors and try to find some interesting views as I visit old and new locations. There are two main phases for anyone doing photography. First you have to take the photo, and then you have to process it and make it look to your own inspiration. Most of the time I find that I enjoy the first part much more than the second. I can spend hours hiking somewhere in the mountains, walking around cities and taking a lot of photos. I usually take some time when I take my photos, trying to frame it right, looking for the right composition, and enjoying my time outdoors. When I get home, I would copy all of the photos to hard drives and sometimes it might take me weeks or months before I actually do anything with those photos. And I usually have to be in the right mood to do post processing on my photos. I think I’m always in the right mood to take photos.

I think this is an area that we are definitely different on, I love the post processing, so it is interesting to seem someone who doesn’t love it as much and see how they work.

YorkSohierPark4-X3When the D800 first came out and people were talking about it all over the internet I do remember that Dmitrii got one soon after and I remember looking at his photos in awe.  I know that I really wanted one after seeing his images.  The detail, the colour and what he was getting with the camera was just amazing.

He also told me what gear he uses.

Right now I use two interchangeable cameras and recently my cell phone as well. For all of my HDR photography I use Nikon D800. I usually use it on tripod and take five frames, which later I combine into some cool looking (at least to me) photos. Most of the photos on my blog taken in the last year are taken with this camera. I also have Sony NEX7 with high zoom lens. This is much lighter and smaller camera and I can easily carry it in my backpack anywhere I go. I don’t use it to take bracketed photos (as it is not very easy to do with this camera). Usually most photos taken with this camera are handheld, but not always, like for example one of my recent photos “City of Light” taken in Paris, was done on the tripod. My cell phone, is the Nokia 1020 with 41 megapixels camera and in right lightning conditions is takes really good photos. The good part – it is pretty much always with me.

Dmitrii has also done some fantastic time lapse photography and put it together in short videos on his blog.  If you look at his blog you will find some.  I have never done time lapse, but I might give it a go soon, see what I get.  I will have to think of something to do it for.  Thanks for the inspiration Dmitrii.

I would like to thank Dmitrii for giving me permission to feature his work on my blog and I hope you will all go and take a look at his,  believe me, there is a lot more to see there.  So you can find him at Places Unknown, and he also has a Smugmug page, do they call them pages?

Here is a gallery with lots more of his images for you to enjoy.


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