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Yesterday I was teaching a class at Living & Learning Nillumbik in Eltham. The class was about photographing people.  I had such a wonderful time and had some fantastic students.  We spent more time taking photos and usually at the end a class I do a quick editing section, but we had such a great model that I decided that we should keep taking photos.  I told them I would edit some images and put them up here for them to see.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as well.

LeanneCole-thea-20131116-1422We started by doing some photos inside with one of my very crinkled backdrops.  I  had to teach them how to use natural lighting, and how to bounce light around with a reflector.  The dress she is wearing is one I got recently from a vintage market.  I took quite a few costumes, which I think made the class more fun, well I hope it did.

LeanneCole-thea-20131116-1477Then we had a break, a change of costume and we headed outside.  I have never really taken advantage of where the centre is before.  There are so many places around it to take great photos.  I knew there were possibilites, but I never realised how great the images could be.

I know this is a bit of a weird weekend wandering, but taking a class is a great thing to do on a weekend.  There are classes everywhere.  I teach some, but there are many others.  It is a great way to learn and a great way to meet like minded people.

I am going to put all the photos in a gallery now, I am going to put the original, almost unedited photo, only processed in camera raw, first then straight after the image the edited version.  I hope the students enjoy the photos.

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