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Can You Hear the Bells Jingling?

Last in the month of December so many people were putting up images of Christmas from where they were in the world.  I loved it and it made it feel like Christmas really was everywhere.  I got into it as well and took some trips into the city to see what I could find.  I was so surprised at the wonderful job the City of Melbourne had done in decorating the city for Christmas that I ended up going in a few times.  Lots of people reading this blog also enjoyed the posts and I really enjoyed doing them.

So this year, well I have news, I actually have been given the job by the City of Melbourne to photograph the Christmas Festival for them this year.  I am so excited. I know exactly what will be happening and can now plan where and when I am going to take photos of everything.


A Still from the Light Show that is Projected on the Town Hall

I will also have my new lens, which I got earlier this year, the 14-24mm and the new camera, the Nikon D800.  I will be able to get the whole building in this year and photograph the whole event.  I might even try videoing it with the new camera.

I don’t know if I will do the whole 24 days leading up to Christmas Day and Christmas Day, but I will do my best to bring you as much as possible.

The Festivities here kick off on Friday night of the 29th of November.  The lights on the tree in the City Square will be turned on, and there will be a concert in the City Square as well. Santa is going to come out and greet everyone.  Then after all that is done at around 9 or 9.30, the lights on the Melbourne Town Hall will be turned on and the light show will begin.  It should be an exciting night.

While I am being paid to take the photos for the City of Melbourne, I am allowed to show the images on this blog so you can all see them as well.

May be we can do it as a challenge or something, we can all show images of Christmas from where we are.  Who wants to join me?

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is coming, 39 days to go.


    • It is going to be great to see what I can get with it. I hope some gorgeous Christmas images, thank you Teepee12

  1. stellingsma2010 says

    what a colourful picture amazing :) i placed it as picture of the week on my page :) congrats !!

    • Thank you Laura, I was happy to get it, and all because of what I did last Christmas. I am excited to see what the new camera and lens will do. :)

    • Thank you Carolyn, I do feel very honoured, and I can’t wait to start. I hope you will enjoy the pictures, oh, I love, love, love Christmas too. :)

    • Yes, lots of colour, it is hard to get that in Australia, with it being summer, have to stay up late. Thank you Mary.

  2. Stunning Leanne, make’s me want to visit Melbourne :) I’ll join you and share images from Brisbane :) I’m really enjoying following your blog your architecture shots are inspiring.

    • I have to say I was so proud of Melbourne last year, and this year is going to be just as good. That would be fantastic, I am thinking of stopping my introductory posts on the Mondays and showing what people are doing for Christmas on that day, putting links, you know the sort of thing, that could be good. So if you do I will put you on there. That is so wonderful to hear. Doesn’t Brisbane have some amazing buildings as well. I have only been there once, but I remember seeing some beautiful buildings. Thank you so much.

      PS let me know when you start posting the Christmas ones.

    • That is great to hear, I am hoping the photos will be even better this year too. I love Christmas too. Thank you.

    • Thank you Robert, I am really excited about it, and can’t wait to start, it will make it a very busy month, but hopefully really worth it. It should be a great display, I have been given a massive list of things to photograph.

  3. love the lights on the town hall! Congratulations on scoring such an awesome gig, good luck!

    • There is a whole slide show sort of thing, that goes for about 15 minutes with lots of music and sound effects, it is really great. Thank you Leah.

  4. leecleland says

    Wow, official photographer! Congrats are in order. I’m sure it will be a very busy month but what a great opportunity and challenge. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

    • Thank you so much Lee, it is going to be a busy month, but hopefully one that will lead to other opportunities. I can’t wait to get started.

  5. Oh that’s fantastic, what a great job! I think us all sharing what our city is doing for Xmas is a great idea! The projections look fantastic.

    • I think so too, thank you. I think showing what other places is doing would be great. I was thinking that I could use my Monday posts to show everyone, with links to the individual posts.
      I will certainly have more of the projections, will try and get a good video of it this year.

  6. Congratulations! I will be in Melbourne for Christmas, so am looking forward to seeing the decorations, as well as seeing your pictures of them and what ‘angle’ you give them.

    • How wonderful Penny, they are doing so much this year, but the projections on the town hall will definitely be worth seeing. I am excited to be taking the photos and I have some ideas already. Thank you so much.

  7. Awesome!
    Looking forward to any photos that you will be able to share this holiday season!

  8. That image is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what Melbourne does! I’ll take some photos of Christmas in the Park and put them on my blog. Congratulations on the job, by the way. The city chose wisely.

    • Thank you Nia, it was the job that I got the new camera for really. That would be great if you could take some photos as well, I think I will dedicate my Monday posts to showing what other people take of Christmas in their areas.

  9. Dani of Henry Arthur Photography says

    I would love to join in your challenge! I did some Christmas sessions last year but I am hoping to up my game this year.

    Congrats on the job! It is a great opportunity for your photography and to get the word out about your work!

    • That would be great Dani. It is great getting out and seeing Christmas everywhere.
      Thank you, I am sure it will be great and I really hope it leads to more as well.

      • Dani of Henry Arthur Photography says

        Our city recently lit the Christmas tree in the Square. I will wait until I feel it’s warm enough to take some photos. :)

      • Wow, already, they are early. Ours, next week, though I have been noticing some decorations going up around the place.

  10. Well done Leanne. You will have a very busy month dashing through the snow, well in your case the sunshine.

    I like the idea of others from around the world showing diffrent decorations. I’m in.

    I hope this project brings you future work.

    Great picture looking forward to seing this years.

    • It will be a busy month, I am looking forward to it, I hope we don’t get too much heat before Christmas, not like last year.

      I like that idea too, I want to see if I can do something on my blog, maybe do something on the Monday posts. That’s great, would be nice for others to join in.

      I hope so too, it would be great, and I am sure if I do a great job it might mean other work.

      Thank you so much Trevor, I am looking forward to seeing the new camera does with it all. Oh, I am sure I will enjoy it all.

  11. The colour is absolutely magnificent Leanne. Always such a joy to visit your blog.

    • Thank you Don, that is fantastic, the colours did come out well, I think it was also because it was a wet evening.

  12. Tricia SweetRascalPhotos says

    Happy for you that you have this job with the city of Melbourne. Really looking forward to your Christmas photos. I would accept the challenge of sharing Christmas photos of my city, but it’s so small and the images are pretty much the same each year. Lights on trees downtown (town is 3 miles square). That’s it. SO, I am excited to ‘travel’ with Melbourne with all your readers and see what you have to share!

    • Thank you Tricia, it is going to be great, and really, I can’t believe I get paid to go and take photos of the Christmas things, so cool. You might be surprised that because the tree is old to you, it isn’t to us. But I do know what you mean, the area I live it, does nothing really, quite embarrassing, people don’t know the Christmas festivities. I hope you enjoy what I get to photograph.

  13. How beautiful. Here in Singapore, I’m afraid we don’t go as all-out with Christmas decorations… one of the things I sorely miss from the States. But it’s lovely to see how people are celebrating and decorating for Christmas around the world, and this is definitely one of the more creative endeavors! ;)

    • Many places here don’t either, but the in the city last year they did a great job, and this year looks set to be just as good if not better. It is something the states, and I think a lot of countries in the Northern Hemisphere do because it is winter, and I think Christmas is about night, lights and the cold, and you just don’t get those here, well you get the first two, but you have to stay up very late to get them. Thank you Topaz, hopefully we can share the Christmas spirit. )

    • Thank you Carol, they saw the images I did last Christmas, and they told me ages ago they hoped to get a budget for this year, so it seems the blog has got me a job. I am looking forward to doing the work, it should be great this year. I know I will approach it differently and I am looking forward to seeing what the new camera does.

  14. Congrats! Official photographer, I feel so happy as well! And about Christmas, i don’t know, i think i lost it already along with my childhood. But i think it’sgoing to be interested to take a snap or two this year.

    • Thank you, it is very exciting. I felt the same actually, Christmas in Australia really sucks, it is hard to find the Christmas spirit here, it seems more like shopping time. I hope you can take a snap or two, that would be wonderful.

  15. nice gig Leanne !
    Here in Bangkok my local supermarket turned the lights on for it’s tree a couple of days ago, and I saw some of the big hotels in the CBD putting up their displays . the rainy season is lingering on, hopefully soon it will be dry enough to go out at night !
    Thais love a “selfie” shot in front of Xmas lights so plenty of people out taking photos.

    • It is all slowly starting to happen here as well Mike. Things are changing lights going up. The supermarkets are full of Christmas things.
      Thank you so much Mike, I am looking forward to December this year.

  16. From the other side of the world this is a huge contrast – your blue skies with our English grey! I look forward to seeing your photos and comparing them with those I take.

    • Yes, huge differences, I can remember last year the thing many people found strange, even with the night images, was how everyone was dressed as though it was hot, which it was at that time. Thanks Mary, should be a fun Christmas.

  17. Oh that’s such great news Leanne… Quite a feather in your cap ;-)
    I remember your photos from last year * wow it’s gone SO quickly !
    Really look forward to seeing your 24 23 22 … or how ever many days you can manage for the Christmas season
    What with the new camera and lens it’s going to be a real visual treat :-)

    • It has gone very quickly, and this year I have a list of all the things that the City will be doing, so I won’t miss anything. There is a lot to photograph, so I hope it will be enough for all the days running up to the new year. We will see.
      Thank you so much Poppytump, I hope it is, and I hope it leads to other things as well.

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