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Playing With the New Toy

This morning I went into the city to take some photos with my new camera.  I couldn’t wait to start playing around with it.  I just haven’t had the chance before today.  I went into the city with my photography buddy and the first place we headed to was the library.

My friend and I went to the library a couple of months ago and we took photos in the Domed Reading Room.  I used my 14-24mm lens, and got as much of the room as I could.  So I was dying to get back in there to see how much more I could get with the  D800’s full frame and my lens really being a 14-24mm.

The images I took last time.

leannecole-sccity-2585leannecole-sccity-2570leannecole-sccity-2597These weren’t bad, but I had to wonder if I could get more in the frame.  So here are the images I took today.

LeanneCole-city-20131107-0165LeanneCole-city-20131107-0162LeanneCole-city-20131107-0183How much more of the room is there?  It is amazing.  I don’t know if they are great images, but I love how much detail you can get, you can really show the rooms off.  I love the full frame and I really like how my lenses are now what they are meant to be.  I haven’t tried all my lenses on it yet, plenty of time for that.

I am finding the camera quite different to the D300s, especially the shutter, it is much louder and clunkier.  It also doesn’t go as far as the D300s, it is something that will take a bit of getting used to.  When I do bracketed shots on the D300s, it is bam, bam, bam, done, very quick, but with the D800, I have to almost wait for it to happen.  It doesn’t take them as quickly.  Oh, well, just something I will have to get used to, as I already said.

I am going to do a gallery now so you can compare the images better, hopefully they will go from old to new, each time.

Just on a final note, can I just say, I love my new camera.


    • My friend and I were talking about that today, how since starting photography, we walk around with heads looking up to see what else we find. Thanks Mary.

      • When I was about 7 years old, I would walk around the house…looking down into a mirror in my hands. I was stepping over light fixtures and ceilings fans that I saw in the mirror….but those things were not actually under my feet. My father thought I was rather strange. I thought it was great fun!!

      • LOL, I suppose it could be quite dangerous. It is dangerous walking around looking up all the time too, especially in the city, I keep running into people.

  1. Nice … a full frame sounds great. Looks like you are having fun as well.

  2. I might be a little lost here… 14mm is wide angle… On the D300, it couldn’t get any wider than the ones you showed up top? Wow… I haven’t worked a Nikon in a minute and the last one I used was the D2X, widest angle 15mm Fisheye. I never figured there was any difference in frame size between the bodies. Incredible. I’m happy to have seen this. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I’m able to shop around for a camera.

    And THAT is a LIBRARY?!?!?!?
    :( I need to move.

    • Yes, it is a wide angle, not a fisheye, just a wide angle. Most of the entry level cameras, not just Nikon, have what they call a cropped sensor, so not full frame. So when you get a full frame, a 14mm wide angle really is a 14mm wide angle, whereas on the D300s cropped sensor it was more like a 21mm. I have no idea how it really works, but it is incredible.

      Oh yeah, that is our state library, it is very big. It is a pretty wonderful building.
      Thanks Sahm.

      • Oooooh… I had no idea. See, that’s definitely great to know. Now I know what to look for. Because I was in the service when I was a photographer, I didn’t have to buy cameras myself and they got the top models Nikon had to offer when they came out. What you said makes sense though (well…I mean, why they see fit to do that is beyond me… Sounds like when Microsoft half works some software to drive people towards a particular product…at least that’s the impression I get). Thank you in kind, Leanne. :)

      • That must have been nice getting gear like that to use. I think the full frame sensors are a lot more expensive to produce, that is my understanding, which does make sense too. YOu are welcome Sahm.

    • Thank you, it is very exciting to be out with a new camera, learning what it can do. I don’t know much about that camera, but all new cameras are fantastic.

  3. You do definitely get more in with a wide angle on a FF camera, and that cool wide-angle distortion. It’s a compromise though – because at the telephoto end you’ll loose out. Still, at least you don’t have to consider the crop factor anymore – as you say your FF lenses will now act the way they were designed.

    • It is so cool Mark, I love how much fits in. I don’t mind the compromise as I don’t much photography at that end so I don’t think it will matter too much. I haven’t put my 80-200mm lens on it yet to check it out. I probably should though. It is good not having to worry about the crop factor, it is going to be so interesting to see how it all goes. Thank you.

  4. wahomej says

    Wow, I bet you are about to start giving us some awesome landscapes, Those shots are really wide….

    • Maybe, who knows, it is going to really interesting to see what I do end up taking. I am hoping to get up into the country soon, so it will fun to see what I get. Thank you.

  5. I love the building. I could spend many an hour here. But maybe I would get distracted by the architecture. Beautifully captured! :)

    • The architecture in that building is so amazing, I say that a lot, but it really is. I love all the old features. Thank you. :)

  6. Johann Briffa says

    Glad you’re looking your new kit! Same feeling I had when I upgraded to full frame a few months ago…

    • Oh I am, really loving it, the full frame is so amazing, I can’t wait to start editing some of the images and seeing how they go. Thank you Johann

  7. Leanne, I was so happy that you ended up comparing them side by side! I use a Sony NEX-5r (and loooovvveee it). But seeing this does put a shade of envy on me. I guess I’ll have to save for a better lens in hopes that I’ll shake off the jealousy. :) Great post!

    • I am glad I did too, I thought it was the best way to see how much of a difference there was. Oh don’t be envious, you will get it eventually, good luck, and thank you so much.

  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing the images side by side, you can really see the difference. The full frame sensor just gets so much wider! I really need to get a wide angle lens for my NEX. It has a 1.5 crop factor but the best available lens is 10-18mm, so effectively 15-27. I love the super wide shot of the room with green lamps, fantastic!

    • I thought it was a great thing to do, not just for others, but for me as well. The full frame is so incredible. I couldn’t believe it. Sounds like the best available lens would be pretty cool, 15mm is not that different to 14mm. I love that shot as well, thank you Ben.

    • It seemed like the place to head to try it out. I knew I had the other images. I love the scope, thank you so much.

  9. A great subject for your ‘new’ lens Leanne. Must be a nice feeling when your 14mm is acting like a 14mm :-)

    • It is David, I had no idea how wide it could really go, and I think the library was a great idea too, thank you.

  10. Nice to see someone else loves their “toys” too.
    Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a new golden box from Nikon.
    I have the 14-24 2.8 too and use it for interiors (technical stuff mainly).
    The front element frightens me though every-time I take the lens cap off.
    It is so massive and vulnerable that I’m continually afraid I’m going to damage it.
    I did take some pictures for our 2011 Christmas card using the 14-24, of Turkeys that were being fattened up for Christmas lunches.
    It enabled me to get right in amongst them and with the heightened perspective make them look quite scary.
    It made for a dramatic Christmas card (not everyone liked it !)
    The turkeys liked the lens too which was a worry.
    They are quite inquisitive creatures and came up really close and started pecking at the camera !
    If you want to see what turkeys really look like check out this old bit of my web site
    Envy you the D800 !
    What do you think ?

    • I love new toys, and yes those golden boxes arriving are so exciting.
      I love the 14-24mm it is a fantastic lens, it really is my favourite lens for everything except portraits. It is hard to get me not to use it.
      I haven’t worried about the front part, though I put the lens cap back on as soon as I can.
      I saw the turkeys there are some brilliant shots there. Perhaps some didn’t like them because they don’t like to see the face of what they are eating for Christmas, lol
      I don’t even know where you could go here to get shots like that. Interesting.
      I love the D800 so far, it is an amazing camera, and so easy to use. I am slowly going through the manual, but I am doing things with it that I never did with the D300s, and of course having the full frame is amazing. I understand the envy, I was exactly the same until a week or so ago. Maybe Crhistmas!!
      Thank you David.

      • Ah yes Christmas … I’ll start leaving little notes around that Santa can find !
        I use a D700 at the moment and it is the best camera I have ever owned but I do quite a lot of product photography in the studio and the extra pixels of the D800 would be very useful.
        (Quite a move up from a D300 !!)
        But back to your photography … I was just browsing thru some of your lovely images (really like your style and commitment) and was wondering if you ever use lighting when your out on location. I can see no evidence of lights but perhaps you’re being subtle.
        I have just bought myself some battery powered flash units that can go anywhere and so far I’m rather impressed with them. Nothing to show image-wise yet as I am only tinkering with them in the studio so far (and working on a review for my blog) .
        (How DO you find the time to take pictures, slave over the computer to process them and write a blog and eat and sleep – writing this equipment review is taking me an age !)
        Of course one of the things that may put people off with extra lighting is that it’s another thing to worry about when you’re doing a shoot and at a time when you’re trying to establish a relationship with your model this can be distracting for some people.
        I have used lighting for so long now that it’s almost second nature to me but even so there are times when you get distracted by the technicalities.

        Have you tried using an off camera strobe or anything like that ?
        It can be really useful – not just as a main light. but as a means of adding an “edge” or separating your subject from a distracting background.
        What do you think ?

      • Wow sounds like you are really busy.
        Your question about lighting, mmm, no I don’t use any, I tend to use natural light and if I need something extra I do it in Photoshop.
        I have a couple of external flash units, and I bought the ones I did so I can use one as a slave and the other as the master. Though I haven’t used them for the portraits I do. I have used them for still life images. I did have a flash on the camera for the wedding I photographed a couple of weeks ago. So I do use lighting sometimes, but I have to admit, I do prefer natural lighting.

        I find I have the time to do this stuff as that is all I do, though I am starting to find it harder, but you do what you can. The blog is very important to me.

        I have thought of that, but I also don’t want the images to become to unnatural if that makes sense. I did do some portraits of a girl in my lounge room recently, I don’t have a studio and I used a flash unit behind her so her hair didn’t get lost in the background, is that the type of thing you mean?

  11. Seeing things through the new one will really open your eyes to possibilities for sure! Keep having fun glad you LOVE IT!

      • It’s interesting to note that you use photoshop to create all your effects – and a very good job you’re doing too.
        Although I love the techniques that Photoshop now offers me, I am really quite old school.
        In fact I am quite old !
        I grew up with film and everything was created in camera.
        I notice from your posts that you don’t always have a clear idea of how the picture is going to be until you have finished processing it.
        You grow it with tender nurturing.
        We are different.
        I like to think, believe, kid myself, that when I press the shutter I have created the image and any post processing is to get back to the image I had in my head.
        See, totally different.
        Not to say of course that when I get the pix back onto the computer I don’t notice things in the images that I wasn’t aware of at the shoot.
        Some nice surprises that need enhancing – joyful little Easter eggs . (But also get some bad surprises too ! – Don’t tell anyone though, I’m supposed to be a pro !)
        I certainly appreciate your love of natural lighting – God’s big lightbulb is pretty much unbeatable but there are times it’s not where it should be. Sorry God.
        Even so my first thought is to find a natural light solution for portraits etc and if that works well with the location and angle I’m happy.
        But there is something very satisfying about crafting a picture with light though.

        Yes, the example of the girl in your lounge is a good example of what I would do in a “real world” situation.
        I take it that you have been practising with the Nikon creative light system and your flash heads.
        I really thought that CLS was going to work for me but I ended up getting cross with it.
        Though there are lots of “strobists” now who are getting very clever with their off camera flash techniques.
        There is nothing I hate more than having a flash on the hot shoe, but sometimes it has to be done.
        Being a working pro without the luxury or being an art photographer I am often faced with creative problems of light and location that need solving quickly and efficiently and having lighting that I can call upon and understand is a very useful tool to have in the kit bag. Especially if I can’t change the location.
        It does have a down side though.
        One can become “formulaic”.
        Having a solution to a problem already stored in your head does prevent you from looking a bit further. I know I can get a good shot of anyone anywhere in ten minutes if I have my lights with me. And there is a tendency to do just that.
        So instead of walking around a bit more, and searching out the right combination of location and lighting for my subject, I’m drawn to the solution that I know works. Clients are happy because they can see I’m working fast, efficiently and come up with the goods but I often have a niggling feeling I could have done better.

        Sorry I’m rambling on now and really should be working.
        Problem is I still love photography, even after 40 years as a pro, and love to chat about it.

      • I love, love, love photoshop, I think it is the thing ever. I have spent a lot of time learning it and working out what I can do with it, though no where near an expert, but I do love it.
        I started with film, got my first SLR 20 over 20 years ago, but got so frustrated with not having enough control over the final product, I hated that once you pressed that button and click the image was the image, unless you were a master in the darkroom, I wasn’t. I didn’t have the patience for it. I actually turned away from photography and got into painting, printmaking and drawing for a few years, but digital drew me back in and I have stayed with it. I couldn’t imagine not doing it now.
        I love how an image can evolve and something wonderful can happen before your eyes. Though some new work I am planning requires some forethought and some idea of what I want. I want to start doing some composites, so lots of planning.
        I do love natural light, no always, the sun in the Australian summer can be so harsh. I don’t really have the money to spent on too much equipment, so I have to make do with what I have, I do have a reflector and use that often as well.
        I have seen some people creating some amazing lighting with flash heads, but I don’t know how much I would get into it. I am not a big fan of studio style portraits. I get a bunch of photos of someone smiling at the camera and I don’t know what to do with them, LOL.
        I can what you mean about it becoming formulaic, and I guess that could be a problem, though it can be a problem for me too. So easy to take everyone to the same park to have their photo taken rather than looking for different locations. Though, I have to say, I do get bored quickly and I know I have to be constantly challenging myself or I have a problem, and that is one thing that drives me on to find new things to do. Though that doesn’t always translate into money, unfortunately.
        You aren’t rambling, it is nice to hear how others work. Do you do facebook or anything like that?

  12. Thanks for the side-byside – It was a good spot to compare old and new, but perhaps not the best spot for the lens – as the geometry of the structure accentuated the distortion from the 14mm optics. For sure full frame is the way to go.

    • I think side by side was a good way to go, and I wanted to see them like that too. The lens does create quite a bit of distortion, though I am sure I can fix quite a bit of that in PS, but for this I wanted to show the complete image, I would lose some of it in that process. Thanks Robert, full frame is a great way to go.

  13. It is so good to see the results of your New Toy…..easy to see why you love it. Look to seeing future shots. Best wishes, Robert

    • Thank you Robert, it takes amazing images, and I am sure I will keep experimenting and seeing what I can do with it in the future.

  14. Great photos, but even better is your perspective! Thanks for putting your expertise behind a good lens.

    • Thank you Rusha, though I am not sure there was much expertise with these, the lens is so good, I love it, and the new camera. Thank you.

  15. The library is a very nice place Leanne .
    But your photos really make them standout ..
    D800 and 14-24 is really cool …

    • Thank you Iksa, that is fantastic to hear, that room in the library is so amazing, it has always taken my breath away.
      The camera and lens are a great match, and I am really looking forward to seeing what else I can do with them.

  16. Very nice, Leanne! I can read all I want about what types of photos a 14-24 mm lens will produce, but it was great to see a side-by-side comparison!

    • It was great for me to see them as well Rachael, it really shows the differences between the cropped frame and the full frame. I was in awe as I was taking them. I have other photos to show on the weekend that I took in the city as well. Thank you.

    • Yes, well, I spent two days transferring images off my laptop onto out NAS, and then deleting the photos off my laptop so that I would have room on the laptop, but think I have come up with a solution or rather a way of working so I won’t fill the laptop up too quickly. Time will tell if it works. I have noticed some things are very slow though, batch renaming and batch processing, seem to take forever now.

      • There is a lossy compressed nef mode that can save some space, but check to see if there is any difference in quality. I have a pair of 2 TB drives where I store the raw files. One is kept connected to the PC and turned on only when I need it. Mirroring software is used occasionally to transfer changes to the backup drive. For security this is done manually.

      • My husband is a computer programmer, so ours is all networked together, I think the hard disks in the NAS, well the ones I use are 3TB, and he has them set up so when I put the photos on one, it automatically updates the other. Transferring photos over was taking ages, but we got a networking cable the other day, so it is so much faster now. I have no idea what you mean about mirroring software, sorry. I just copy and paste pretty much. I haven’t had any trouble with that so far.

      • Look up the program free file sync to get an example. The reason I do the backup manually is there is malware that encrypts all personal files and demands a $300 ransom.

      • We have never experienced that, though the software that would be running the NAS would be Linux based, my husband users that for everything, he hates windows, and hates Apple even more. :)

      • I use Windows, which he hates, but nothing we can do about that. Though my main computer runs Ubuntu, so I only use windows on my laptop for Photoshop.

      • I use windows on a fast 4 core, but my notebook is a Mac. I would like to replace it with a Windows notebook so I don’t have to adjust so much between systems.

      • The different systems can be a pain. When I have a problem with Ubuntu, which I do actually like, Dave is always very happy to help, but when I have a problem with Windows, he yells a lot, LOL. I asked him the other day what he would do if I got a Mac and he said that if I did I could never ask him to fix any problems I had, so I don’t think I will be getting a Mac.

      • I told my wife that about her iPhone and iPad. She bought them anyway, and I help her anyway. I am not too wild about Linux, but I tried it.

      • I really don’t think he would help me, he really really hates Apple, hates everything about them. It is best I don’t get there. He loves Linux, though has been using it for almost 30 years, he likes the public domain stuff, or what is it called, open source software and how most things are free on it. I like how it is reliable, and I rarely have problems with it. Windows used to crash all the time, I don’t think it does as much now, but that used to drive me nuts, and the amount of Malware you get and virus’s, urgghhh, don’t seem to get any of that with Linux, that has to be good. Windows has a mind of its own sometimes, and it isn’t always what I want. Why is it, that it always decided to update software on the day you really need to get on the computer and do some work quickly?

      • One strategy is to use Linux for web browsing to avoid browser based attacks, then windows for Photoshop and other commercial software that just does not run on Linux. Might be something to try around here running the Linux in Virtual Box.

      • That is pretty much what I do Ron, I have a desktop computer that runs Ubuntu, and I use it for nearly everything, my email, web browsing, and everything else I possibly can. I used to have windows on the machine, but when the hard disks almost died, he couldn’t (though I suspect wouldn’t) save windows, so it only runs Ubuntu now. I have a laptop that he had divided the hard disk on so it can run either, but I rarely run Ubuntu on it, usually only when I am away and want to check email. I use the laptop for windows, and run Photoshop on it, and not much else. Some days it doesn’t get turned on. My desktop is always on. He has set it up also so my laptop can be connected to my monitor so I can get a better idea of what I am doing.

      • That is a very good approach. For a while I was running Ubuntu on one of my old notebooks, but it was overheating so I gave up.

      • I like it and very happy with the set up, though I do wish at times my desktop had windows on it, but he said I could put it on there, but it would be very slow. My desktop is quite an old computer, well old as computers go.

      • That would explain why he loves it. I have the Galaxy S3 phone, though it replaced the original. Dave has the Note 2 and loves it. I am waiting for the S5. Though Dave has been telling me about some super duper phone that Google has released, the nexus something 5, I don’t know, you probably know it.

      • I just bought an S3 on a one day sale for only $280. Google just released the Nexus 5. My phone is CDMA and only works on the Sprint network. The Nexus is GSM and works all over the world.

      • Well you lost me there, haha, I love the S3, I have been so happy with it. I think he is thinking we should get the google phone for my mother for Christmas, then he can have a good look at it, he can’t get a new phone, he has a plan.

    • I wish I did more close ups, something I need to get better at. I do love the wide angle shots though. Thank you

  17. Love the captures with the new toy! Pretty cool how much more shows in the images.

  18. I’m so excited for you and your new toy!! Your enthusiasm is infectious! I can’t to upgrade … :-)

    • That is great to hear, glad to hear it is infectious, I am really excited, I was so excited going into the city yesterday. Hope you can upgrade soon. :)

  19. Lovely! I wanted a full frame but opted for the D7100 since I already had DX lenses. I’m jealous!! lol

    • That is understandable, I have to admit, the last couple of years, I’ve been buying lenses that I knew would be good for a full frame, so when I could get it, I knew I had the lenses, They are expensive lenses, so I think your decision to opt for the 7100 is probably a good one. I understand the jealousy, that was me until recently. Thanks

  20. I love the photos AND libraries. And if this where I think it is, were you also there to celebrate its centenary? It will be 100 years old next week!

    • Yes, that sounds right, it is 100 years old. I didn’t realise it was next week. It was the State Library of Victoria, in the domed reading room there. Thanks.

  21. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS… so obviously I am not a professional photographer by any means and the only camera I have currently is my cell phone. I am thinking of buying myself a camera that I can take on my fly fishing adventures, or have in my purse, something that would take nice photos but not break my bank…. any suggestions?

    • Depends on the cell phone, some of the cameras in those are so amazing. If you have the iphone or an android, I would be tempted to stick with that. There are lots of compact cameras out that you can buy, it really depends on what you want from it and if whether or not it will give you more than what you have now. I don’t really know the cameras on the market, I know the ones I want, but it is probably a good idea to go to a camera store and ask and see what they have. Good luck.

  22. Wonderful photos are always. You have such a good eye. I knew that the full format camera used the entire sensor, but I didn’t appreciate what that meant. It is going to be a long, long time (if ever), until I get one but just another reason to do it (along with my major goal of having a high quality camera that is more weatherproof).

    • I have to admit that I didn’t fully appreciate it either until I took these photos, people said that the 14-24mm would really be that, but I didn’t really have a comprehension of what that was. I do now. I think priorities are important and deciding exactly what you want. I am sure in a few years, full frame cameras will be a lot cheaper than what they are now. Good luck with getting the gear you want. Thank you.

  23. Dani of Henry Arthur Photography says

    Wow, I am a Canon shooter but your Nikon body is awesome! I noticed a difference in your lens being a “true” 14-24mm. I can’t wait until I am able to afford a Mark ii, which is Canon’s full frame. :)

    • Yes, the D800 is the Nikon equivalent to the Mark III, that is supposed to be a great camera as well. I love the full frame and yes, the lens being what it is meant to be is fantastic. Thank you Dani, hope you get your full frame Canon soon. :)

  24. What you are going to find soon is that your mind will adjust to the ff etc. I never thought I would enjoy a wide angle as much as I do. I could leave the 20-35 on all the time. In fact it may be my only travel lens going forward.

    • I suspect you are right, and I am sure I will adjust quickly. I love the wide angle, though I have to remember to change lens sometimes so I can get details as well. I am terrible at that. I think the 14-24mm is probably the lens I use the most. Thanks

  25. I love libraries! Always saddens me when I visit a nice library and I can’t take a picture of it (it’s often forbidden). Didn’t the shutter sound bother the quiet people in the library?

    • You would think so, but it is a bit of tourist place, so lots of people are in there talking and such, so I think the shutter is only one more noise. I don’t think I could study there.

  26. daraghbeeston says

    Wow, nice pics! I’ve been looking into buying a wide angle lens for photography and videography… Where did you buy the lens as there are great results coming out of your camera!

    • I bought my lens from the Nikon Store, it lets you get so much in the image, but I have to be careful with it I think. Thank you.

  27. Leanne, now that you have had your full frame for a while, any thoughts, any pluses or minuses? Weight, size, portability, anything? I am seriously contemplating making a change to a Canon 6D and I already own the two lenses I would use most often. Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, a few, besides absolutely loving it, I do love using it. I like how versatile it is. I am still not sure about the clunkiness of it when it takes photos, but no complaints about the actual images. The very large size images are a worry, but fantastic to work on. They can slow down my computer too much sometimes, but not too often. I have to work a different way, but that is okay. So no negatives so far. I do love the higher ISO’s and the images with them. It is great. The full frame is great too, and being able to convert to a cropped frame is great to, so best of both worlds. Can you tell I love it. If you can go full frame I would recommend it, fantastic. I don’t know much about the 6D, isn’t there the 7D as well. I think the D800 is the equivalent to the 5D Mark III.

  28. Thank you Leanne, I had considered a switch to the Nikon D600 but decided against it because of lenses I already own. It and the 6D are rival models, and each comes out better in some ways and worse in others, as would be expected. Both are smaller than my 60D with APS-C sensor. The Canon 7D is a crop sensor camera too. I’m about 75% convinced and moving towards 100%. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Robert, I know what you mean, I considered changing to Canon at one point, but in the end, decided that I didn’t want to get all new lenses, so stuck with NIkon. Sounds like you have done your research, and sounds like you are ready for the 6D, let me know when you get it, would love to hear what you think.

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