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Influencing Me – Sue Bryce

How do some people influence you?  I know that sounds like a strange question, but sometimes when I do these posts it is easy to assume that most people influence you because of how their work influences your work, or informs it.  When I met Nia last week she talked about how many artists I seem to know and how many influence me, but when she realised that I had a Bachelor of Fine Art she said she wasn’t surprised.  One thing you learn from studying art is how important it is to look at art and to learn from others.  Look at their work, but also at how they work.

So today’s post is about the photographer Sue Bryce, and for me she is one of those photographers that you don’t just look at her work, you look at HOW she works.  (Please note, I have contacted Sue and her people and have been given permission to show her work here to you.)

Sue-Bryce-Ballet-112Sue is predominantly a glamour photographer, which is basically taking beautiful portraits of people.  That is how I know her, well until recently.  The first time I had heard of Sue was through a woman I met at the UCI Track World Championships last year.  She said if I wanted to move away from cycling and get into portraits that I should look at her and see how she works.  I didn’t though.  My confidence wasn’t great and at the time, I didn’t really think I could do portraits.

Then recently, when I started watching creativeLIVE I saw Sue on there.  I was hooked, not really because of her work, sorry Sue, but more for the way she worked and the way she went out and got what she wanted.  She shared so many hints and tips on how to be a successful portrait photographer.  She is incredibly generous with her knowledge.

417989_366902946664200_1243153942_nThen recently she did another creativeLIVE show with Lara Jade on Creative Portraits, and I suddenly saw all this work of Sue’s that I hadn’t seen before and it really opened my eyes to some new possibilities.  I purchased the course, of course.  I have watched it quite a few times, and often go back and look at bits of it.  I had not thought of Sue as a Fine Art Photographer, and in fact, most of what I had seen before had led me to believe that she wasn’t one, I was wrong.

Much of the art work that she creates she does for herself and to enter into competitions.  During the above workshop she talked about why she creates them, and how she plans them, and showed us what she does.  She and Lara also discussed textures and how to make some.  Some of the things that both showed were mind blowing and things that I had never thought of.  I have done quite a few of the ones that Sue talked about.  Great tips.

Sue-Bryce-Ballet-BHTS-2Here is an image of Sue working.

There are many things that a lot of us could learn from Sue and how she works.  I don’t work the same way as her in Photoshop, but I have picked up a couple of ideas and tips on things I can incorporate into my work.  She does mentoring, I don’t know how it works, but it would be wonderful to have someone like her to be your mentor, someone to push you from behind to keep going forward.

Now I have my new camera, I am all set to start working, and doing some things that I have seen Sue do.  I am excited, unfortunately all my models are in the middle of their exams right now, so I have to wait until they are finished.  I can start planning some things though.

Sue can be found on her website, there is also a link to her blog there, and her blog has lots of useful information on it as well.  Definitely worth a look.  I have put together a gallery of images, but please go and take a look at her work on her site and blog as well.   Also, thank you to Sue for allowing me to feature her here today.


  1. I’ve seen Sue’s work through other people as well. It is amazing. I love her stuff. As a fledgling photographer, I have so much to learn from others. Thanks for sharing more of her work, as well as continuing to inspire me with yours :)

    • I feel the same way Livonne, we can always learn from others, great to see you already know Sue and her work. You are welcome, and what a lovely thing to say, it is nice to know I can inspire others.

  2. I’m not someone who is versed in art, but I do know what I like. These images are just incredible! They are so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I love seeing others’ work because it always gives me inspiration to try new things.

    • That is wonderful to her Laura, and sounds like you know what you like. I have to agree, they are quite extraordinary, and it inspires me as well.

  3. Great work. I didn’t know of this artist, and I appreciate the introduction!

    I also very much appreciate the fact that you specifically address how other artists have influenced you. That is a very generous thing to do.

    • Glad you liked the introduction. It is good to show influences and I find doing these posts is great because it helps me cement my own work.

  4. I love Sue Bryce and have followed her for awhile now. I’ve watched all of her Creative Live sessions but sadly missed Lara Jade who I’ve also admired and tuned into. I am definitely going to purchase it :) Fine art photography is beautiful and I’m such a fan of her work. She is talented and extremely blessed as a person. She has a beautiful spirit about her :)

    • The one with Lara Jade was so good, from both of them really, I learned so much from that one. She is a very generous person. Great to hear from another fan of hers.

  5. Her work is so beautiful. The photo’s in your post leave me in awe. Thank you, I’m going to have a look at her site.

    • It is isn’t it, she does some pretty incredible stuff, I have to admit I only heard of her about six months ago.

  6. She has some interesting approaches.
    One always treads a fine line between being influenced by or copying. The secret, I would say, is not to let the influence interfere with one’s own originality.

    • She does Colonialist.
      I agree, I find when I am working on stuff, I take a bit from here, and touch from there. A bit of this, a bit of that, from several artists. It is their processing that I borrow from, with Sue it it is her burning and dodging which I find interesting, though I use it the way Lara Jade does it. There is another trick that Sue does too with warping that I like. So I tend to borrow ideas from the way they work. Does that make any sense at all?

  7. Wow, she does do amazing work. The shot of the anorexic person it haunting. The little blond girl is stunning, and I wonder how she behaves. hmmm gets her own way a lot? Excellent choice of mentor, I would say. She has the same sense of composition that you do. I can imagine how the subjects must feel after they see the pictures of themselves looking so stunning. Fun post, Leanne!

  8. I’ve followed Sue for the last 3 years since first being exposed to her work through the AIPP. I really love both her glamour and art work and have also purchased a couple of her courses from Creative Live. I agree with you – she is such an inspiring speaker and it’s been nice to see her evolve into the powerhouse she is now. She’s awesome.

    • I am a fairly new follower of Sue’s, I think I first heard of her about 6 months ago. She has become a powerhouse, and truly someone to aspire too.

  9. Tricia SweetRascalPhotos says

    When I saw Sue Bryce’s name in your post today I smiled, because my daughter introduced me to Sue’s blog and to CreativeLive last week and I am hooked! I don’t have a nice camera or photoshop, so most of the editing is not something I can do anyway, but as a wannabe photographer, I love to learn from those who inspire, such as you Leanne, and Sue and others. How fun that you are following her too.

    • I watched that same one Tricia, how funny. I take away bits and pieces of what she does, some of it is a little too pretty for me, but I am not a pretty person, if that makes sense. I do love how she works and how she just goes out and gets what she wants, I want to be like that. Getting better at it, but still a long way to go. Thanks.

  10. Wow. The stuff I love about her work is the same that I love about yours – making photographs looks like paintings. It’s just so beautiful! That tree picture is especially amazing.

  11. Very interesting work. An art education is such an interesting one – think you learn a lot about approaches to life by studying art. But I totally get what you’re saying – it’s like you observe the other artist at work and then do something totally different whilst keeping their approach in the back of your mind.

    • It is interesting, and I think what you said is very true, you do observe and learn from others and then take bits for your own work. I know that many parts of what I do are from many different artists.

    • It is quite amazing, though a lot is just planning and then working out how to get the shot, which is something that I am starting to understand and work on now.

  12. I’ve seen Sue Bryce’s work elsewhere. Her body of work is very impressive.

    I’d probably make the same observation like Nia, about how many artists you know. I suppose it depends upon where a person begins their progression.

    • It is very impressive.
      I think studying art also makes you to be constantly looking for new artists and observe what they are doing. It is a lovely journey.

    • She is Nia, really incredible, that is fantastic, she is also a very generous person with her knowledge. :)

  13. These are all amazing, but my favorite shot was of her laying on the ground while during a photo shoot. What an inspiration, I love seeing photographers get into the most unlikely positions to get the best pictures!

    • It is pretty incredibly what a photographer will do to get a shot. I love seeing how they work as well. Thanks Amanda.

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