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Weekend Wanderings – Meandering Along the Coast

Last Thursday I did a day trip with my visitors from the States, Nia and her husband.  I left home at 7am to pick them up from the Sofitel in the city before heading to Geelong and the Great Ocean Road.  The first place we went to was Point Lonsdale.

coast-8850-3hpmIt seemed appropriate to start there, Nia had talked about how she had enjoyed walking through the blog when we met on Wednesday, so it was good to show some more.  As you can see, it was overcast and not very inspiring, though the clouds were fantastic.


On the way to Barwon Heads we took a wrong turn and found the weirdest place. We couldn’t work out what this was, so if you have any ideas, please share them.

In Barwon Heads I changed the photos that I have hanging at Barwon Orange.  The others I had there were too dark, so I had to find some lighter ones.  Hopefully people will like the new ones more.

coast-8968We stopped at Bell’s Beach, well you have to don’t you since it is probably the most famous part of the coastal area, well almost.  There were people out there surfing.  I took the wrong lens and didn’t get any of the surfers.


Then we headed to the lighthouse at Aireys Inlet.  The clouds parted and we were greeted with the most beautiful sunshine and the rest of the day was stunning.  It was too good.

After Aireys Inlet we were all hungry and so we went to the restaurant on the Pier at Lorne for a very nice lunch.  We all ate the Burramundi with sweet chilli mustard sauce.  It was very nice.  It was great sitting next to the Ocean and eating.

I will save the rest of the photos for tomorrow, but here is a gallery of others taken around the same time as the ones above.

I just wanted to add that the water really is that beautiful turquoise colour.


    • They are fantastic, I had hoped to get to another one, but it was closed by the time we got there, we spent a long time on the road. Thanks Dina

      • I suppose it’s part of the game, Leanne. That’s why it’s so special when it’s open and even more when the weather present some dramatic settings too.

      • We don’t actually know if it was closed, but it was getting late, and I thought that after 5pm it was fairly safe assumption. I think it is open most days, very touristy, which is probably why I haven’t been, but I really should try and get there, I have seen some amazing photos. I think you can actually stay there as well. That would be incredible.

    • I know what you mean, it was a great day, and I just snapped photos as I went. It is hard to call them work, definitely entertainment. Thanks.

  1. A collection of great photos but I must say the first, with the brooding, deep and disturbing sky is superb. Impressed it is, I am :-D

    • Thank you, that sky in the morning was fantastic, I was really worried it wouldn’t come out in the photos, this is one place when HDR can really be good. :)

      • I actually have to restrain myself where HDR is concerned! Sometimes it is a chore to hold my natural tendencies under restraint. During my recent trip back home to Scotland with its constant rain and grey skies I was ‘awfie temptit’ Mrs! Under those grey skies with rain waiting to fall one is ‘gey sare wantin’ tae dae thon HDR thingie!’ Still, I live in Norway so, no doubt what we can dae that here – I love the rain :-D xxxx

      • I don’t love the rain, but I love, love the clouds before it rains. I find once it starts it just goes all white in photos. I used to do everything in HDR, but I seem to hardly do it now. I find I will still do bracketed shots, and then I will do a HDR and then compare it with the original shots. I did that with these, so only the first few were, then the original shots were better, so I used those. I do find if it is all about the sky, often HDR can be great. You will get some great skies from Norway, going into the right time of year too. Lots of snow, I love snow, I love photos of snow, rarely get to see it myself though.

      • I must say that I am fairly new to all types of photography – but sometimes I see your photos and I swoon. I hope one day to have more than only a kit lens so for someone who has been at this game for less than a year I am forever in awe of the images that you can create. I am, however, learning and I hope one day to create images somehow akin to those that you can conjure up with your magic lens. Much kudos to you beautiful lady! :-D

      • It is your one year against my 20 years, I’ve been doing this for so long. I also got an arts degree which has helped a lot. But looking and asking questions is the way to go. So in that group of photos, only two are HDR’s, the ones of the pier. The rest were all single images, processed with camera raw and a little tweaking in Photoshop. Images like this don’t need a lot. Thank you, that is so nice of you to say, I am still learning too, I want to take photos that stops people in their tracks one day. :)

      • Well, I nearly fell over masel’! You may well have all these years ahent ye (as they say in Scotland) but I am flabbergasted not to say whelmered-over! I am a bum and you are a genius! Leanne, every time I see one of your photos I am a wanabe, a sivering wreck, an amateur… Hopefully in the far distant future I can be like you. Muchos respectios!!!! :-D

  2. Possibly an old Council incinerator or a brick kiln. I particularly like the jetty photos:-)

    • We wondered if it was a lighthouse at some stage, or a beacon, it looked like there might have been a wharf or something there once. It was so strange. Glad you like the jetty, thanks.

    • Great word for it, it was like that, just stunning the weather was, couldn’t have asked for any better. Thanks Loca.

  3. I had to match paint to that wonderful turquoise, because my husband wanted the bedroom walls painted the colour of the sea at Killarney Beach, which is between Warrnambool and Port Fairy. If you don’t know it already, you’d probably like it – lots of rocks and rock pools, best at low tide.

    • I thought it was just something that happened, but it seems it might be kind of our thing, that water. It is a beautiful colour and when you get it in a photo, well gorgeous. I don’t know that place, I must explore further, thanks for the heads up, sounds like a place I should know.

      • We used to go there when I was a kid (>40 years ago), and I swear it was better then! There aren’t so many shells these days, but you can still see creatures in rock-pools. And the sea is that colour, generally.

      • Check out Tower Hill while you’re there. Koroit is pretty special, too – lots of old bluestone buildings with an Irish flavour.

      • It’s a longish trip from your Melbourne, so you’d have to make a weekend of it – not forgetting Port Fairy too, I’d guess. Hope you do go!

      • I was thinking the same thing, maybe stay in Portland, or somewhere like that. It would be great to explore that end of the coast.

    • I am using the new one now, but for these images, I used my D300s, I took these on Thursday and the D800 didn’t arrive until Friday, sadly. I will have to do the trip again, see how the D800 handles it.

  4. I love the motives you have chosen.
    A white bridge at Point Lonsdale disappearing into the horizon where ships masts appear :-)

  5. What a great day out Leanne ! Drama in the sky and some sunshine to show off the gorgeous ocean colours, the white of lighthouse is looking pretty striking like that too .
    Fantastic to be able to show Nia and her husband that lovely coastline looking so good :-)

    • We got it all Poppytump, well, we didn’t get any rain, thankfully. It was a gorgeous day. Thank you. I think it was a fantastic day, I loved every minute of it. :)

  6. Maggie Beck says

    Leanne, the light in these photos is really quite amazing. Oh, how I would love to walk these tide lines! I am sitting here on the New Jersey coast positively salivating, imagining the light at the edge of the water. And the concrete structure? Immediate thought is something to do with the war, perhaps some sort of light. In the US and Europe, cement structures on the shore lines are often associated with military.

    • We hardly have any concrete structures on our shore lines, it is a long way to come to invade us here. Though there are what looks like concrete bunkers at Point Lonsdale, no doubt left over from WW2, as that is the entrance to the bay where Melbourne is. I do love our shore line, I think it is beautiful. Thanks Maggie.

    • It is so much better in person, you get the salt, the sea air, the gentle breeze, and the views go on forever. I hope you do get to see it for yourself one day, I know you will love it.

  7. I particularly like the one with wooden stairs, I would love to sit there with large takeaway coffee and ‘waste’ some time on thinking.

    • Oh I love that idea, very nice, maybe I can sit with you, but then we would be talking and not thinking. :)

  8. Tracy says

    I really love the first image. It really grabbed my attention. Beautiful photos, well done.

    • I think that first image has been liked by quite a few. I am glad you like it too, it is probably my favourite as well. Thank you.

  9. That building looks like a shot tower, but I don’t think it’s tall enough. I agree with Sukie, Port Fairy is one of our favourite places in Victoria. It’s so picturesque and quaint.

    • I don’t think it is tall enough either, it is so close to edge of the ocean, and what looks like it used to be some sort of wharf. The ocean is so deep there, so we wondered if it had something to do with that. I went to Port Fairy as a child, but haven’t been back since. I think I might need to go there and check it out. Thanks Carol, sounds like I really do have to go.

  10. Could your chimney thing be a ventilation tower for some underground workings? I’ve seen structures like that above coal mines.

    • It could be, but it is very close to the ocean, so I am not sure I would want to be underground there. Interesting idea though, thank you.

  11. My, that’s a long jetty. In the second photo, that strikes me something like a torch, i.e., starting a large flame fire at the top, serving like a lighthouse lamp. The photo I like, “Wrong Turn”. Don’t want to be in the water with those rocks as your shoreline.

    • Forgot to ask about how you’re doing with the new camera. It must be lots of fun.

      • It has been a bit crazy around here and I really haven’t had a chance to get out with it, but I will in the few days. What I have played with so far has been fantastic. Thanks for asking.

    • I think you are right about that tower, it is quite strange. The shoreline where those rocks are is quite strange, and I would think dangerous too, I wouldn’t go swimming there. I love that jetty, been there a few times now. Thank you David.

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