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On the Run

Today has been very busy and so will tomorrow. I spent majority of today meeting new friends. My blogging friend Nia and her husband are here visiting Australia and this morning I showed them around my city.  It was so wonderful to meet someone scemily-20130930-7317from another country because of our blogs, it is so cool.

I don’t really have a post for you today but I have written one for so please go there and take a look.  The post is about Finding that Niche in the Market Place which is a topic we have talked about here before, but I think I have gone into more detail.  Well, I hope I did.

I also wanted to let you know that I have now booked a place and have a date for my Photographing People classes next year and you can get lots of details on my website,

Tomorrow I am going to the coast with Nia and her husband and we are planning a great big trip along the Great Ocean Road.  It is going to be a mammoth trip, but I should also get lots of photos to show you.  I can’t wait.


  1. Hi Leanne!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful city with us! I felt like I was walking through your blog. We also think it’s wonderful and magical to have met you through blogging and now in real life!


    • Oh Nia, that is a wonderful thing to say, love the idea that it was like walking through my blog. I think the same about meeting you, I had the best time and can’t wait for tomorrow.

  2. That’s very cool. I met up with a blogging friend from the States here in Edinburgh on Monday. It was surreal, and so exciting. Got to love the blogsphere when it brings wonderful creative and like minded people together. Enjoy your road trip, and I’m looking forward to the photos :-)

    • It is surreal, and so cool, you really do have to love it. Thank you, I am sure the road trip will be so much fun, I can’t wait. :)

    • Liana says

      ABSOLUTELY agreed! From gravatar to reality…it was absolutely awesome to discover that greenmackenzie is even more wonderful in person than in her blog!

  3. Have a wonderful trip with Nia and her husband Leanne .. It is marvellous isn’t meeting up with a blogging friend , fantastic to hear you are already having a great time altogether .

    • Thank you, I am sure it will be fantastic, hopefully we will get some fantastic photos. Yes, it is marvellous, always amazes me how it is not like meeting a stranger, can feel like you have known one another for so long. We did have a great time, well I did, so I hope she did too.

  4. It is so nice when you hear about blogging friends meeting, especially when they live so far apart. Hope you and Nia have a wonderful time.

  5. We met up with three blogging friends on our recent trip and it was so exciting. It was like we had known each other forever. Enjoy spending time with Nia!

    • How crazy is it, you know all about them, but don’t know what they look like, so to speak. Though I recognised Nia as she walked toward me, she had no idea about me though. I am sure we will have a great day.

  6. Have a great time! Hope the weather fines up for you. And yes, meeting blogging friends is great ;)

    • Ah yes, we both know what it is like, great, and so much fun. haha. I am sure we will, and it looks like the weather could be perfect, sunny periods, and overcast, no rain. Perfect. Thanks.

  7. rupacoach says

    Meeting someone from another country because of your blogs, this is great!

    • Apparently it is mean to be overcast with sunny periods today, so it sounds perfect, should be great, thanks Marie.

  8. I thought you might, imagine us meeting up, it would be like old friends, but we had never seen one another. :)
    Oh yes, photos, though not of us, but plenty of the trip.

  9. This past summer I met a fellow blogger for the first time also, although he is in the same country. I highly recommend the experience.

    • It is so amazing isn’t it, I have met a couple from Australia, or those from Melbourne, but it was my first time with someone from overseas. It was like we already best friends, I loved it.

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