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Introductions – wannabephotographer87

Another blog that I have been following for some time now, Amanda and Frank from wannabephotographer87.  I feel like I have been watching Amanda grow into a great photographer for some time now.  Her early work was good, but I have to say that I think some of the stuff she has been doing lately is simply stunning.  I can’t believe she doesn’t have a lot more people following her.  I thought it was time to show you someone that deserves a lot more recognition for the work she is doing than what she is getting.

img_2620Should I only show people who need the recognition or show everyone I like?  That is a big question, I used to get so annoyed with Freshly Pressed because I have never been featured on it, I would think that it was unfair.  People would say that it was because I had heaps of followers, and I don’t need it, but then I see others with lots of followers who are freshly pressed.  I am a bit sour about it, it should be about recognition as well as who deserves it.  Still, not what today’s post is about.

So I asked Amanda my usual questions and she told me why she takes photos:

Since I was a little girl I’ve paired memories with the location and what time of day is was. I always worry about forgetting memories I create with my loved ones, and when I am able to capture some of that I know it will stay with me. Photography gives me a happiness that’s hard to explain, I just love to see the world in different ways and to never take anything for granted. Capturing moments and memories helps remind me of the beauty God gives us everyday.

img_0888Amanda has a great way of looking at the world, and I was surprised to read what she said when I asked her how she works, everything just made so much more sense then.

I’m not sure what’s special about it, I look at something and take it in an angle most people don’t think about seeing it. I love looking at things as if I’m sitting or laying down, relaxing shots that put you there. I want people to look at my photos and feel like they’re there, sitting with me. In a lot of ways I take photos like I’m a kid again, when I was little I sat or laid down to see things larger than they really were. It made the moment bigger and everything was more interesting.

img_2745She seems to do a lot of travelling with Frank and her husband.  Every time I see a new post I wonder where they have been this time.  I love seeing her adventures with Frank.  So I had to ask about her inspirations, as I do with everyone I feature here.

I’ve looked up to talented artists most of my life. Mozart, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Ansel Adams and so many more have inspired me to show who I am through music, writing or photography. You could see or hear their passion, they went full force into what they loved, and no matter how much people criticized them for it they continued to make life beautiful with their God given gifts. I’ve always wanted to be an inspiration, someone who could show people beauty and give them happiness through photography.

If you keep improving at this rate Amanda, no problems with that last part, it will definitely happen.

img_1602There is a wide range of work on her blog, yet there is a similarity to many things she photographs and I think she is fast developing a style of her own.  Her and Frank are doing some great things together and I look forward to seeing what they do in the future.

Have you figured out who Frank is yet, here this might help.

For Christmas a few years ago my husband, William, bought me my EOS 60D Canon camera. It’s my very first digital Canon camera and I feel we have a pretty good relationship together haha! I named him Frank, just something silly that makes me feel like we’re more of a team.  I have the lens that came with the camera and last year, as another gift, I got a wide angle lens that I’m absolutely in love with! I’m very happy with Frank, he’s a great camera.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Amanda and Frank for allowing me to showcase their work here.  I really hope all of you will go to wannabephotographer87 and show your support to Amanda, she really deserves it, as do all the people I feature.  Now here is a gallery of more of her outstanding work.


  1. The more I see from photographers, the more inspired I am. Thanks for introducing them, Leanne. :)

    • That is great to hear Sahm, I love doing these posts, and it is great to see so many others who like them as well. :)

  2. I have never been Freshly Pressed either! I think you should feature whoever you like. Sometimes we make a job or a responsibility out of things we do for the love of it, and in time it wears out the enjoyment. You are spending your time on this, make sure you enjoy it.

    • The Freshly Pressed thing is so weird, I have seen people who have been FP 3 times and then others who have never been. I do feature who I like, so no worries there, I do love doing these posts, they are good ones for me because they require a lot of time as other posts I do can. So no need to worry, I do love this Bernadette, thank you.

  3. leecleland says

    I don’t even know how to tell or find if someone’s been “Freshly Pressed’. I’d rather spend my time looking at great photo blogs and if someone catches my eye responding to that blog I go and have a look. Spending more time on the computer doesn’t enthral me. Love this post on Amanda and Fred and yes I will go have a look-see.

    • I think they send you an email to tell you you have, though, I have to admit it used to bug me, but I haven’t thought about it for a long time. I had forgotten it was even there to tell the truth, until something reminded me of it recently. I am with you on how you look at blogs,if something interests me I take a look. Glad you like this post, she is such a lovely person, and I want to see her get some attention.

  4. Don’t worry about that “reshly pressed” stuff. With so many blogs in the world, ending up there is almost a random event. I have no idea how, but I got “freshly pressed” early in my blogging life, for a post on my “thetompostpile” blog. Talk about flash in the pan. I had a huge amount of traffic for a few days, and then visits tapered back to a just bit more than their previous level. The best thing about it was that there were about ten really interesting blogs that found me, who I continue to visit to this day. So getting “freshly pressed” was actually more interesting in the “other direction”. Thank you for your blog. I love your work, and particularly like the way your personality comes through in your writing.

    • It used to bug me, but I have to admit I rarely think about it now. It is hard to work out how they do it. Must have been wonderful when it was happening for you. I am glad you had a positive experience out of it. I have to say my followers surprise me every day and I get so much from them, that I don’t need FP, so I’m don’t care about it anymore.

  5. oops. I just now read your comment prompt, and felt just a wee bit guilty because I haven’t commented lately. That DOESN’T mean I don’t like your work – I love it! Just a little slow on the draw about commenting. And that first photo – W O W. It looks like Crater Lake here in Oregon. I’m definitely going over and checking out her blog. Thanks for the heads up!!

    • Commenting takes a lot of time, I know that too, so please never feel guilty for not being able to. I have to agree, her work is wonderful, and thanks for checking her blog out.

  6. Leanne!! This is incredible. Love what you said, you’re just an amazing person. I love the photos you chose and they look pretty great all together at the end :) I’ve already gotten so many people looking at my blog and following me! I can’t thank you enough :) You’re the best!

    • It is wonderful to see the photos like this, a real collection, I am so glad you love what I have done, and I am even happier that it is resulting in lots of new followers, I hope there are many more. Thank you too for giving me permission to do this, you are the best too. :)

  7. WOW! Persistence definitely pays off and it shows in their photographs! Awesome! Thanks for sharing and I don’t think they can be called a wannabe any longer….they have peaked at perfection!

  8. Such a lovely gallery here of Amanda’s work , such a great variety of subjects and techniques ! I’m just about to hop over to her blog to have a good look round .
    Cheers Leanne !
    ps we were lucky re the storm … roof safe ;-)

    • Her work is wonderful, and yes, lots of different subjects, she is doing lots of experimenting, enjoy her blog, lots more there.
      I am glad you were, that is great news, thanks for letting me know. :)

    • That’s great Marie, she is such a lovely person, as all I do this on are. I know what you mean about time, it can be hard to find, more so for you I imagine. I am enjoying the peace right now, I have no doubts that the end of the year is going to be very crazy.

  9. Absolutely stunning photos. Thanks for inteoducing her work here. I will definitely check it out. It is amazing that every artist, in whatever fashion, has a driving force behind their work. 😊

    • No need to thank me for the introduction it was a pleasure and I love seeing how much people enjoy the work. That is so true, about artists, there is always something driving them.

  10. The Sparkling Butterfly says

    Since I just started blogging… I really appreciate this type of post. I loved the article and her photos were absolutely stunning. Thanks for the introduction! I will now be visiting her blog as well. :)

    • Welcome to the world of blogging. Glad you liked the post, I do one of these sorts of posts every Monday. Though, they aren’t always on photographers from WordPress, sometimes I do other artists, or photographers if I can get permission to show their work. I know you will love Amanda’s site, she has some great images there.

  11. Wow, what talents …. I don’t understand why they doesn’t have more followers neither – very talent. The thing is there is so many blogs about photographing – just like with food – it’s impossible to follow every one … there isn’t time enough.
    Because for me isn’t more than just click on like – you don’t even have to open the the post and read it properly, you can just click like for readers.
    Such a wonderful introduction Amanda and Frank – and their works. That second photo from the top – just amazing. Thanks, Leanne.

    • I was quite surprised as well, sometimes they just need to get noticed, so I hope I have done that for her here and some of my followers will become hers. You are right there are many many photography blogs, hard to know which ones to follow. We all do what we can and are comfortable with. So glad you enjoyed the introduction Viveka.

  12. I loved the winter landscapes, she captured a fairytale there. Thanks for the link, now I am following her too :)

    • I love any landscape with snow in it, a rare sight for most Australians. You are welcome, and I am sure you will love following her blog as I do. :)

    • Glad you like her work, she does some beautiful work. Thank you too, that header photo is one of my favourites and works so well with the shape of the header.

  13. Such gorgeous work.

    I think the criteria to appear on Freshly Pressed page has evolved as the number of blogs has increased. It used to be soon as you hit the “publish” button, you were listed on the Freshly Pressed page. If you looked for yourself, you had to quick about it – it didn’t take long to be appearing past page 10.

    • Her work is that. Great word.
      I think it has now too, now they choose certain blogs to be featured, but it does seem to be rather random and you would get an email from them telling you that you had been freshly pressed, so I have heard and I have heard of people being FP several times, but I have no idea how they choose, I stopped looking at them a long time again, as Colonialist said, freshly depressed. I just concentrate on my blog and those around me.

  14. Leanne,

    What a nice thing to do-I did stop by her blog and she does lovely work! Now a follower too! And THANK YOU so much for liking so many of my photos- a photo a day by me :) I get so absorbed in my own blog that I don’t get out as much as I should to visit other photographer’s work. Must stop being so selfish!

    P.S. I never understood the fresh pressed thing either, I thought it was just for writers.

    • I do posts like this every Monday, it is a easy one for me to do, and I get to highlight someone else which seems to be a nice thing to do. I love doing these. I know what you mean about being absorbed in your own blog, it can be very absorbing, but as said good to step out from time to time. Though there isn’t always enough time, haha. Thanks for stepping out to see Amanda’s work.
      FP is a mystery to many it seems.

  15. I enjoy seeing every photographer you profile so it doesn’t matter whether they are well-known or not. As for FP, I thought at the start that it would be a thrill but there must be millions of blogs on WP so being chosen is probably like winning the lotto. It’s a bigger thrill seeing my follower list grow.

    • That is wonderful to hear Carol, I will do who I want. I must admit I used to get a bit anxious and really wanted to be on FP, but as you said it does seem like a lottery, and I realised a long time ago I wouldn’t be featured, so I stopped looking, I concentrate on my blog and those that follow me. That is better.

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