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Weekend Wanderings – Revisiting Inverleigh and Lorne

Back in February this year I took a trip to Inverleigh with a friend and we stayed with her cousin.  I showed you the images on the blog at the time, but it was also the same time that I was trying the self hosted blog.  The photos were posted on that blog, and when we were changing that to make a new website for me, well, all the images and posts had to be deleted.  I didn’t realise that images would then be basically deleted from this site as well.  So today I thought I would redo one of those posts, actually it might be a couple, and put the images up again.

sclorne-3hpm6348We went on the Saturday and stayed overnight, returning on Sunday.  We did go to Lorne for lunch, and we got some photos of some amazing skies I do remember that.  It was the wrong time of day to be taking photos, but the clouds were too amazing to ignore.

scinverleigh-3hpm6026We saw some fantastic ideas for what to do with tree stumps when trees are cut down. These were amazing.  I can’t remember which town they were in, sorry, they were on the way to Lorne from Inverleigh.

scinverleigh-3hpm6516There was lovely sunset to enjoy, before getting ready to get up early to take photos in the morning, then more photos at the Winery we went to for lunch.  There are so many beautiful spots around Inverleigh.  I was there again recently, just briefly, to photograph the Inverleigh Hotel, but I didn’t really get a chance to go out and take other photos.

I am going to put all the ones from that weekend in a gallery for you to enjoy now.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am off to teach some classes today, should be great and relaxing.


  1. Those carvings are wonderful as are the photos! Any time you mess with a domain, things can and will get lost. I had a rotten time reloading lots of photos back into my site after porting back to the .com side of WP. Be well. :)

    • Thank you John. Messing with stuff can be a real problem, my husband hates what WP have written all the code in, and he swears a lot when he has to do something for me using it. It was easier to just delete everything, I just didn’t realise the effect it would have on this blog, but thankfully, only like that for a couple of months. It is a rotten job, I am not sure exactly what I am going to do. You take care too.

    • I thought some of you would remember some, I am glad you like revisiting Carol, thank you, yes, busy day, small class, but that is nice too.

  2. How can you say “no” to skies like that? Wonderful help from nature. I really like 6261 – the low angle is great. Something I tell novice photographers: don’t take every shot at eye level! and 6679 speaks to my love of abandonment – either one works in this case…color or Sepia. Enjoyable!

    • I know exactly what you mean, I couldn’t resist. That is so true, I am always telling people the same thing, look for different perspectives. Thank you Robert, I had to do some trespassing for that latter one. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

    • I saw this as I was walking out the door this morning, and I couldn’t stop laughing, no idea where the pigs are, haha. Thanks Ron.

      • Are you in Victoria? I didn’t recognise the name, Inverleigh, but Google says it’s in Vic. It’s a wonderful place to sight-see. I lived in Albury for a year and never tired of crossing the border just to drive around.

      • Yes, it is in Victoria, near Geelong, and only an hour from Lorne, very nice place. I have only ever driven through Albury. I did grow up on the Murray River, but closer to Swan Hill.

      • Ah, another lovely place. Echuca (spelling?) was probably my favourite place along the Murray. Sometimes that drive out to Swan Hill seems like a drive to the end of the world.

      • It is the end of the world, well it seemed like it, still does when I go back. Echuca is gorgeous, very quaint.

      • Oh wow, what a question, of course I haven’t seen all of it, most, but not all. I love lots of areas, I do love the Mallee, but it is terrible in the summer, I love the coast around Lorne and Apollo Bay. I also love it around Eildon. Then there are country towns, like Castlemaine which are gorgeous. I have to stop, or I never will.
        How about you.

      • Good answer. :D
        If you go south from Bright towards Mt Beauty, onto the Yackandandah Plains, that’s probably my favourite spot. The rock formations juxtaposing with the openness of the plains are quite phenomenal.

      • I haven’t been to that part of the state, I must see it one day day. I’ve been to Bright, and up Hotham and Buffalo, but that is as far as I’ve been.

    • The carvings are such a brilliant idea with what to do when you cut trees down, I love them too. Thank you.

      • I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how to do that. Do you just shoot 3 images at different f-stops with a tripod? How far apart? And what do you use to stitch them together? Or is there some Photoshop tool that just does it for you?

      • I will shoot 3 images if I am hand holding, but if I am using a tripod I will shoot 5. My camera does them automatically, you can tell it how many bracketed shots you want to do. It is actually a good idea to do it all the time anyway, 3, that is, that way even if you don’t want to do a HDR, you might want to use a different exposure. My camera does 1 stop apart, f-stops. I use Photomatix Pro to put them altogether, that has been the best software I have found. You can do it in Photoshop, but I have found Photomatix better.

      • Ok, so I just need to figure out how to find that setting on my camera. I shoot with a Canon 50D. Nothing fancy. So nice of you to reply back!! <3

      • I don’t know if every camera does the bracketing, but yeah, you should see if the camera does, so much easier.

  3. Great photos, Leanne.
    Personal favourites are 9098 and 9107—very ominous and intriguing… :-)

    • Thank you Paul, that little cottage thing was in a paddock on a hill, I had to trespass to get it, but it was worth it I think.

  4. The carving is just fantastic …. great way to use dead trees. Fantastic gallery … some in both color and B&W. My favorite here is the meadow the second bit photo, you have truly captured the tranquility, Don’t like the darker version, sorry.

    • I think exactly the same Viveka, I think there is an artist somewhere around there that does them, as there are other places, so I have been told, where you can find them. That is great to hear, which ones you like, thank you Viveka.

      • My grandfather was carving in wood … mostly in oak.
        Amazing pieces of art you captured. Hard work.

      • That is amazing, I would love to be able to do something like that, but I know I don’t have the patience.
        They are amazing, I think it is a fantastic idea.

    • No problem at all, it is one of the great things about WordPress, the community is wonderful. Thank you.

  5. Your photographs taken at the sea are always inviting, full of energy and solitude. I love them, you showcase the sea in the most beautiful ways.

    • Thank you Mary, what a lovely thing to say, I don’t know why, but I love photographing water that is moving, and we have a fantastic coastline for doing that.

    • Thank you Amanda, that is wonderful to hear, I forgot how lovely these shots were, it is nice to go back.

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