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Back in February this year I took a trip to Inverleigh with a friend and we stayed with her cousin.  I showed you the images on the blog at the time, but it was also the same time that I was trying the self hosted blog.  The photos were posted on that blog, and when we were changing that to make a new website for me, well, all the images and posts had to be deleted.  I didn’t realise that images would then be basically deleted from this site as well.  So today I thought I would redo one of those posts, actually it might be a couple, and put the images up again.

sclorne-3hpm6348We went on the Saturday and stayed overnight, returning on Sunday.  We did go to Lorne for lunch, and we got some photos of some amazing skies I do remember that.  It was the wrong time of day to be taking photos, but the clouds were too amazing to ignore.

scinverleigh-3hpm6026We saw some fantastic ideas for what to do with tree stumps when trees are cut down. These were amazing.  I can’t remember which town they were in, sorry, they were on the way to Lorne from Inverleigh.

scinverleigh-3hpm6516There was lovely sunset to enjoy, before getting ready to get up early to take photos in the morning, then more photos at the Winery we went to for lunch.  There are so many beautiful spots around Inverleigh.  I was there again recently, just briefly, to photograph the Inverleigh Hotel, but I didn’t really get a chance to go out and take other photos.

I am going to put all the ones from that weekend in a gallery for you to enjoy now.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am off to teach some classes today, should be great and relaxing.

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