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It is here again and time to introduce you to another WordPress photographer and today I want to introduce you to Kerry, and his blog Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog.  I do think the title of Kerry’s blog gives you a pretty good clue of what his photography is about, though it has to be seen to be believed I think.  On his blog you will find some of the most amazing examples of landscape photography. Here is an example.

elliott_creek_miners_point_107_v2I like how he composes his images and the way he puts you there in the moment.  The colours are always fantastic.

I did ask him why he takes photos and this was his response:

That’s a tough question to answer.  The vast, vast majority of my photography falls into the landscape category and I’m drawn to the landscape in a manner that’s difficult for me to explain.  If I was able to draw or paint in a manner that pleased me, I’m not sure that I’d ever have become seriously involved with photography, but since I can’t, the camera became the tool that I use to express my vision.

riverside_walk_0315_-1012_de-tcI have been following Kerry for quite some time, but one of the things that has always stuck with me is his determination to get a great image.  He will go away to a National Park, and then spend days hiking into it to get the shots he wants.  I am afraid, I could never see myself doing this, but I really admire him for it.

I do especially remember a trip he did and I read each and watched as it all unfolded.  If you would like to read about it here is the link to the first of those posts, Day 1: The Watchman.

The next question I asked, as I always do was about inspiration.

The landscape, period.  I’ve always been fascinated by it and that hasn’t changed at all over the years; I find it endlessly compelling, perhaps because it’s seemingly always changing.  The landscape changes its look minute-by-minute over a single day as the light changes.  It transforms itself as the seasons change.  And there are so many different ways for the photographer to reveal it.  I find working with the landscape to be an endless series of challenges and I never tire of them.

striped_rock_1778_-2-1012_de-tcThere are lots and lots of rocks in Kerry’s work, and the wonderful formations they form.  I have never thought of myself as a rock person, but I love the ones in his images, so maybe I am.  There is something, also that is quite unique about the United States of America that Kerry shows us, and I think it is a landscape that is unforgiving and old.  I would love to come to the states to take photos, but I know what I want to photograph is the landscape, the natural landscape that the country has to offer, and through Kerry’s images you really get to see that.

How he works was another question I had for him.

I can tell you how I work; I’m not sure how special it is.  I tend to proceed extremely methodically–I think it’s a function of having cut my teeth by shooting with large format photographers.  I also work scenes thoroughly; I’m always trying to squeeze as much out of a location as possible.  I usually shoot by myself.  And I have an occasional (curious to some) habit of shooting with wide angle lenses in tight spots and telephoto lenses in open locales.

thunderstorm_arc_1638_-2-1012_de-tcKerry has been working with a Nikon D800E since July 2012 and I have read that he is very happy with it.  I was curious about this, as I am hoping to get the D800 soon, I did look into the D800E, but I don’t think it would be the right camera for me, but I can totally see how it is the perfect camera for Kerry.

I would like to thank Kerry for allowing me to showcase his work, and I would encourage everyone to go and take a look at his blog, Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog, see how he works and what wonderful landscapes he takes.  I have some of my favourites for you here, I found I had to force myself to stop looking, or I would never have stopped.

I hope you enjoyed the images. I have to get back to the wedding photos.  I shot over 1300 and I need to condense the number and give some of them my treatment.  I did have a thoroughly great day.  I thought I would be really nervous, and if things didn’t go to plan, I wasn’t sure how I would cope.  I felt really relaxed all day, nothing went to plan, and we had to go with it all, it rained on and off, but we didn’t really get wet.  I think I’ve got some fantastic shots and I can’t wait to work on them.

I am hoping to be able to show you some soon, but the couple want approval, which is totally fair enough, so we will have to wait until they come back from their honeymoon.

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