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This week I have had to look at many architectural buildings and one that came up that I realised I had never been too was Ripponlea.  It is a National Trust site, and a really spectacular building.  So I went there to check it out.  We walked around going, OMG, OMG, OMG.  We hadn’t planned on staying long, but after being there for only 15 minutes we knew we would have to come back and visit again when we had a lot more time.

I took many photos, but today I am going to show you the photos I took of the gardens, and tomorrow the photos I got of the house and buildings around it.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the gardens were, and as soon as I saw the lake, all I could think of was Monet, and his garden.  I thought to myself, we have our own here, I don’t know why there aren’t lots of en plein air painters around the lake painting.  It was so beautiful.

A very busy weekend for me, so please enjoy the photos I have prepared for you from the gardens of Ripponlea.

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