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Going Back to Take Another Look

Last week I had a meeting with a business advisory service run by my local council, the council part that is great. This part of the council has been great and I have really enjoyed my dealings with them.  At the advisory thing I was reminded of the images I took at the Manchester Unity Building and wondered if I would process them now.  I have learned so much new stuff since I did them, so would I change what I did?


This was one of my favourites from that time.  However, looking at it now, I think it is a little oversaturated, and I don’t really like how you can see through the windows so much.  So I wondered, what would I do now.

LeanneCole-mu3-2507_4hpmI put covers over the windows, though I am not totally happy with it.  I like the lighting much more and the warm cosy atmosphere.  Putting the covers over the windows gives the room more privacy or something.  It is more closed in.  Though the weather here today is horrible, overcast and raining, again, so I think that may have affected my mood while doing the image.

There are things in the first that I didn’t do in the second, I didn’t add any detail, and in the second one I did some blurring, but not as much as the first.  It was an interesting process.

LeanneCole1-mu3-2417_4hpmI never did this image the first time, I don’t know why, I like the composition, then again there were so many to choose from, I just didn’t get around to doing them all.

There first one took me almost 4 hours to do, so I thought I would see what I could do with this one quickly.  I wondered if I could completely change the mood and atmosphere in it, remove some unwanted things.


This is what I came up with, something a little different maybe.  I like it.  I love the painting above the chair and the little lamp on the table.  It is interesting trying to do things like this.  The chair is still a little saturated and I will have to work on that in the future.

I do like going back and seeing what I would do differently, so I like what I do now as opposed to what I was doing in the past.  It was also really nice to work on some straight architectural shots, I haven’t been doing enough of that.  Do you do the same, go back and rework old images?


  1. I love what you did with the second photo! Great emphasis on the objects and change in atmosphere. They are both very well executed. I think I will have to start re-working some old photos pretty soon. I haven’t had the time to take any new shots lately. It could be fun though.

    • Thank you Joseph, I think it is an interesting thing to do, as you learn more, you start realising more. Sounds like it is a good time to look back.

  2. amadeuspicasso says

    Absolutely love the contrast and shadows in the second version of the image. Obviously the composition is amazing as well. Really feel like the image wants to tell me something, haunts me.

  3. I think it’s a very good idea to go back to your old picture and edit them in a different way. It is the same as stepping away from a big project to see the whole picture or to see room for improvement. Really love this post!

    • It is like that, totally, it is nice to see how you have grown and how much you have learned. Glad you liked the post, thank you.

  4. I like the reworked ones better. It amazes me what you are able to do! Like putting covers on the windows after the fact. Also I like how you darkened the wall in the photo with the painting of the old Victrola. It’s less sterile, warmer, more inviting.

    • Thank you Nia, the covers took me so long, but I think the image works far better and I am glad you agree. I really like how the second one has come out, really happy with that. Thank you so much, I really like what you have said.

  5. Wow awesome redo of the photos!! I LOVE the one with the chair and artwork!! Looks like a lady should be sitting in it knitting or crocheting!! It makes your eye go to the elements in the photo!! Your art is fantastic!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  6. For some reason, WP isn’t offering the “Like” button. Your work is exquisite here. The second take on the chair is more warm, inviting and sultry.

    • Oh, I have heard people have been having trouble, but you are the first with this one. I don’t know what they are doing. Thank you Catherine, The second image was good to do, I like changing images like that.

  7. I like the re-work of the boardroom.

    Regarding the business end, since you didn’t get paid for the job, all the work is yours.

    • Thank you David, I like it too, gives it a completely different feeling.
      I totally agree about the business end, I think the work is mine as well.

  8. I am not being contrary I hope but I liked your original picture better than the revamp although I understand the points you are making. I am not a photographer and I feel that although the second picture is probably a better photograph, the first shows a more exciting room in which I would like to be.

    • Not contrary at all to express your opinion like this. I like the original too, but I always disliked the view out the windows and found it to overpowering. I think I like aspects of both. Thank you.

  9. I have done this very thing very recently. Gone back and re-edited all my old sessions lol. The ones from when I was in the beginning and starting out. And WOW what a difference it does make lol. Love what you’ve done here.

  10. The combinations of textures really makes these shots so special. I do the same photos in various ways and each time, I find something new to like — or hate. Maybe we all do that? I would probably like a medium version of the boardroom shots … a little less window see-through, but not completely blank, either.

    • Thank you, It is a really interesting process to go through, I really like doing it and as you said you do get different results and see different things. I am not sure about the boardroom the rework needs something, something to liven it up.

    • I think there are many that do it, it is not a bad thing to do, especially if you didn’t like an image, or found one hard to get what you wanted. It is similar to going and photographing the same thing all the time.

  11. Amazing photos … love the darker version of the chair and painting .. and my favorite is the shiny table (darker version) – what I understand that communication has been the issue now. Glad it’s all sorted between you.

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