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Introductions – Noeline Smith Photography

Monday morning and I am preparing my post for you today, and for today’s introduction we are going to look at the work of Noeline Smith.  I have been following Noeline for a long time as well.  I follow a lot of people and try to look at as many blogs as I can.  Unfortunately that number has risen and I must apologise to many of you for only being able to look, sometimes like and rarely comment.  I will explain later in the week, but suddenly life has got very, very hectic, in a very good way, but there just aren’t enough hours anymore, so I hope you will forgive me.  As I said, I am looking, but commenting is not happening so much anymore.

Anyway, back to Noeline, this post is about her work.  One of the things I have always enjoyed about her work is the variety, and you never quite know what to expect when she does a post.  When you look through her blog you find an assortment of landscapes, travel images, close ups, sports, architecture, so many and all done well.


I cannot lie, I find the English countryside, or any side that is in the UK so beautiful.  There is a lusciousness about it that is so appealing, well it is to me.  Perhaps also because it isn’t something we really see a lot of here in Australia.  I am in the right state for it, but it really only happens after a lot of rain.

I also sent my questions to Noeline who admitted to me that they were harder to answer than I thought they would be.  I have to admit when I actually thought about them, I am not sure how I would go at answering them either.  So here is what she had to say about why she takes photos.

I spent some time thinking about this. I thought the answer was obvious but the more I thought about it the less obvious it became!  My photographic subjects are wide and varied as are the motives behind them. In the end, when all the reasons are distilled, the answer has to be that I simply want to preserve moments in time and I enjoy the process of doing so. I get enormous pleasure in ‘making’ the photograph; visualizing how I want to portray something and seeing that through to fruition. I find myself totally immersed in the moment, in what I’m doing, something akin to a form of meditation perhaps (?!) that is both incredibly relaxing and rewarding. In short, photography soothes my soul.

bovine-beautyThis is such an unusual perspective, it is one of my favourite photos from Noeline.  Looks like an advertisement for something.

The next question was about inspiration.

It sounds glib, but the world is such a fascinating place that I find inspiration in pretty much everything. I like to challenge myself and will photograph anything given the opportunity to do so. I guess you could say ‘variety’ is my inspiration!

telstarI am not at all surprised to see Motorbike racing on Noeline’s blog.  She does a fair bit of travelling that involves motorbike riding, and I can understand the passion here.  This is a great shot Noeline.

The next question was about how she works, and if there was anything special at it.

Nothing particularly. I work alone and, depending on what I’m photographing, I generally work slowly. I take time to study details, absorb my environment and try to understand how I feel about what I’m photographing, what caught my eye in the first place, before putting my eye to the viewfinder. When photographing outside I will wait for long periods of time for the moment to be ‘right’; at these times I love to watch the changing light, feel the closeness to nature and the encounters with wildlife. I always work in RAW and generally aim to get the image right in camera in order to minimise processing time.

bole1Unusual perspective here and something I can see myself doing.  I like images that make you really look at them to make sense.  They are abstract in nature.  The colours are also stunning.

The last question was about her gear, something all of us photographers want to know about.

I now have a Nikon D700 DSLR – a wonderful camera that feels as though it were made for me. I have worked my way up through a couple of other Nikons over the years and opted for this particular model as, at the time, it was pretty much pro spec workings in a smaller body size. The physical size is important to me as I take my camera on my travels into Europe and space is limited on a motorcycle!

So many wonderful images, and you can find many of them on her blog, but she also has a website and you can see that here Noeline Smith Photography.  I do hope you will go and visit her pages, check out the About pages, she has lots of interesting things about herself there.

Now I am going to include the above images and a whole lot more in a gallery for you to enjoy.


  1. Great to see Noeline here! I also follow her blog and always look forward to opening a new post. I love her sense of humour too!!

  2. Excellent eye for composition and abstraction. Thank you for sharing these images. The steer’s ear and eye made me smile, and the swirl – a vortex into beefy thoughts.

  3. Wonderful abstractions and color. I especially like the steer ear-eye image. The swirl may be a vortex penetrating a beefy brain. A beautiful animal that deserves to live among vegetarians.

    • I am not sure you meant to do a second comment, so if you want to remove one let me know, though I am happy to leave both. The cow image is so cool, definitely my favourite.

  4. Love the way you have brought out the character of the photographer and her work in relatively few words – and agree with the thoughts on the tightrope of keeping up with all the blogs you’d like to!

    • That is great, glad you liked that, she is a great photographer. It is so hard keeping up with everything. do what we can.

  5. Thank you for liking “Haunting Skyscapes.” I enjoyed seeing Noeline Smith’s beautiful work and getting some insight into her creative process in this post. She is a talented photographer.

    • You are welcome, and I am glad you enjoyed Noeline’s work, she is indeed a very talented photographer.

    • Thanks Chillbrook :) I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the positive response at the moment – how serious bloggers find time to keep up with it all goodness knows!

  6. I can see why you like her imagery. Beautiful. And Leanne, bless your heart. You have more than 17,000 followers just on WordPress alone… don’t worry about getting to all of us. :) That’s alot on your plate to get to. Shalom, Catherine

    • It is very beautiful and thank you Catherine, I am feeling very swamped by it all. There are a lot of people and so many good blogs out there.

  7. Excellent photos, interview, and presentation! Congratulations, Noeline, and Leanne, and many thanks for such accomplishment in terms of images, thoughts, and on why we take pictures! Fabio

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    • Hey Julian, she does have a great eye, I think she does a brilliant job, glad you think so too. I like the cropping down too, pretty amazing, I might have to try it.

  9. If Variety is the Spice of Life, Noeline looks like a Habanero Pepper! That’s some range of subjects, and all beautifully executed! Thanks for the intro!

    • What a great thing to say, I am sure she is one of those, I have to agree with everything you have said, and you are welcome.

    • I just had to go and see what a Habanero Pepper was – cool! errrr – perhaps that’s the wrong term :D I’m still chuckling at the comparison – thank you! :)

  10. EvaUhu says

    Wow, she’s versatile, so many wonderful images :-) Great introduction!

  11. What a great selection of images Leanne . Fascinating variety which show Noeline’s obvious love of life, photography and everything inbetween !
    Look forward to hearing more about your ‘ in a good way hectic’ happenings ;-)

  12. She takes fantastic photos. I especially like that sunrise or sunset photo that you start the gallery with.

    • That image is pretty amazing, funny how we can’t tell the difference, if sunrise or sunset, I have no idea, maybe Noeline can let us know.

    • Thanks very much! It was a sunrise over the Făgărăș mountains in central Romania – a lovely country that I hope to go back to next year. The time spent waiting for the ‘right’ moment means that this particular image, and the one of the previous day (03 Feb 2013) have some wonderful memories associated with them.

  13. No apologies! Goodness, I can barely keep up with what I do and I have no where near the following! Glad that you are pulled away for good reasons.
    Love Noeline’s perspective!

    • Thank you LB, it does get hard. Time is getting short these day. I love Noeline’s perspective too, it was fantastic.

  14. Leanne, thank you for your complimentary introduction and lovely comments; the response has been incredible and it’s really encouraging to have so much positive feedback. Your selection of images interested me and, considering the variety, they work surprisingly well together – or perhaps that’s my eclectic eye?!
    Anyway, thank you very much – looks like I need to find a few more hours in the day!

    • You are very welcome Noeline. I am glad you have liked it. It was wonderful to see such a variety of images, and I thought they looked great together as well. Haha, there is never enough hours in the day, unfortunately.

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