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Weekend Wanderings – Kyneton

Last Wednesday I went for a trip with my photography friends and we decided to head north to Kyneton.  It is a beautiful country town, with many old buildings and some fantastic little features.  With it only being about a two hour drive up the Calder Freeway, it is a very doable day trip.  We didn’t do much in the town, but rather headed out the Malmsbury Road to photograph a bridge I have photographed quite a few times.

LeanneCole-kyneton-20131002-8487It is a disused bridge that is alongside the road.  I find it quite fascinating.  Every time I go back there is something different, and this time it was the water, it was up so high.  We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Actually we almost didn’t go because of the weather.  It was very windy, I mean very windy, and we thought we would get rained on.  Which we did, but not until we got to town.

kyneton-20131002-8582_4hpmWe discovered a way to get to the other side of the bridge, which was really nice, and I suppose technically trespassing, but no one came and said get out, so we took more photos.  It was nice to take a walk in the paddock and see the river more.  Can you tell what the weather was like?  The river was behind this tree, over near the other ones, but it was so wet and soggy I couldn’t get close to it.

kyneton-20131002-8732_4hpmThis a photo from in town.  We had lunch there and had planned on wandering and taking photos, but the rain set in so we headed home.  I couldn’t believe the footpaths, look at them.  We think it is bluestone blocks.  I haven’t see footpaths like these before.  I thought they were amazing.

I have more photos for you to see and will put them in a gallery.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Great photos Leanne. The weather looks angry, aren’t you heading into summer now? We are certainly heading for winter here, but Vegas doesn’t get very cold. A footpath must be what we call a sidewalk? I hope your family is well. :)

    • Yes, we are meant to be heading there, but the weather in the last couple of weeks has been horrible. Yes, a footpath is what you call a sidewalk. Same thing. Thank you John

    • Thank you so much, I love the tonal qualities as well, I did de-saturate a little, as the grass was a little bright. That is an interesting way of looking at them, the history that is.

    • The sky was so good, and I am so glad it wasn’t raining, otherwise it would have been horrible. Thanks RoSy

  2. I don’t comment very often, but my silence is not because of dislike or disinterest. Your work is amazing. I enjoy seeing your part of the world through your lens. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Brenda, that is wonderful to hear, the bit about silence was for people who felt it necessary to always criticise what I do, so I am glad to hear that you do like it and enjoy what I show. :)

    • I found it by accident, head out the road where the airport is, I don’t know how far out of town it is, but it isn’t too far, you will see it when you cross the river and it will be on your right, if coming from Kyneton, just be careful on it, it is rotting.

  3. I enjoy the moodiness reflected by the weather – your photos really make me feel that mood. Very nice. And I too love the footpaths! ~SueBee

    • Thank you SueBee, that is great about the moodiness, I hope it didn’t depress you, I tried to warm them up a little. Isn’t the footpath amazing?

  4. Beautiful. I love these kind of places and you’ve captured it all so well. The unsettled weather seems to have been an asset.

    • I think so too. I took some photos there another time with similar weather, but I didn’t really get the clouds, not like this, so I am very happy with them. Thank you.

  5. By no means a bridge too far! A photogenic crossing.
    I love the glimpses of small town atmsophere, too.

  6. Wonderful. Particularly like the way the tree in the paddock stands firm, yet delicate, against the threatening storm (2nd photograph).

    • Yes, I liked that tree too, I liked too how it was alive, but all the others don’t seem to be. Thank you kentishrev.

  7. Leanne you’ve captured the heavy atmosphere of heavy rain and wind in winter beautifully, very atmospheric

    • That is great Mike, it has been like winter here the last week or so, so not spring right now. Thank you.

  8. The first photo is a favorite of mine! When I get some extra money I plan on buying something from you for my wall!!! Have a wonderful day!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • I was really happy with how the sky turned out, so moody, the bare trees I think, I could be wrong, but I think they are all dead, at least every time I go there that is what they look like. Shame really.
      Enjoy yours too Marie, thank you. :)

  9. dawnhosking says

    Great atmosphere in these shots – impressive.

    • That is great to hear, I am so glad we decided to go anyway, sometimes it is really worth it. Thanks

    • Thank you, I don’t think they would have been as good if the sky hadn’t looked like that. It really gave them something.

  10. I love bridges too. We have one close to us that I photograph often as well. Always something different is right.
    Now you have me thinking; I might go there today.

  11. I think, perhaps, the best photos cause others to look more carefully at their own world, and this set has done that. For example, we have slate sidewalks in our town that date from the Great Depression, and I now need to take a look at them more carefully. The subtle texture on even smooth stone draws one in.

    In education we refer to a different view/perception/understanding as “looking through a different lens”, so it is appropriate to say that through your literal lens, I am learning to look at the world through different lenses of my own. I am certain that many of your followers here are doing the same.

    Thanks for starting the weekend so nicely. Off to go pumpkin picking with multiple members of the next two generations. Should be lots of fun and provide opportunity for some nice photos. Best, Maggie

    • That is an interesting idea Maggie, and I think you could be right. Wow slate footpaths, they sound interesting. You can probably get some great textures from the stones as well. I wish I had done that in Kyneton, I might have to go back and get some.

      I think we all do that when we are looking at other peoples images, you review it, work out if you like it or not, why you like it, and if you don’t like it, why you don’t. If you look at an image and think OMG, then you want to know how to get that in your own images, well that is what I do. I am glad that people find inspiration here and have to admit I love doing that.

      Pumpkin picking, Halloween must be coming. Not here, but where you are. We don’t grow pumpkins like the kind used for Halloween. Have a great time Maggie. Thank you.

    • I have to say I was happy with the colours, I did de-saturate them a little because the grass was too green, but I think the images needed that. Thank you LB

    • Thank you, that is great to hear, it was a great place to take photos, and the weather added another element.

    • I thought the same, I don’t do HDR’s very often, but they are all HDR’s and that seemed to work best for these. I must see Sleepy Hollow. Thank you Shane.

  12. Wow! So glad Richard mentioned you in his last post. These photos are incredible. Reborn in me is the appreciation for seasonal change. Thank you.

    • I will have to thank Richard, thank you, sometimes you can see what the weather is like and you just have to go for it, see what you get. I will do images like this in any weather except rain, and not because I would get wet, but because the sky goes white when it is raining and you don’t get that definition. It was really cold, it was really windy, but the photos we got were great.

  13. I love those wonderful moody shots around the river. The bare winter branches all add to the atmosphere….very broody :-)

    • Yes, the branches are great for that, though I think those trees are dead, I have never seen leaves on them, I must try going back in January or February. The weather was a great plus for them, glad we didn’t get wet. Thank you.

  14. Kyneton is such a pretty little place and you did a great job with these photos Leanne. The sky looks amazing, and as though it is going to pour down any minute.

    • I have to agree Carol, it is like a town stuck in time. So many wonderful buildings, I am going to have to go back and take more photos of the town. It did pour, and pour, all the way home. Thank you.

      • We’ve returned home to very hot weather. It seems to have skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer, but my in-laws in Ballarat are complaining about the cold there.

      • Oh, that is horrible, we are definitely back in winter. Have even been using the heater at times it has been so cold. Of course, then there is the rain, and rain, rain. It just never seems to stop. Still more to come, hopefully it is a sign that we will have a wet summer. I hope you get some relief from the heat, it is way too soon for that.

      • Nah, give me the cold any day over the heat. I don’t like the heat. I do love the wind though, love windy days.

      • You wouldn’t like this wind – it’s hot and dry, coming from the west. I guess it’s all relative depending on what you’re used to. In Germany last week there were people wearing overcoats and we thought it wasn’t that chilly.

      • I don’t mind dry, but not hot, we get those horrible northerly winds in summer, yuck. It is funny how relative it all is. I remember similar in Denmark.

      • I must say now when we know we are going to have strong northerly’s, I think we all get very nervous after Black Saturday.

      • Yes, very and hopefully won’t happen again, unfortunately rain and flooding seems to be happening a lot up there.

  15. Hunting, bold, dramatic … dark … naked and beautiful – is it making any sense???? My favorite is #8662 of the wood on the bridge … love the angle and the depth you have got in the wood. Photo with an ant’s view. Brilliant.

    • Yes, it is making sense Viveka, I quite like that one too. Funny when I took and saw it in the back of the camera, I wasn’t that taken with it and thought it was no good, but when I saw it on the camera, well,then I realised I did like it. I like the idea of the ant’s view. Thanks

  16. Stunning photos, Leanne — the overcast day made the trees seem approachable yet ominous. Geez, not sure those two adjectives go together.

    • Thank you Steph, I like the two adjectives, let’s not worry about whether they go together or not.

  17. eurekascarlet says

    You have great photos here…Love them.
    How can you arrange your pic on those manner if I may ask?

    • I love that bridge, don’t know that would drive on it, but it looks good. I don’t know what Oregon looks like, haha, I will have to come and check it out one day. thanks Marsha

      • :) you will have to show me what you mean. Have been thinking I should run some workshops over there to help pay for my trip.

      • Have to make it work though, not sure how, but will it is something I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can do.

      • Not sure either, but with some advertising. It’s too bad that I’m not already into giving photography lessons, but I’m not that good. I could check with the photography store in our area. They would take a percentage, I’m sure because they also give lessons.

      • It is an interesting idea, and one I want to pursue, though not yet, I want to see if I can get some going here first. See how I go. I do like the idea of travelling the world and teaching, have the teaching pay for my trips. Ah dreams.

  18. Wow, wow. I definitely understand the damper nasty weather can put on a photo day, and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to work with, but you really used it to your advantage, particularly with your photos of abandoned things. It also made that cute little RV really pop! The more I shoot, the more I become adept at bending the cloud cover to my advantage—and thank God for my Rainsleeve. ;) Lovely work, as always. That tree at the top is marvellous, too.

    Also, I think your previous commenter is asking how you’ve arranged your photos in the gallery at the end of the post. :)

    • Sometimes the weather just makes things perfect, I love the effect here as well. Yes, rain is never a really good reason to not take photos. Thank you so much Jen.
      I wasn’t sure what the previous person was asking, I wasn’t sure if it was that or whether they wanted to know how I did the photos.

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