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The Lady at the Sea

Most of you know that last weekend I went to Point Lonsdale to take some photos of Kelly at the beach.  She was going to be my model, well, she was my model, but things didn’t go as planned.  If you don’t know what I am talking about look at my post last Sunday.  The weather was shocking, it was raining, and the tide was so far in that there almost was no beach.  She was fantastic and did a great job modelling through.

LeanneCole-kelly-20130928-6597-2The whole session threw me for a six, I wasn’t quite expecting it to be like it was, and then there weren’t a lot of options.  We had to work fast while there was still sand there, before it was all underwater.  It was a very wild, wild day.

LeanneCole-kelly-20130928-6710This is probably my favourite from the day.  She is wet and it could mean a lot of things, you can decide for you what it means.

I really want to be able to do these images again, maybe try some other outfits, and see what else we can get.  Maybe go further a field, some where like Lorne, the rocks there can be really good, though people might be a problem.  I do know that she was great to photograph, nothing was too much trouble and being a drama student, got what I was asking her to do.  Thank you Kelly.

Here is a small gallery, with the above images and 2 others.

Now for the winners of the activation codes for Mass Watermarking.  They were picked randomly, out of a bowl, and they are

So if you can email me, or I will email you, you can get your activation codes, congratulations.  My email is

You can download the software at Download Mass Watermark, you put in your activation code, but then you need to close it and open it again.

Thank you to everyone who participated.


  1. All the photos were amazing. You create poetry for the eyes with the beautiful artwork of the sea and a woman.

  2. Suzanne says

    So romantic yet tinged with sadness. Maybe the soaking added an extra pathos to the photos :) . Absolutely beautiful work as always.

    • Yes, she was given sad stories, like she lost the man she loves at sea. Or she can’t decide to be a mermaid or a lady. Thank you Suzanne.

      • Suzanne says

        On a lighter note – yesterday I heard a little girl say to her friend, ‘I can’t wait till I become a mermaid’. It was like she thought it might be a very real alternative to the more usual one of growing into a lady. :)

      • How wonderful, the amazing thing that children say. I am so glad you heard it and could tell me. Thank you. :)

  3. saundrafox says

    You and Kelly make a very good team. I especially love the last photo on this post. Lovely work!

  4. Your favourite is my favourite as well. Great work, from both of you, I’m truly impressed!

    • I have heard of those, haven’t actually learned how to do them, but they are on my list. Thanks Javier.

  5. Each has a great painterly quality – yes, they are still photographs, but almost like photo oils. The shot of her (your favorite) has the rock in the foreground almost looking like a mermaids fin at the end of her legs – at least that was my first impression – so much so that I had to zoom in and see that her feet were behind the rock. Nice work Leanne!

    • I like that Robert, I don’t want them to be imitation paintings, but I like the painterly effect. I thought the same with that last one too, it does look like a tale, the story that was given to her was think of being in between, not sure to be a mermaid or to be a lady. Thank you Robert.

  6. Leanne, these photos are nothing short of stunning. You have really become a master of these photo-paintings; in my eyes, they are true works of art.

    • Thank you so much, I really love where they are going, I really love doing them too. I photographed someone else on Monday, but haven’t really had a chance to work in them yet, can’t wait to see what they look like. Thanks

  7. Gorgeous photography as always!!! Thank you for picking my name out of the hat, wow, very cool, what to do next…….thanks again Leanne!!

  8. Wow, I LOVE that first picture. That is exactly the Pre-Raphaelites mood you talked about a few posts ago. I’m curious to know wath you do for post-processing. Very nice indeed!

    • Thank you Jeroen, that is great to hear, I must admit I have been thinking about them a lot. My post processing is complicate and I do so many things, but textures do feature quite heavily in the that process.

  9. So full of atmosphere! With your permission I would like to use these as one of the prompts for a drabble (100-word micro fiction) creative writing session that I have been asked to take in Dorrigo in late April 2014.

    • Thank you, I don’t mind as long as you give me the credit and put a link back to the post so people know where they can find the image and so I can go and check it out as well.

  10. These are wonderful Leanne-I really like the ones of her standing with the waves pounding in the background-and the textures you are using evoke a wonderful sense of time past-terrific!

    • That is great, thank you so much, I was happy with the textures, still figuring that aspect out, but I like what is happening.

    • That is great Mary, there is something a bit different about them. I want to do more down at the beach. Thank you.

  11. Very nice set. The poor weather and high surf truly enhanced this collection.

  12. Beautiful. Love the painting-texture. Briefly, how do you do that? Oh, what is ‘threw me for a six’? Love it.

    • Thank you John, it is not something I can explain quickly, but I do use textures and it is pretty much those that give it that effect.
      Haha, threw me for a six, means it came out of nowhere, a total surprise. It is a cricket expression.

    • Thank you, I hope you are making your own stories. You are welcome, it really isn’t something you need to thank me for.

    • Oh, I like that idea of poetry, thank you. It did turn out quite different from the reality of the actual shoot.

  13. Your photos always have a “painterly” quality to them…whatever you’re doing, keep it up! ~ Sheila

    • Thank you so much Kiersten, that is fantastic to hear, I do think these images have something and Kelly was just amazing to shoot, I hope she will model for me again.

  14. To my eyes, she’s definitely a mermaid, and it’s a great photo; they all are. Do you do anything for the book cover market, as I’m sure some would be more than suitable?

    • That seems to be a common thought, and I have to admit when I put her there that is what I told her to think about, being a mermaid who can’t decide where she wants to live. I don’t do anything for book covers, to tell the truth, I wouldn’t know where to begin to start doing those. A few people have suggested the same thing. Thanks Chris.

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