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Mass Watermarking

Last week I was approached by a company to review their product Mass Watermark.  I haven’t been approached much before to do this.  Since it didn’t require much from me, I figured, why not.  I did ask to use it first, I don’t want to mention a product here that I don’t like and I would never recommend something that I don’t like.  So, I guess I am saying I was impressed with it.  I should also mentioned, I wasn’t paid to do this.

I have done tutorials showing how to put watermarks on images, but the way I do it, you can only do one at a time.  However, with Mass Watermark you can put a watermark on several images at the same time.  I don’t know how many at once, but I did over 10, and there wasn’t a problem.

The program works on its own and you don’t have to have other software to use it.  Apparently it only works on a PC.

One of the good things about the software is how easy it is to use, you can work through it rather easily, and it is so simple to go from one process to the next.  I did a screencast of me using it, and I am going to show you how easy it is.  I am sorry about the screencast, not great, very hard to do them at home at the moment, everyone is here.

Another thing I was offered with the review was a give away.  I am told that I can give away three activation codes, so three of you can get it for free.  Though it doesn’t actually cost a lot anyway, only about $30.  (COMPETITION NOW CLOSED)

So for the give away, I thought I would put everyone’s name in a bowl that leaves a comment and the winners will be picked randomly.  I will let it be open for just over a day or until I do my next post after this one.  In that next post, I will tell you who has won the activation codes.

If you want to just download it, or even a trial here is the link, Download Mass Watermark.

I am also going to put the screencast here again.  I paid money to WordPress so I could upload videos directly here, but I am finding that the quality is not as good as the ones that I put on YouTube, exactly the same video, but they don’t look the same.  So ignore this one if you like.


  1. watermarking is a strange thing…. I guess as strange a thing as ‘copyright and the net.’.. but anything that makes things easier is worth a try…

  2. This would be great. I’d never thought to look for software where you could put in a watermark on more than one photo at a time. It is such a time consuming job!

    • It is a great idea, especially if you are loading lots of photos onto the net. I can certainly see a use for it. I will add your name.

    • Sorry apparently it does work on those, so I won’t add your name, unless you have a PC, let me know.

  3. johnholding says

    Interesting product Leanne, like the idea of just inserting after file has been created, I often forget to do it in photoshop as part of the process.

  4. johnholding says

    BTW I only have a Mac so I am not interested in the software as it is windows only.

  5. Looks good, I looked on there website it’s only suitable for windows operating system, I personally use a mac for my photography,

    Thanks for demo I really like your relaxed approach to teaching.

    • Yes, so it would seem, must say I didn’t look at that. I don’t have any Apple products, my husband is totally against them.
      That is nice to know, I thought I might have come off sounding too strange. Thanks Trevor.

  6. Hey Leanne! It’s great to hear your voice in the video! :) Curious… does Mass Watermark only do watermarking and no photo editing? (Hope I win too! ;) )

  7. thanks for making me aware of such a program, Leanne. watermarking is not something I’ve thought about before. be well!

  8. Leanne, I always learn something great from your tutorials and would love to try this program if my name is chosen. Thanks!

  9. Sounds interesting. Watermarking is next on my list of things to do. In gemeral I think it is a good idea. More as a marketing tool when blogging. Thanks for the screen shot.

  10. Thanks Leanne for the review. It’s funny I was just thinking the other day while addng watermarks to so of my work that wished there was a quicker way to do it…..and it appears there is

  11. KerryW says

    Thanks Leanne for sharing the information. At this stage I have to pull my finger out and look at individual watermarks, but next year, I’m planning to step into photography a little more and I think the group watermark would be advantageous and would be interested in the software. Thanks & cheers and keep up the great work! :)

    • Thanks for the link, though I already have a few names in the bowl, so will stick with that name, might use that another time. So will put your name in their now.

  12. I’m curious about this programme….does it adjust position, size and saturation of the watermark by itself? If it does brilliant. I currently use an app called impressions to add watermarks one by one, but don’t find it takes very long at all on my iPad! I use my PC for some photography editing and apps for others….the apps are nearly always quicker and easier :-)

  13. watermarking is a laborious process, I have an action in PS for it but batch marking would be easier. I tried a different program a while back t do this but it was a bit cluncky.

    BTW if you ever want to do a tutorial on how to do screen cast tutorials it would make intresting watching.

    • I will put your name in the bowl Russ, it is very easy to use and quite good.
      Are you poking fun at my bad screencasts? :( LOL

      • not in the slightest, i have no idea how to do one and would like to learn.

      • I might consider it one day when I get the hang of them, they are so weird to do. I would like to get a lot better at them. Thanks Russ.

  14. For my own use I wrote a shell script around ImageMagick (Open Source) to do the job. It runs on Linux (in a VirtualBox on Windows) or on MacOS. Beside watermarking it resizes all images in the folder for the web.

    • My husband wrote me a couple of programs for doing some similar things, but the water mark is crap and he won’t change it. Linux is pretty cool. Though my programs are much good for my images because I use Windows got my images, and can’t be bothered moving them to Ubuntu to do that.

      • :-)
        ImageMagick is also available on Windows. But, Windows is really bad in shell scripting. That’s why I said, using VirtualBox (or VMWare Player) and run it with Linux

      • I haven’t heard of ImageMagick, my husband tried to get it to work on Windows, but found it too hard. The one he wrote for me is linked to GIMP, I think. I don’t really understand it all, but it works. I have one that resizes and watermarks the images, and then I have another one that will take all the images that I have taken with both cameras and put them into sequential order of time taken, I hope that makes sense, and it renames them all as well. It was very useful when I was using both cameras at cycling events.

    • Does that mean you want your name in the bowl?
      I am having so much trouble with WP Videopress, I won’t be renewing it that is for sure.

      • Thanks, yes!
        The YouTube ones seem to do the job fine, even if for some of them one has to click to view there.

      • Your name is in there now.
        Yes, I think YouTube works a lot better, so I will just use it that way from now on.

  15. Sound good – too bad they are Windows only – but maybe they will branch out to the Macintosh world. Alas, I have been a Mac user for a very long time so it is OK to not put my name in the drawing ‘:-) Thanks Leanne!

    • Apparently they are working on a Mac version, so it could be around soon. I am not allowed to be a Mac user, my husband hates Apple and wouldn’t let me have anything they make. So if I hear anything about a Mac version I will mention on the blog.

  16. I don’t currently water mark … I need to look at your previous tutorial on it and also want to be in the bowl!

  17. saundrafox says

    It’s funny. With the price tag that is attached to Photoshop and to a lesser extent Paint Shop Pro, you’d expect these behemoths to at least cater for something like this.
    But cudos to this company for seeing a much needed gap and going for it.
    PS: On a personal note: You have an amazing blog going. After years of threats and what nots, I finally decided to give photography a go myself. Your photographs are exceptional and inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

    • Yes, you would think so, but alas they don’t. I put your name in the bowl.
      Thank you, that is so nice of you to say, it has taken me a very long time to get to here and I am so glad I stuck with photography.

  18. Cool! I use Paint to put my initials on my photos, signing every one. This definitely looks much easier than my silly method. Neat! Love you accent by the way!!

  19. This sounds like an interesting program, thanks for the info, been thinking about this subject for awhile now since your last article on the subject. Keep up the good work!

  20. Looks like a cool bit of software. I know I need to start marking my photos, just in case someone is silly enough to steal them, lol

  21. Oooh, lots of commenters!! I gave up watermarking my images coz it just took so long. I love the idea of mass watermarking, throw my name in please :)

    • You are welcome Paula, I have played with it and am amazed at how quickly it works. I will stick you name in the bowl.

  22. Very cool. I am glad they asked you to review it. If not for your review, I would never have thought to look for such a cool product.

  23. I typically use Lightroom to output the photos, and it has a watermarking option on it (including using graphics you create), but I can see where this would be useful for some.

    Not to disparage the software, but Fastone Photo Resizer also had the option to process lots of photos very quickly (including doing lots of adjustments), and one of the options is to add a watermark of choice (words or graphics). The software is free for personal use, but does cost more than this program for commercial use.

    Like most software, they are a matter of preference, but for me Lightroom offers most of what I need (and Photoshop the rest). Even Fastone (as much as I like it) is only used sparingly.

    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial, and no need to include my name in the drawing.

    One other thing. WordPress puts up the movies pretty quick, and yes, the quality suffers. However, and I don’t know this for sure other than what I see in my posts, subsequent viewings show improved quality. I think they render it quickly to have it up there, but then go back and do a better job of rendering it, and replace the early version with the better one.

    Also, there is a little “HD” icon on the top right of the video window, and like for YouTube, I think the default is 360p even if the original was 1080p. If you click on the “hd”, you do get a better picture.

    Here’s my youtube movie ( to compare to the same movie in WD (near the bottom of the post)

    Perhaps the quality is best seen in the slideshows earlier on. Compare the still photos slideshow (movie) with and without the “HD” option.

    • I am sure there are many many options out there for this sort of thing. This is one that I was approached about, and for me it is good to keep watermarking in the posts in the hope that more people will start doing it.
      I don’t know what is up with putting videos straight onto WP, but I know it cost me money to do it and the quality isn’t great. I went and had a look at it last night, several hours after it was uploaded and it didn’t look very good to me. I am happy to upload the tutorials to YouTube, so will do that from now on, it doesn’t really matter, I also don’t do them very often.

  24. I currently use (when I remember) Photoshop to process multiple images for watermarking. I don’t really like it though because you have to be really careful with the color and opacity. This looks like an interesting product/tool. And, I also like to link to YouTube over paying for the WordPress upgrade. But, that might be because I’m a little cheap sometimes. :)

    • I use Photoshop too, and it can be a time consuming job. I will include your name. I wouldn’t pay WP again, YouTube provide a much service, and as you said, it is free.

  25. Always wondered about the watermarking process – and now that I am developing a e-publishing website I suppose I can include that on my watermark details too!

  26. Sounds like a good idea. I’m curious about how the watermark is embedded … where in the data does it live. It’s probably more secure than signing photos one at a time. Although I kind of like signing my pictures and probably would do it anyhow. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    • I am afraid you are asking the wrong person about how it is embedded, sorry. I assume the same way they all are. I suppose you can do both.

  27. Probably is more secure than just a signature, though I kind of like putting my signature on my photographs … It makes them personal. But throw my name in, if you would please :-)

  28. captureyouphotography says

    You can use Lightroom to batch export and watermark all images that are going on the internet. I do this for my proofs. I also resize all of that batch a certain dimension for the internet.

    • I am sure you can do that sort thing in different software, though many people don’t have that software, so I can see where this software is good. My website will do it for me, that way I can also remove it if I want. I will have to sus out more stuff.

  29. Thanks for the information. I’ve wanted to do this on my uploaded pictures & have to admit, I didn’t even know what it was called…

  30. Hello Leanne, thank you so much for posting this blog! I had a great watermark I used but when we got our new computer, it got lost in the shuffle somehow. I never got around to doing it again and have been doing them by hand so to speak when I needed them. This is going to save so much time, plus I think it will be more definite.

    • You are very welcome, it is great software, I have used it many times. Love what you can do with it. I still put it on individually, but only when working on a few, I have started using it when I am doing a lot.

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