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Part of the reason for going to Trentham on Sunday was to see my friend Yvette.  She doesn’t live there, but her father does and she often goes there for the weekend.  Her father is hoping to set up a studio for her so she has somewhere to paint.  How wonderful it will be for her to have a studio in Trentham, it is a beautiful part of Victoria, much as I imagine Daylesford was before it became so popular, which really ruined it.

Yvette is also a great muse and loves to let me take her photo.  She doesn’t mind the silly set ups I get her to do and just goes with it.  She has a couple of things that bother her, but we are working on those.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5620I put this image up on Facebook on Sunday night.  This is something I want to do more of, the faceless bride.  We had planned on going to Trentham Falls to do photos, but that wasn’t possible, then she told me about this walking path that went into a wooded area, it was perfect.  I would love to go back to this area to do more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5640-2We realised that a bride needs a bouquet, there wasn’t much around, then we decided on the dead sticks, now when I look back on these, I can’t help thinking how perfect that idea was.   None of us really know who thought of it, but it did work so well.  It is something I would like to try more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5684Another faceless image.  This could become a theme, I don’t know yet.  We changed the clothing and gave her a new dress, of course it is not really a dress, just a couple of pieces of fabric.  I really like the way it turned out.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5717-2The bride walking on the path, to where, I don’t know.  We did quite a few of these sorts of things.  I liked this one the best.  I need to work on some more bits and pieces for doing these shoots.  I’ve been making headpieces, and attaching flowers and veils and stuff.  I like making them, I might even try making some dresses.  Might.

LeanneCole-klara-20130922-5760-2My daughter also came, she did the driving.  She was also in charge of safety pins.  She was very good at it.  She wore her red coat all day and hang around us with the hood on, and I liked the look, so made her let me take her photo.  I really like the way it has come out, so does she, she wants me to get it printed for her.  She can be funny.

I am so glad I have started taking my bride series and can’t wait to do more.  I hoping that it will happen soon.  I have to get back to work now, I have photos from a session I did yesterday.  The couple that have hired me to take some photos at their wedding next month came over here so I could take some photos of them and see how they photograph before the big day.  I have processed one so far and I am pretty happy with the result.

I thought I might the above images into a gallery so you can just look at them on their own, or not, up to you.

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