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I told you how I bought a new Canon Compact Camera on the weekend.  Though I have to say we were completely deceived by the staff at the Canon stand.  They didn’t tell us that what we were really buying was an obsolete model and the reason it was cheap was because they wanted to get rid of the stock.  I don’t like being lied to, and probably still would have purchased one if I was told the truth.


I have been playing with it a fair bit and don’t mind the macro setting on it.  I can’t believe how close to some things you can get.  I have been around my garden taking photos of the things that are out in flower.  Still not a lot and we did get a lot of rain yesterday, so everything was very wet.

IMG_0119I know I will do a lot more exploring with it, it is very small and quite cute.  I will have to try taking it out on walks as well.

On another note, I went and took a look at a place today where I can run my photography workshop early next year.  I want to run a whole day workshop, starting with how I work, then planning the shoot, then models who people can dress up, and then looking at editing.  I thought I would provide morning tea and lunch, make a whole day of it.  So I need to work out how to find 10 people who would like to do this.  Any ideas?

I have a gallery for you now of the macros I took in my garden since I got the new camera.  I haven’t done anything to these images, they are pretty much straight from the camera.


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