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Playing with the Macro

I told you how I bought a new Canon Compact Camera on the weekend.  Though I have to say we were completely deceived by the staff at the Canon stand.  They didn’t tell us that what we were really buying was an obsolete model and the reason it was cheap was because they wanted to get rid of the stock.  I don’t like being lied to, and probably still would have purchased one if I was told the truth.


I have been playing with it a fair bit and don’t mind the macro setting on it.  I can’t believe how close to some things you can get.  I have been around my garden taking photos of the things that are out in flower.  Still not a lot and we did get a lot of rain yesterday, so everything was very wet.

IMG_0119I know I will do a lot more exploring with it, it is very small and quite cute.  I will have to try taking it out on walks as well.

On another note, I went and took a look at a place today where I can run my photography workshop early next year.  I want to run a whole day workshop, starting with how I work, then planning the shoot, then models who people can dress up, and then looking at editing.  I thought I would provide morning tea and lunch, make a whole day of it.  So I need to work out how to find 10 people who would like to do this.  Any ideas?

I have a gallery for you now of the macros I took in my garden since I got the new camera.  I haven’t done anything to these images, they are pretty much straight from the camera.



  1. They are good for a point and shoot aren’t they? I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one but I think it would make me lazy about taking out the dslr if it gave me reasonable results. I wish shops would be clear about ‘bargains’.

    • I think once you start playing you also start to see the problems with them. I think it is fun, but it will never replace my dslr, though if my camera on my phone was better, I would use that all the time. I do like the portability of compacts, my DSLR is heavy to carry around all the time. I wish they would be too, like I said, I probably still would have purchased it, but I would have preferred the truth. It is a good camera.
      Thank you.

      • My phoe camera is brilliant (Sony Experia) but the battery can’t cope with too many shots and a hard days calls and internet use!

      • I have a great phone, Samsung Galaxy s3, but the camera is not great, a little disappointing, apparently it is a problem with some of them.

  2. Wonderful … fresh – you know that I love rain or water drop …. excellent photos but so unlikeness you. Lovely to see this side of your work too. So delicate. A beautiful start of my Tuesday.

    • That’s great Viveka, I love water drops too. Yes, it is unlike me, or is it, perhaps it is the first time I have been able to take shots like this, you will probably see more. Thank you.

      • Leanne, I’m sure you can take any type of photos you want to take. You have the knowledge and you have the eye … sure you have the lenses too. *smile
        Truly beautiful … love this side of your work too.

  3. It’s fun playing with a new toy? Also like the new header picture.

    Regarding the workshops, I have run different workshops over the years, Feeling straight away was are you trying to do to much in a day? What you describe is a course over several weeks. Unless its a taster day leading onto a course. This way you will find what people are most interested in.

    Regarding the food, you will have enough to do, I find people love to bring food to share they feel part of it. Having said that if its in a venue and they are doing the catering that’s different.

    Hope this helps?

    • I do a portrait workshop now that goes for 3 hours, and I find that is quite long, jsut for taking photos, so I think a day will be good, there might be a need to do it over 2 days eventually, but right now, I think a day will be good. Will see if I can find anyone who wants to do it first.
      Here it is a little different, I like the idea of just providing some basic foods, would take almost no time to set up and prepare, and then we can all sit down together and just talk, and socialise. The place I have found is quite close to the shops and people will go out, and I don’t really want that. I learned from the theatre company how to put together an easy lunch.
      Thanks for the advice, time will tell how it goes.
      I do love the new toy, it is fun playing with something that isn’t serious. Thank you, I like that one too.

  4. Great pictures! In my opinion, it’s the skill of the photographer more than the equipment that makes the best pictures. I got some great ones with my Kodak Easyshare.

  5. Lovely Pictures Leanne. As regards your course, A friend of mine runs wildlife photo workshops and uses local country fairs to advertise, and sell images, along with using Facebook and twitter his course take a max of 6 people, but he often fills them.

    • Thank you Andy, that is a great idea, I have a couple of friends who go to markets I might see if they would put some pamphlets on their stalls. I think 10 might be optimistic, but manageable, but definitely no more.

  6. Stunning macros Leanne. Welcome to my world of the compact camera. I really like my Canon. Now if I can only take macros like these…..

      • Well you really deserve it. Mine will most likely be something secondhand, like a Canon 60D or something similar. I think I can get my sister to spring for a pre-owned one……..

      • wow–that is a nice camera. Good luck getting it.

        BTW, I am still figuring out how to sell my photos. I decided to sell them first-hand and framed. None of the online sites are working. They are just too saturated. It really is a waste of time and effort. I am meeting with a biz coach on Friday to try and get some ideas on how to do this. Maybe flea markets or similar venues. I am just eager to start making money with this hobby :)

      • It is hard because so many people want to do it, I am only just starting to make money and stuff is happening. I do have some images going to a restaurant in the next week or two, so that will give me some me exposure I hope.
        would love to hear what the biz coach says, I am trying to make an appointment with one as well.

      • I will def let you know. Congrats on getting your pics to the restaurant. My prediction is the biz coach will tell me to do old-fashioned legwork–like you probably did to get your photos into the restaurant–and go around to places asking them if they will display my work, etc. Hopefully he will have other ideas as well…

      • It is very hard getting your work out there, I was lucky with the restaurant, though if the images never arrive I might miss my chance. You might be right about the biz coach, it does seem to be the thing to do. Find a restaurant or something that has blank walls and ask them if you can provide them with some art work for the walls. Good luck, let me know how you go.

      • This is a fantastic idea — and perhaps go to the restaurant with framed prototypes or ask them what types of photos they want, e.g., photos of their own dishes perhaps? I will let you know what the biz coach says–might take a few days to get back to you. Take care…

      • They might like some artwork on their walls, and you can get some exposure, win win. You might even sell some. I would try and do images that you do, the restaurant won’t pay for them, but you can leave contact details. and maybe sell some, or people will contact you to see what you have.

      • Actually this restaurant-photo idea is similar to what I expect to hear from the biz coach. If he cannot come up with similar ideas then who needs him? Ok, that’s it. I’m out for now :)

      • Another idea is to get a heap printed and sell them at local markets, I see photographers here doing that all the time. I am looking forward to hearing what he says. I am seeing one in a couple of weeks.

      • Okay, well I just saw him earlier today. We discussed other things as well, but remarkably, he did not really come up with any out-of-the-box ideas. He suggested checking out swap meets, local flea markets and even farmer’s markets. In regard to restaurants, which I brought up, he basically echoed what you said. He suggested that I bring in the photos already framed so that they might be interested in putting some up. Yes, I wouldn’t get paid, but I would get exposure. He also suggested going to restaurants with a portfolio of food pictures and asking them if I could take shots of food pictures either for the menus or elsewhere. For that I would get paid.

        Other than this, he said he would have to think about it some more, as I will be seeing him again next month. So I am sorry that I don’t have any more remarkable ideas to share. I do like your idea of taking prints to these local markets. That could work. So I will research that now. Personally, I can see doing the food pics for menus or tables or walls in restaurants, so I might just get a food portfolio ready and carry it with me so I can stop randomly at restaurants I feel comfortable with.

        But thanks for your suggestion of sticking with my own photos in regard to leaving them in restaurants for exposure. I will be thinking about all of this.

        Your thoughts would be welcome here, and I would also like to hear what your person has to say…..

      • Cool, thanks, I will do it tomorrow, sorry, it is late here and the cat is telling me it is time to sleep. Good night.

  7. While my DSLRs are Nikon, my point and shoot pocket camera is the Canon G12 and I love the macro setting on it, but then there is no substitute for my Sigma 105mm Macro lens for my Nikon, great shots..:-)

    • I don’t have a macro lens, so the compact seemed a great compromise, though one day, one day, I hope to get one. Thanks Ed.

  8. Lovely shots! Compacts do seem to be ideal for macro, love the little Canon G9 i recently repaired. It travels about in my handbag with me, so if the DSLR is at home I can still snap away if something catches my eye..

    • They are certainly a much cheaper option to a macro lens. I think this new one will travel around in my handbag as well, for exactly the same reason you have stated. Thanks MrsDawnP

      • Yes, totally, like another lens, I don’t know why but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, but the camera in it is not very good, it takes blurry photos. I was told recently that it other people have said the same, but I thought it was me, so now it is out of warranty and I figured it was cheaper to get compact until I am ready to upgrade than get the phone fixed.

    • Thank you, buy yourself a cheap compact and just see how close you can get, that is pretty much what I have done. Quite amazing really. :)

  9. I’ve recently gone through a similar experience. I wanted something small enough to fit in my pocket or a zippered flap on my briefcase that I could carry on business trips when I didn’t have room to lug around the big camera with lenses, filter systems, tripods, and so forth. I ended up with a Lumix because it has manual settings and enables me to still feel somewhat creative. I’m fairly happy with it so far but it just doesn’t seem like a picture to me unless I’ve got my Canon 7D snapping away.

    • I think there is a place for both cameras, but if I want to take serious photos then I use my DSLR, but the compact will probably live in my handbag as it is small and then I always have a camera with me, but I can’t control anything on it, and I don’t like that much. I can see myself having some fun with it though. Thanks.

    • There is really something about getting up that close to a subject, you see a whole new world, it is really wonderful. YOu are welcome, thank you.

      • I hear you, I so need a good macro, but I can’t afford a straight up macro lens. I will have to settle for a duel purpose lens. I just had to spend over $800 on a wide angle so I could do better Real Estate photography.

      • I would like one, but I don’t need one, not now, I have other things I need more, so the macro will just be one of those things that I would like, but it can wait.

  10. Great Pictures!!
    I bought an Ixus 230HS last year for only one reason: it fits any pocket – and indeed, it makes excellent macro pics :-)

  11. Oh I love the macro shots… especially the droplets of water on the leaves. I’m not sure I can get that close, but then there is a lot I still don’t know about my camera. Just haven’t had the time to even read the book. :D

    • Try it Keli, just go really close and see if the camera will focus, or look for a macro setting on the camera. A whole new world will open up to you, haha, you will become addicted, we all do. Thanks Keli.

  12. Maggie Beck says

    I like your work with a macro, Leanne, and I admit to it being a bit selfish. I am flirting with the idea of purchasing a macro lens myself to use with some of my tide line work. I like the ability to bring to notice beauty that may otherwise be missed, as you have done. I would be interested in seeing some more of your work with this new toy again after you have played around with some texture and color, as you do with some of your portraiture. Since you are just moving into your garden season, you should have plenty of opportunity!

    • What do you mean you think it is selfish Maggie? I don’t understand. I like your idea of using some of the images or taking some for the fine art stuff, that could be very interesting. My garden doesn’t provide a lot of flowers, you have to be prepared for using lots of water and giving lots of attention. The water is the issue really, can’t afford it. I would love to get a macro lens, though I am not going to be able to get one for a long time. One day I hope, a cheap compact will have to do for now.

  13. Nice images. Especially the water drops on the plant leaf which is my fave. I’m always amazed at the affect a macro lens has on a droplet of water.

  14. Beautiful photos!! I love water droplets….so pretty and refreshing looking. Lovely.

  15. Hi Leanne I love your amazing photos. I’ve been following your blog. Can i ask your permission to share you photos and add a quote for a facebook page with your credit and your blog link? :)

    • Wow, I have never been asked that before. What images do you want to use? I just want to make they have watermarks that is all, and can you let me know so I can look?

      • Hello Leanne, I’m so glad to hear your positive response. I will let you know if i can choose. just so you would that the fb page is called rawforbeauty it has almost 1M followers. This page is about for health and beauty. it also promotes universal peace, it gives inspirational quotes, its agains animal cruelty and most of all it promotes the healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Thank you so much for your support.

      • I check out the page and pressed Like, a lot of people have liked it, that is amazing. Yes, please let me know, I would really like that. Thank you.

      • You’re amazing! not just the works. thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear you. i will let you if i have chosen the ones without signatures. how about the one’s that have already signatures, can I just use it already? thank you for your support. we will give justice to you photos and give you a credit and you page/ blog.

  16. Alimba says

    Wonderful photos Leanne! I loved especially those which are close to the droplets on the leaves… Next, what about small bugs and micro-life?

    • They move to fast, haha, I tried to get some butterflies at the botanical gardens, but they kept flying away. LOL.
      Thank you, the waterdrops are great, I love that one too, I love waterdrops and the shots they can get.

      • Alimba says

        hahahah Maybe if you use burst setting you will be able to catch some nice shot… Yeah, it’s really cool shots! :D

  17. Wow, those are beautiful. Nothing like a good rain to bring out the beauty in flowers. Vince’s iPhone 5 takes pretty good pictures, but not nearly as good as your little point and shoot. I have some from his camera, and some from my Canon on my latest posts. I’m sure you can tell the difference, but some of them are really good. :)

  18. Nice photos – a point and shoot is fun and easy to have with you always, where you have to decide to haul the DSL along. I have a Panasonic DMC-TZ30, which also lets me run manual if I want to, but I can use Auto for snap-shots.

    • That is so true, I think the new one will be with me all the time now. This one that I have is all auto, can’t change much on it. That is okay, will be fine for researching and playing with. Plus my daughters love it and think it is great. Thank you.

  19. Lovely macro shots with your new compact there Leanne . What super flowers you have in your Spring garden :-)

  20. Looks as if it has quite ‘good glass’, Leanne…too bad about the ‘lying’ aspect, though.

    Shooting macros opens up a whole new world (nice cliche, huh?) that most people are not even aware of–and it’s so great in the digital format.

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