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On Wednesday my photography friend and I headed into the city to go and take photos of the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I have to tell you, that while I had a rough idea of where it was, we had trouble finding it.  Signs, they would have been good, you know little ones that would “Royal Botanical Gardens this way”.  I don’t know how visitors to Melbourne find it.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0570I thought for fun I would take the camera that the Living & Learning Nillumbik have purchased to check it out and see what I could get.  Of course the Macro setting on the camera was a bit of an attraction.

This above image is not part of the gardens, but part of one that we walked through to get to main one.  All the bulbs are coming out and there were tulips everywhere.  I think this was planted for the exhibition that was on recently at the National Gallery of Victoria, Monet’s Garden.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0584We found this little pond around the back of the Myer Music Bowl.  It was very peaceful, well sort of.  It is near a freeway and a busy road, but it looks peaceful.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0596This was in the Botanical Gardens.  It is such a great structure and I have no doubt that it is likely to be a replica of something that is in England.  We did that a lot here in the 19th century.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0625I had fun taking Macro shots of the flowers.  I wasn’t sure they were working, but I was happy to see when I got home that they had.  The camera is the Nikon D3200 and I used the 18-55mm lens.  I don’t think the images are perfect, but I did enjoy playing around.

On the same note I went to the Digital Show/Exhibition yesterday and Canon were running a special on a small compact camera, the IXUS 510 HS, so I got one to play around with.  I have been playing with the macro on that, I hope you have figured out you will be getting some photos from it soon.

Here is a gallery with more photos from the Botanical Gardens.

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