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Weekend Wanderings – Royal Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday my photography friend and I headed into the city to go and take photos of the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I have to tell you, that while I had a rough idea of where it was, we had trouble finding it.  Signs, they would have been good, you know little ones that would “Royal Botanical Gardens this way”.  I don’t know how visitors to Melbourne find it.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0570I thought for fun I would take the camera that the Living & Learning Nillumbik have purchased to check it out and see what I could get.  Of course the Macro setting on the camera was a bit of an attraction.

This above image is not part of the gardens, but part of one that we walked through to get to main one.  All the bulbs are coming out and there were tulips everywhere.  I think this was planted for the exhibition that was on recently at the National Gallery of Victoria, Monet’s Garden.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0584We found this little pond around the back of the Myer Music Bowl.  It was very peaceful, well sort of.  It is near a freeway and a busy road, but it looks peaceful.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0596This was in the Botanical Gardens.  It is such a great structure and I have no doubt that it is likely to be a replica of something that is in England.  We did that a lot here in the 19th century.

LeanneCole-royalgardens-20130911-0625I had fun taking Macro shots of the flowers.  I wasn’t sure they were working, but I was happy to see when I got home that they had.  The camera is the Nikon D3200 and I used the 18-55mm lens.  I don’t think the images are perfect, but I did enjoy playing around.

On the same note I went to the Digital Show/Exhibition yesterday and Canon were running a special on a small compact camera, the IXUS 510 HS, so I got one to play around with.  I have been playing with the macro on that, I hope you have figured out you will be getting some photos from it soon.

Here is a gallery with more photos from the Botanical Gardens.


  1. Your photos are lovely. I especially like the purple flowers, but I don’t know what they are called. Because I’m a novice photographer, I can’t comment on your use of macro! It’s just another thing I need to get the hang of. Thanks for educating me and sharing these nice pictures!

    • I am not that experienced at macro, I just play around with it from time to time. You are welcome Rusha, the purple flowers, are wisterias. Thank you.

  2. Macros are addictive, especially when they’re digital, and you can switch quickly and compare…Lovely gardens and photos – looks like Spring has arrived!

    • I am starting to find out how addictive they are, haha. It is a magnificent gardens, been there for over 150 years, which for here is an eternity. Spring has arrived, not all the trees have their leaves back, but it is happening. The snakes are out too, unfortunately. Thanks Marie.

  3. I like the low POV shots with the tulips! That domed building is called ‘The Temple of the Winds’ – I think you’re right about it being a copy of one somewhere else.

    • They were doing so much work around that part of the gardens, there was that orange plastic fence stuff everywhere, and it was the best POV to use so I didn’t get that, worked out rather well. That sounds like an appropriate name for that, especially for where it is. It is a shame that it is surrounded by asphalt.

      • I think we would all like to do that. :) MY husband would like to stop it raining when he has to ride his bike to work.

      • Yes and I want the world to suffer less USA is under siege with horrific weather events so sad to watch all the loss of lives and things :(

      • We are seeing that more and more these days. It seems to be a common event, so common that the news don’t report it much anymore. One thing about living here in Melbourne, is the weather, while annoying, we don’t get things like other places. The closest disaster that has come here were the horrific fire storms of 2009, which were a little too close for comfort. Our climate is definitely changing. :(

      • Sadly you are right I know it as well without any reports of doom and gloom I swear we are getting slammed for the tyrants we are seen as by our leaders we must be kind to the earth and animals and the worlds people it is more important than all the OIL in the world :(

        I have friends in NZ that have seen horrid stuff this year :( Stay safe.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, have you heard what the Australian government has done, our new Prime Minister? Of course, if you don’t have a climate minister, or someone checking it out, you can pretend nothing is going to happen. I just don’t know how all those scientists have got it wrong when our PM says it is crap. Drives me nuts, by the time someone acts it will be too late, though it sometimes looks like it already is.
        Yes, New Zealand has had really bad, scary. Then look at Japan, a double whammy.

      • I know it is so scary and we know we are not the first to inhabit the earth and at this rate we well maybe the last. I am glad you and I can grab a camera and still find a way to show the beauty we still have.

        We have so much squallier then the filthy rich and I know I can survive on my own for awhile but so many would not last a day.

        So I dwell on pretty things and share things to help make people aware. Love your posts. Now I have a Nikon need lens for cool stuff then a computer fast enough to play with light room and PHOTO SHOP 1, 3 4 5 ? lol

      • I totally agree with you, we could well ruin it for everyone. That is true too, it is nice to capture the beauty of it while we can.
        I think the rich think their money will save them, but eventually, money won’t matter, as all their lovely homes along the coast go under water.
        It will all come, patience, though I am not very good with that. I love beautiful things too. Thank you so much nft, I don’t know what to call you.
        Great discussion, we should do this again sometime.

      • Oh yes, now I can make the connection, well it is lovely to meet you. I know who you are now on facebook. Thank you Eunice. :)

  4. Lovely gardens and very pretty flowers. I’m fond of taking macro shots too, and have a Nikon D60. Still a learning process but I seem to have more success with macros than other photos. Enjoy your spring.

    • It is a great garden Chris. I love playing with macro, I don’t think I will ever be a full on macro photographer, but I do like playing with it. It is a bit of a hobby. Thank you, spring has certainly arrived.

    • Lovely setting for a photo essay. I find landscapes best when overcast so you can play with exposure/brightness settings on the laptop afterwards. Sunset gives great colour and contrast with stronger shadows. My Nikon D90 has a white balance review function so i have a good idea immediately as to likely quality. The 18-55mm lens went away in early July for repairs to two of the three thin plastic rails that lock the lens in place, as it took a bump to discover they were breakable (the only thing to happen to it since I bought it for a round-the-world trip 3 years ago) which left me with a 55-200mm zoom lens to play with at the Byron Writer’s Festival. great for distance shots but then I had to get used to stepping back 10m to get people in frame! Never thought I’d be so glad to have the smaller lens back!

      • I love overcast days, actually my favourite type of weather is sunny, but also overcast, I love that. I must admit I don’t play with white balance much in camera, but I do like to play with it on the computer.
        That is terrible about your lens, I hope it can be fixed. I have a wide range of lenses, so pretty much covered for most things. Though I can remember a few years back have to do the same thing with a 80-200mm zoom. It was when I decided I needed a second camera. Good luck with it all, thank you.

  5. What a beautiful gallery. With spring headed to your part of the world, the splashes of color must be nice to see.

    Signs pointing to botanical gardens seem to be the same everywhere. The signs pointing to the Denver Botanical Garden are quite small and so few. It’s very easy to miss. And, don’t get me started on parking. :)

    • Thank you David. One of the lovely things about our part of the world is that while there are splashes of colour everywhere, it isn’t only spring that it happens. Many of the native plants to Australia flower in winter, and then with the introduction of plants from overseas we pretty much have colour all year round. Though, summer, at its peak is often brown. Too hot.
      What is it with bad signs, maybe they don’t want you to find these places. :) We didn’t even attempt to find parking, we caught the train in and walked, and walked, and walked. :)

  6. Wow that brings back memories… I saw them on a business trip 8 years ago… Only had a film point and shoot, and a 2MP camera on a borrowed company phone… Things have changed a bit since then :)

    • I hope nice memories. I hope you still got some great shots. The gardens are gorgeous. Things certainly have, the little compact I bought is 10MP, pretty huge for a compact, if you ask me. Thanks

      • Very nice, yes. 7 rolls of film over a month in Melbourne, probably one of the events that drove me towards photography :)

      • Melbourne is a great place for inspiration, well I think it is, and that is great that helped you to start photography, brilliant really. I love Melbourne, and I am always finding new things to photograph. :)

  7. Love your new masthead photo! For want of a better word, it is timeless, and the colors are superb.

  8. hadassaab says

    I love your post you have a nice collection…………….☺

  9. Oh, that was lovely. I really enjoy a wander through Botonical Gardens, and your images certainly displayed Melbourne’s wonderfully. I’m inspired to go for a walk now through Sydney’s but today the weather is terrible, unlike the gorgeous day you had which brings out the best of a garden :)

    • It helped EllaDee that it was a beautiful day. I have seen photos that you have taken of the one in Sydney and you showed it off really nicely as well. The weather is horrible here as well, I think your weather has headed south. Thanks

    • Oh yes, the wonders. We are seeing plenty of colour right now, hoping to show more tomorrow, if I can out with that new camera. Though, out world turns brown in summer, as everything dries out. I should take photos to show people. Thanks Julian, I hope you enjoyed the gardens through my images.

  10. Truly beautiful gallery …. amazing that where you’re … the tulips are now blooming and where I’m the trees goes into their brunt strong colors. The header photo is brilliant. LOoOoOoOve it!

    • Thank you Viveka, it is always strange, I always find it amazing that in summer when we are boiling, you guys are freezing. It is strange world we live in.
      I just changed the header too, thought it was time for a change. Thank you so much.

    • I took many photos of those clouds, all for folder for clouds. It is a pretty amazing place, not as many flowers out as we had hoped, but can’t have everything. I think if I went back, I would not walk so far to get there, then I could walk around it so much more. Thanks Amanda.

  11. That looks like a marvellous place to visit—I do love gardens. Your macro of the orange flowers—the first photo of them—is a treat. The blooms look like little licks of flame running up the stem! The last shot of the hillside is lovely—like a living carpet, in a way.

    It is still a bit odd, though, to see tulips in late September. It’s quite autumnal here in the States now!

    • Thank you Jen, the orange flowers are Clivias I believe. I like the way you have described, wonderful. You are really good at descriptions, I am so bad at them.

      Yes, we find really odd when Christmas is about summer, but for you it is about the cold. We live in a strange and weird, though wonderful world.

      • Really, it is a sort of mental relief to read blogs such as yours and see the glories of summer while trapped indoors. :) We do live in a wonderful world indeed!

      • I understand exactly what you mean, I find seeing images of other seasons that are coming here, great as it gives me inspiration and I look forward to seeing what I can go when it gets here. Though our winters aren’t that cold and you are never really trapped inside. Winter is the best time to take photos in Australia, summer is the worse.

  12. Marvelous images, Leanne…and such a beautiful space! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate seeing the tulips, as they’ve been gone these many months here, and everything is ‘drying and dying’!

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