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The Lilies of Ages

Would you be surprised if I told you I had been doing more experimenting?

Well it is true, I have been.  After doing the ones from the beach and the coastal areas it got me thinking, and I wondered what else I could apply it to.  I wondered whether or not it would work for lilies.  So I picked a few from the garden and took some photos.  I chose to use a white background, well almost white, so the colours in the image wouldn’t be too dark for the processing.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8376I think this one worked the best.  I did 7 of them, and with each one I treated them differently.  I don’t record what I have done, but I save all the layers so I can go back and see what I did to them.  It is an interesting process, seeing how somethings can come together so beautifully, like the one above and with others, no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8379Like this one.  I like aspects of it, but I don’t think it works as well as the first one.  Actually I know it doesn’t.

I did a few of them, so I am going to put them all into a gallery and you can see what I mean.

I don’t know if I am going to keep doing images like this, but there are definitely aspects of the processing that I like, that I might try along with some other things.  I don’t know yet.  Interesting times ahead, I hope.  How is your experimenting going?


  1. Some beautiful shots and very nice post-processing. These have a very strong “charcoal” style feel to them, very awesome.

  2. Nice work =) I love vivid and smooth work, so I’m forcing myself to try other things. Its not going well. Haha

    • Thank you, it is hard when trying new things, trying to work out what works and what doesn’t. Keep trying, you will get there. Good luck.

  3. Beautiful! And I’m impressed that you have lilies in winter!
    I like the experiment and I think you should keep doing some still life shots – they are very pretty. I’m with you, I like the top one best – you have nailed the antiquing! You will have to show me how you do that some day.
    Also, how do you make a gallery in WP? I think I did one a couple years ago, but can’t remember how. :-)

    • I only have lilies in the winter, as soon as the weather starts warming up they all die off.
      I probably will, not sure how much, but it is good to do some photos that aren’t reliant on going somewhere, or needing someone to pose, and then you can experiment on them, which is great.
      Making a gallery, I have only just worked that out myself, you go to the media and where you upload photos, if you look over on the left column, you can see it there where it says create gallery, so click on that and mark which images you want in the gallery. Hopefully that isn’t too confusing.

  4. Love your approach of this Arum Lily (growing in abundance here). And yes, as you can see, I’m still in an experimental phase. Will probably be for the rest of my life but if you look well there is some consistency coming up in my imaginaries. Just need more textures and ‘elements’. Working on it!!!
    Warm Greetings from a wonderful village,

    • I feel the same way about the experimental phase. Have you checked out the public domain textures site, I have been putting lots of textures there.
      Thank you Herman, funny how you start making connections, and I just made your connection between here and facebook. It can take me a while sometimes. It is very warm here at the moment.

      • Hi Leanne,
        Sun shines but not very warm..
        About textures: Of course I look to textures but prefer to make and use my own. All pictures have to be my own in full even if I see textures on the net that could suit in one of my works…. This morning I’ve been bark hunting … ;)
        Photography is a never ending story. Life is too short… sigh…
        Keen on enjoying the photographical side of Life!

      • I wish the sun was like that here, the sun shining here is always warm, and as it gets closer to summer it will be burning. I have noticed over my life time that when I was child you could sit in the sun and it was good, hot, but not burning, unless you were out in for a long time, now, 10 minutes and it just burns. I think it has something to do with the massive hole in the ozone layer above Melbourne. Sun screen is essential if you live here, though, if you have to do anything outside, it is dreaded now. The sun is horrible.
        That is fair enough about the textures. I love sharing them. You get ones you might not have got otherwise, and it encourages me to make them and to share them.
        Photography is never ending, always something new to learn.
        Sounds great Herman, go for it. :)

  5. This is lovely, Leanne! It reminds me of a friend that makes similar photos – very painterly … It is also great that you have these lilies in the garden (much better to grow flowers than rely on the store, I think!)

    • Thank you, what a lovely compliment. You know I was thinking the same thing when I was picking them, it is much cheaper too, I might have to start growing more flowers like the ones I want to photograph.

      • Brilliant idea! It’s the time for flowers – it’s Spring! I am a passionate gardener, and while flowers can be grown, I really recommend growing your own food too! Why not try to start some vegies (or herbs) the next time you’re out in the garden? :)

      • It is right now, I got into gardening a couple of years, and then my daughter got quite ill and I had to stop gardening and spend time with her. Though, I can do flowers, no problems there, but vegies, I don’t have any luck, they just don’t like me. Perhaps it is because they need more attention than what I give them. :)

      • Oh no! Anyway, we all grow and do what we do best :) Even if it is a little effort, it is very rewarding to harvest broccoli florets from the garden, and watch the snow pea flowers turn into sweets pods :)

      • I don’t like broccoli, I’m afraid, I haven’t been able to eat it really since I had my children. I might get back to it one day, but right now there is so much happening, with lots of stuff, I don’t have the time, but maybe one day, I would like to get back to it.

  6. Suzanne says

    These images are so inspiring Leanne I am going outside right now to photograph the lilly that is blooming in my garden. :) I love all your shots particularly the one on the top right.

    • That is great David, I quite enjoy it too, you just never know what the final product will be like. I think it works well with them too. Thank you.

  7. I love that technique! Makes for some beautiful wall art!!! I could see them gracing my walls with your signature!!

  8. Lilies have such beautiful sculptural shapes . Really like that one with the darker antique effect . Must try out some of your textures Leanne ;-)

    • My textures folder is getting so large. I love finding them and making them. Sharing is even better. Go for it, there are heaps of mine on Public Domain Textures.
      Thank you, I love the shape of lilies too, and each one is different to the other.

  9. I often find that my first shot (or processing attempt) is the one I like best. I wonder if it really is or is my mind playing perception tricks on me? Nice look to them all in your series.

    • That is what I was thinking Marie, I am always trying new things, :)
      Thank you, I love lilies, but I am sure you already knew that. My garden is full of them now, they will all be gone in about 3 months.

  10. Lovely images! went digital late last year….been enjoying the post-process aspect of things as of late. always had a background in photo-manipulation but couldn’t really bring myself to alter the images from my digital camera but I’m developing some presets.

    • I love manipulating images, but must admit, haven’t done the whole preset thing, I tend to start afresh with every image, but that is me.
      Thank you Noir33

  11. Very lovely Leanne. Reminds me of platinum printing which I would love to learn and experiment with. These photographs have a timeless feel to them. Great work.

    • Thank you so much Nareen. I have to admit that I find the processing of older style of printing interesting, but I really didn’t like working in the darkroom.

  12. i believe you might considering doing some experiments more like these you ve made. I imagine the effect of it , if you consider maybe apparently irrelevant or meaningless objects . It is not always in the beauty of the image that it suits the experiment the best. Flowers are per definition beautiful so the effect what you look at to might be a little vanished or fading out. But that is only me, grt bart

  13. littlepinkdove says

    These are sooooooo beautiful! My favorite is the top one also.

  14. Hi Leanne…. I like all of these, but I think I’m with you on thinking the first one appeals to me the most. Of course, you could make a rock look good…LOL :D So glad that I didn’t miss this one!

    • I don’t know about that Keli, but I could try, rocks are hard, haha. I am glad you didn’t as well, I love these images. Thank you.

  15. The digital effects you’ve added here are inspiring, Leanne! I’ve been looking into compositing with Photoshop and this is yet another example of the wonderful sights that can be achieved. Thanks so much for sharing these.

    • You are welcome, I love playing with Photoshop, I think it is the best program. Good luck with your compositing. I’ve been doing a bit of that lately.

  16. These results are lovely and I appreciate the inspiration. I really like that you’ve started with a rather simple flower composition. I love that next step after the good photo> turning it into something new but keeping the elements that make the original photo interesting.

    • I thought these images might work best if the flower was simple and the composition. That way the effects don’t get lost in the image. Thank you very much.

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