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Celebrating 30 years of Rick Amor at Niagara Gallery

That isn’t the exact title, I think it is more Rick Amor – Celebrating 30 years of Exhibiting with Niagara Gallery.  I couldn’t miss this show, in fact I try to never miss exhibitions Rick’s work.  So I was really happy when I received a comment reminding me of the exhibition, that it finishes soon, from someone who works at the gallery, so thank you for the reminder.  

The exhibition is work done in the last couple of years and gives you a great insight into his work.  

While I was viewing the exhibition I asked if I could show a couple of images of the paintings here on my blog and was given permission to do so.  

15627There are many buildings in his images and I find the presence of people in them quite wonderful, the way the people just allow you that hint of scale, though if they weren’t in the above image I don’t think it would detract from it at all.  

15632I just don’t think this image would have worked without that man working on the side, it really gives you the idea of how big this actually is.  I think you see it the structure in the image but don’t get much idea of scale, and then you see the man, then it suddenly seems monumental.  I love it.  

15647The beach has been a favourite subject matter for Rick for as long as I have been following his work.  I love the way he depicts it.  The way there often seems to be a storm brewing.  I have to say the concrete bunkers look like ones that are at Point Lonsdale.  

The exhibition is on until the 7 September, so if you are in Melbourne you should go and take a look at one of my favourite artists and one that has been a huge influence on my work.  Niagara Galleries are on Punt Road, very easy to find, look for the red and white building that has “Art Does Matter” written on the side.  If you want to buy one, something I dream of doing one day, then you better be quick, there are red stickers on nearly all of them.  

If you would like to see a lot of Rick Amor’s work, then you should also visit his website,


  1. Like all three though the buildings are my favourites, especially the first picture. The lines and shapes, the almost monochromatic effect and the figure in exactly the right place. Great post.

  2. lol, I thought you were talking about Niagara Falls. This fellow does some very nice work. By the way, I really like your photos. I am not sure if this is the right word to use, but I find them “haunting”. Anyhow, I really like the feel of them.

    • I can understand the confusion. He does do wonderful paintings, though not my photos, I took, with permission, from the gallery website. I like the use of the word haunting, I think it really reflects the work. Thanks.

    • You are welcome, I love his work and it is great to hear someone else likes it as well. Check out the gallery website and his website and you can see a lot more.

  3. Great work, I thought they were photos at first. This man is fabulous. :)

    • He is John, his work is big and truly amazing, I loved seeing it. I wish I could paint as well as he does.

    • You are welcome, he is a very successful Australian artist, though I don’t know how well known he is outside our waters.

  4. So true, the person in each piece of art really does give a better impression of the size and enormity of the scene!

  5. I love the colors in the second one. And the third one really looks like a painting. Beautiful work.

    • He is a fantastic painter Nia, probably one of my all time favourites. He is basically at the top of my list of artists.

      • Oh, okay, that IS a painting. I want to see his work. Darn, the exhibit will be over by the time I’m there. I won’t have time to see too much while there anyway, and I want to spend a lot of time outside. But I need to figure out what museum and or gallery to visit. It’s interesting that I’m evolving to the point of really being ready to graduate to understanding some technical stuff with my cameras right when I’m about to meet you in person.

      • I can help you with working out what galleries of musuems to go to, there are some you shouldn’t miss if you have time, but I can make a list if you like. That is so funny, so you will be asking lots of questions? Really, I don’t mind that sort of thing at all. I can’t wait to meet you.

  6. Beautiful urvan work. I take it that these paintings are based on real places.

    Very impressive that there is a Niagara Gallery in Australia. Niagra is a region and city in the Candian province of Ontario. The name is said to be derived from the Mohawk Indian name given to a branch of Neutral Confederacy natives in the area (straddling the US/Canadian border. Several late 17th century French maps of the area refer to the culture as “Niagagarega” people. Anther source explains that the name is that of an old Iroquois villahe called “Ongniaahra”, meaning “point of land cut in two”; that would be the area of land between the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario, sliced through by the Niagara River.

    • I think they are based on real places, but he will use a few places to make one place, that is my understanding of his work. So, often I recognise something, but it isn’t exactly how it is, or where you think it might be.
      I have no idea why the gallery is called that, but thanks for the information, I find that sort of thing interesting. Of course, I have heard of Niagara Falls, but not the other stuff.

    • You are very welcome, he is one of my all time favourite artists, so I love showing his work when I can.

  7. Love the method (technique?) he uses to make concrete so colorful, Leanne…I’ve never really searched out his work, so thanks for the link. Quite a fine post, especially because there are so many great Australian artists/photographers you’ve introduced whom I’d never possibly known!

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