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Weekend Wanderings – More from Ocean Grove

I arrived home this afternoon.  It was great to be back, I mean as nice as it is to be away, it is always good to be home again.  I got some great images, and lots that I want to play with.

I took so many photos of textures and I think I added over 200 images to my textures directory.  I am so happy with the ones I got and I really think I have some really useful ones.  I am looking forward to using them in my work.  I have a little hint for anyone who wants to get some, Wineries are fantastic for getting textures.

I have put together a small gallery for you of some images that I have quickly got ready for you.  Since the Cape Schanck images and how many people were interested in the coast line, I tried to get a few images of it for you.  Our coast is often referred to as Shipwreck coast, and I also found a plaque about one that tells a story.

Please enjoy.

Can I add, that while my friends had a lazy afternoon, I did go out on my own and take photos.  I got the sunset that they missed out on.


  1. When I take photos I imagine you are part of the audience I am taking them for. It’s times like this I’m inclined to take things like rooftops of breweries over foreign places like The Swan and contemplate the values of the texture. Thank you.

    Sometimes I wonder where the darkness that you hint your photos with comes from.

    • I love textures, and now that I have started looking for them I find them everywhere, sometimes it is more fun to get them. Glad to find another person who loves shooting them.

  2. Your work is beautiful! I as well am an enthusiast of Fine Art Photography and studying such. I wish you well and thank you for the privilege

  3. Wow, some drama in your beautiful shots – the sky and the ocean … my picks must be the trees against the sky, the old truck and the cottage … sorry, for not being around visiting you as a normally do – but my I have server problems with sitting still and hospital on Tuesday. I’m not great at all and can only sit for about 20 min.. I miss my visits in your world.

    • The weather was bad Viveka, we didn’t see the sun a lot. Oh Viveka, you don’t need to worry about me, you make sure you look after you, I will still be here when everything gets sorted out. I hope you are well. Take care.

  4. You´re right. :) It´s always good to be home. Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots.

  5. Absolutely love this series Leanne ! A texture collection. Now that is a brilliant idea. I would love to see a couple of them to get an idea of what you found. You’re super with adding these to your images.

    • Thank you Emily, texture collection is fantastic. I will be uploading some of them to that blog Public Domain Textures, so you can see those in a couple of days. just so you can see. Some of my favourite are underneath textures are under the galleries, chemical based.

  6. Lovely seascapes, Leanne. I especially like the lines and action of the first and fourth but all are quite enjoyable.

    • Thank you, that is fantastic, the truck is so amazing, also sad that it has been left like that, but it does make a great garden statue.

  7. Oh my gosh, more beautiful photos! I love the one of the trees and the ocean one the most. I’ll go individually like them now.

    • Thank you, nice thing to say, not sure it is true, I do feel like a total amateur at times, a lot really.

  8. Just beautiful Leanne… but, then your photos are always beautiful! I especially love the image of the row of trees…

  9. Wonderful images Leanne! Particularly taken with the first – gorgeous light! ..and the beautiful sunset and… The wonderful old truck!
    Bad weather aside, looks like a good time :) Hope so!

    • That first image was a great one to get, I love it when that happens. Thanks Robyn, it was a good time, I am really happy with some images. It is nice to go away where the only thing you have to think about is photography and what you are going to do with it.

  10. Superb sunset, Leanne!!! Love the ‘coldness’ the ocean panoramas project, and the view of that ancient truck(?) is wonderful–so nice and rusty and abandoned!

    • Thank you 1000, I love that I got a little more than usual, and that truck gave me so many new textures, I thought they might come out and tell me to get out of the garden, the things we photographers do.

      • And we do…I took some Hibiscus shots in a very loamy garden in the neighborhood (haven’t posted those yet), and I left deep, deep footprints. I wanted to ‘repair’ them, but I would’ve only made MORE trying!

  11. That is a rugged coastline. Too bad your friends missed out on such a pretty sunset.

    • It really rugged, there is a lot like that. I think they were a little disappointed that they missed it, thanks David.

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