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Weekend Wanderings – Around the Bellarine Peninsula

As I said the other day, I am away this weekend,  back down at Ocean Grove.  It is proving to be too relaxing, and almost no photos are being taken.  The two I am staying away with, are being very lazy and won’t go out and take photos with me.  It is a little disappointing, but I will just have to go on my own.  I have some ideas, and have already taken heaps of photos, though mostly of textures at all the wineries they have dragged me too.

So I thought I would try something a little different with three of the images today.  Sort of going with the theme earlier in the week and something I have wanted to try.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4007I thought I would try antiquing some images of the coastline, see if I can make the images look old.  I didn’t quite get it, but I like the idea and might play some more with them.  Some of the textures I got today are perfect for this sort of thing.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4066This one is probably a little heavy, still sometimes the staining on images is very heavy.  I will just have to keep experimenting, but will do more at home when I have my tablet to play with.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4173On the way to one of the wineries we found this old house.  We couldn’t get any closer to it, but it would have been good if we could have.  It looks pretty amazing.  There was no way to get past the fence.

It has been a funny weekend.  The weather has been crap really, so trying to get good shots is almost pointless, so playing with them seems to be the best idea.  I am hoping to go out again soon though.  Will see if I can get some more shots.

As I said the weekend has been strange but we did go back to Barwon Orange in Barwon Heads for dinner last night and really, it is one of the best places I have ever eaten at.  The food was so amazing.  One friend had the Thai Pumpkin Soup and the flavours were so wonderful, yeah, I tried some.  I loved it, I even asked if he gave out the recipe, apparently the chef doesn’t really use one, that doesn’t seem quite fair.  I want to be able to make it at home.  The lamb was perfect, the dessert melted in our mouths, and the wine was brilliant.  It was the best meal, none of us had anything to complain about.  So if you are in Barwon Heads try  Barwon Orange, you won’t regret it.  Though might be good if you booked first, they get busy.

We also went there for breakfast this morning, good coffee and good size breakfast, can you tell I love the place.  It was brilliant.

I should also thank Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads Stays for all their help with our stay.  They have also been great.

I will see if I can post more photos tomorrow when I get home.


  1. The antique look of the images is brilliant – perhaps you might need to lighten the darker bits though.
    Love the second image and that lovely sepia sort of shade. It’s about the same sepia colour as my iPhoto ‘sepia’ on my Apple Mac Pro.

    Sometimes I find Sepia works better than B & W (depending on the original image, assuming it was colour).

    • Maybe, though, for the type of look I am going for, it might not matter.
      I was a bit worried the textures were a little too heavy and I might need to look at that sort of thing now that I am home.
      Thanks Vicki.

  2. That first photo is great; love the antiquing (and the Thai pumpkin soup sounds devine!)

    • Thank you LB, I was really happy with that one as well. The Thai pumpkin soup was devine, I want the recipe now.

  3. Looks like a wealth of picture is there to shoot – your shots have a wet plate collodion look to them – very nice.

    • Thank you Robert, I like the idea of this processing, though I think it is something I need to play around more with. It is a fantastic place to get photos though.

  4. Being able to play with them is great – these lend themselves to that Antique motif, especially the house. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend!

    • Thanks Marie, I agree, I think they are the perfect subject matter for this kind of image. I am back home now and it was great.

  5. I like what you did with the photos, Leanne. Because the subjects you took , they have that old feel to it.
    groetjes, Francina

    • Thank you Francina, I was thinking the same, that the images would lend themselves well to this kind of treatment, I am looking forward to playing with more.

    • Thank you, I still need to do some more sorting out and stuff, but I really like where they are going.

    • Thank you Kirt, my textures directory is getting really large, I might have to start categorising them. I hope so, I like the idea of these, so think I will do more, even if just for fun.

  6. Love the aging of these photographs, I think a lot is said in the picture when they are old or shot in black and white. Your eye’s tend to see the details of the picture rather than sorting out all the colors. That being said I also love color photography.

    • I feel the same way about colour and black and white, I am happy with the aging as well, I think I still need to work on the technique but I am happy with how it is going. Thank you.

    • I love the first one the most as well. I think it worked out the best. I think we all feel that way, just keep trying and you will learn as you go. Thanks.

  7. I feel for you! Haha, must be hard to “be stuck there with your lazy friends”. Just kidding, but I love your description of the vacation! Great that you find something to work with when not hanging around at wineries anyway!

    • Haha, it wasn’t too bad, they were just after a different weekend to me. I wrote that reading it out loud to them. I did go out and take some photos by myself and got a lovely sunset, so that was nice. Thank you.

  8. Crash MacDuff says

    Geez, Leanne, GREAT stuff!!
    Thanks very much from a fellow photographer! <3

  9. Hey, you…these are fantastic! I especially like the texture on the last image, as I’ve come across many old prints which have exactly that same look!

    Thai Pumpkin Soup–the best!

    Even though it became a ‘lazy’ time, you certainly deserve it!

    • That is fantastic to hear, I love the textures and working with images to do this, it might be a nice little side line.
      Yes, I love pumpkin soup, but this was amazing, I need to work out how to make it.
      I wan’t lazy, LOL, I went out and took photos, but the others didn’t come with me, so they missed out on the sunset, haha.

  10. I really like these Leanne; the first and third particularly.
    The first because it is a lovely brooding image and the sweep of the clouds is echoed beautifully in the sweep of the waves and the shoreline.
    The third because it has a very ‘static’ feel to it as though it were trapped in time. The stark trees and your choice of colour contribute enormously to this feel.
    You may feel it was a ‘duff’ weekend but you’ve come away with a cracking pair of images!

    • I love, love the first one, I think it was the best out of the three, but I also think the third one, the house really lent itself well to this sort of image.
      Thank you Noeline, I got so many new textures and lots of images to try this out on, so it turned out to be great.

  11. what a nice area. You have me thinking about textures…I dunno, I need to warm up to the effect. Thanks

    • It is a fantastic area, so many places to take great photos. I resisted textures for a long time, it is so easy to overuse them and they can spoil the image, which I think it did in the second image, so it is something I need to be careful about. Thank you.

  12. I would love to try that antiquing. Your photos turned out so shot through with mood and emotion.

    • It is a fun thing to do, though you need to be careful with how strong the texture it, but you should give it a go. Thank you.

    • Thank you, that is so good to hear, it is hard trying new things sometimes, trying to see if they will work, so I am so glad to get this.

  13. I really really like these Leanne . They look like photographs with an almost etched quality one would find in an old book … I could see myself slowly turning over one foxed page after another with delight to see these :-)

    • Thank you Poppytump, I liked the effect, but I still have more work to do, or more to learn with doing these. I did them very quickly, so I would like to spend more time playing, I have a few new ideas, so there will be more.

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