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Trying to work on art images isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I need to know what I want to work on, where I want the work to go.  What are my goals for it?  What are the long term plans?  What are the plans in the short term?

I have been working on these images for about 3 months now, and I am really happy with what I have done so far, but I know I can do more.  By that I mean, I still think I might be all over the place and I want to narrow it all a little.  I think I want to concentrate more on one topic, so to speak.  Though, for the portraits of other people, then they will all over the place, and the client will dictate what the images will be.  However, there is no reason why I can’t have my “fine art images” that will be separate from my “fine art portraits”

With that in mind I have been watching some of the creativeLIVE workshop that I purchased that featured Brooke Shaden.  She did a lot in it about inspiration, defining your style, working out your themes and how to work.  There is some good stuff there and a lot to think about.

20130822_104820One of the things that I felt I needed was a visual diary that I could put all the thoughts together in one place, along with drawings, designs, and photos.  I have used notebooks for much of my photography, but I tend to use only one and it contains all my information on all sorts of things.  It feel necessary to categorise things, put them in their own pigeon holes.

I purchased a new A4 visual diary, it is one from Milini, they used to be made by Daler-Rowney.  I love these as the paper inside is really nice.  It is a nice cream colour.  I find many visual diaries and sketch pads so stark, the bright white paper blinds me.  They come with a black cover that is like fabric, but again, I wanted to make it more special, more along the lines of what I want to do, or where I want to go, so I covered it in cheesecloth that I have ruined, in a way.  Gives it a lovely texture.

Another thing I do is put my favourite perfume on my notebooks and diary, makes them more personal and more mine.  It is important to me that these things are mine and not to be shared.  I wonder if that says I have a problem with sharing?

So I have a lot of thinking and working out to do.  I sort of know the direction I want to go and getting that inquiry for the wedding has really got me thinking.  I got married 23 years ago, and when I got married it was done quickly and cheaply.  We thought we were going overseas to live and the only way I could go as well was if we were married, so married we got.  I wore a dress that I already had, and there was no church service, there was no reception.

At the time I understood, but then a couple of years later when a friend was getting married, I didn’t want to know about the wedding.  It took me a while to realise that the real problem was that I was jealous that she was getting the wedding that I didn’t.  I didn’t get the wedding that I had dreamed about my whole life (I am Muriel).  So I have been wondering if I could explore that notion of brides, weddings, and the hopes and dreams that go with them.  So, my new journal is going to be used to go through these ideas and to help plan a new series of images.  I am quite excited about the prospect of where they may go.

I also thought I might show you some more images from the last shoot I did.  I got permission and she told me which ones she liked, so I will show you those and a couple of others.

I love the colours that are coming out with these images.  I think they look great.  There is a painterly effect that reminds me of the old masters, and it was definitely a look that I was going for.

I am going away this weekend.  Myself and two friends are going to Ocean Grove again.  We are staying in a place that is in the same complex as last time.  It should be a nice relaxing weekend, with lots of photos and lots of time to think and work on my ideas.

We have booked our accommodation with Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads Stays, the same people who looked after us last time.  The place we are looking forward to eating at is Barwon Orange, we have eaten there a few times now and never been disappointed.  I am not sure what images we will be doing, but no doubt it will be good.  The place we are staying in has free WiFi  so I should be able to get a post up with some of the photos on Saturday.

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