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It has been a funny week.  It started off good, that is me photographing my very first client, then I crashed big time as far as self confidence went.  I did the whole questioning of whether or not I am really any good at this stuff, am I kidding myself. I know lots of negative self talk that I should know better than to listen too, but still, it was there.

Then yesterday I went out for the day with my photography friend and she told me that I was too negative, that I needed to start thinking positively otherwise nothing good will happen.  So, I thought, I need to think positive.  I got home to an inquiry about a wedding.  Turns out I may get to shoot a wedding, doing my type of photography.  They already have a photographer for the usual stuff but she really likes what I do so wants me to take some fine art portraits for her.  How exciting.

So a different sort of client than I thought I would get, but I am very happy with it.  I wouldn’t mind doing weddings this way.  There isn’t a lot of pressure on me, so even better.

I have to get going, but thought I would show you one of the photos that I took at the session on Sunday.  Also, not my usual client.  She was older than my usual models, and I had to think differently, but I am happy with what I got in the end and I hope she is too.

Leanne Cole - Taking a MomentFun times ahead, I have a pregnant woman next month, then hopefully the wedding.  I really hope the positive energy I am trying to emit is starting to work.

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