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I have been following The Iris and the Lily for over two years.  I started following her blog when I started my gardening blog.  Her blog is full of beautiful photos of her garden and I was attracted to that at the time as I was trying to sort my garden out.  Eventually my garden blog stopped happening and I started concentrating on this one, but by the time it had happened Bonnie and I had become friends.  We realised that we both had an appreciation of photography and I still love seeing what she is up to.

img_5388One of the things that always struck me were the wonderful images Bonnie took of the flowers in her garden.  I know you are going to start thinking that I am only going to show people that do macro type of work, but it is also about the type of work that I am attracted to.

I asked Bonnie why she takes photos and her response was:

I take photos to clear my mind from my job as a domestic violence counselor. The natural beauty of our world is a constant which combats the ugliness I hear about in my job. It brings me peace and joy!

img_1613She always shows us many images of her garden and how it evolves in all different conditions.  Though she does a lot of close-ups she also does a lot of larger style images as well.

One of the things that I really love is that she doesn’t have a big DSLR camera, and as far as I know doesn’t do a lot of processing to her images, well, not like me.

My inspiration IS the natural world.  We overlook so much and I want others to share the beauty I see around me on a daily basis.

I did purchase a new camera and began using it in March.  It is a Nikon Coolpix P510.


She seems to look at the world in all its detail, from the very small, to the very large.

img_2894Her natural world is so beautiful and full of so many things.  I am sure you will all agree with me.  It amazes me too because of what she achieves with her camera, she really uses it to its best potential.

She did give me one final bit of information, about how she works.

Usually in my pajamas! I’m often out walking the garden before I go to work!  I also often run back to the house while in the midst of digging or moving plants when I see something I think would be amazing to photograph grab my camera and hope it’s charged!

I think many of us can relate to this.  I used to potter around in my garden every morning in my pajamas, I must get back to doing it.

I have put together another gallery of some of my favourite images from her blog over the last couple of years.  I do hope you will go and visit Bonnie at The Iris and the Lily, you won’t be disappointed.

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