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Weekend Wanderings – Taking a Look Back at the Mallee

It has been another one of those weeks, and not helped by the fact that I stayed up all night the last two nights to watch something on CreativeLive.  It was great to actually watch it live, but I am not functioning properly right now so I thought for this weekend’s post we might just take a look at photos I took of the Mallee in 2011.

I went up a few times that year, and it helped me fall in love with the place again.  Some of the images have been done with different processing, some very simply, but I hope you don’t mind if I show you a gallery of those images.  I do enjoy going back.

I hope you don’t mind these looking back posts.  It is good seeing where I have come from as an artist and a photographer.  Some of them make me cringe, some make me proud.

I need to find someone to do a post on on Monday, so please I would love you help, can you make some suggestions?


  1. These are gorgeous, Leanne. Those stained-glass windows are spectacular. If I was a big, rich lady and I had a mansion, I would so put those in there.

    • That is great to hear Robyn, thank you. I love this subject too, I really want to get back up there.

  2. Have you looked at the photographer, Sarah Moon, who was born on 1941 and became a photographer in 1970 after working as a model? I think you will appreciate her work in light of your current photographic interests.

  3. Reblogged this on Elementary Posters and commented:
    Leanne Cole from Melbourne, Australia publishes virtually every day one or more pictures. An absolute must follow blog. Sometimes I personally think that her images are a bit on the dark side but nevertheless I admire her efforts in creating her own style; something I’m still battling for.

  4. Most of them have an appealingly dramatic quality. The one with the cross is really Gothic – good novel cover!

    • Thanks Colonialist. I have been trying to get some photos of those in front of the sunset for so long, so hard to get.

  5. Lovely lovely photos, and interesting as you say to look back at… I like the way some of the photos are quite dark & others are quite light and fun. My favourite is the black & white one of the gate

    • Thanks Nora, I love the ones of the old church, and that one of the girls too, that was one of my favourites from that trip.

  6. You seem to know when and how to use different lenses to create different effects. Unfortunately I cannot do this with my non-DSLR camera. That’s why I try to make every image count. I really like this set…..

    • I had never thought of that, I just do it. It is a lot harder on a camera that you can’t change the lenses on, but they often have good zoom lenses. Sounds like a great idea.

  7. Very nice series – Is the town partly abandoned or did you just get some choice locations out of your visit? Any way, I’d be happy to claim any of these shots as my own, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

    • I think the houses are still used, but many of the shops have gone out of business, there aren’t as many farmers now as farms are getting bigger and bigger. My mother lives there, which is the reason for frequent trips. Thanks Robert, I do like the shots, it is some of the processing I am not sure about now.

  8. Suzanne says

    You have really captured the spirit of the Mallee in these photos. Terrific work.

  9. It is important to take a look back to see how you have grown. As I was looking at these I couldn’t help thinking that your daughter makes a really good model :)

    • Thank you Colline, it is important, I agree. My daughter, I am finding she does, they both do but for different things. :)

  10. I’ve just stumbled upon your site. Your work is great, I particularly like the cemetery shot in this set; it’s dark and brooding. Love the colours!

    • Welcome to my site, and thank you. I wanted to get a heap of those but there were a heap of tree that stopped the sunset. Oh well, that one was nice.

  11. Sonel says

    As usual your photo’s are just stunning Leanne! Love them all! :D *hugs*

  12. The Grand Tour says

    Only looking at these on my phone and they look great. Looking forward to seeing them properly when I get home.

  13. Gary (happymillerman) says

    I too love looking back. This week I also re-processed some photos from March when I began to get serious and posted them on my flickr feed. I was staggered by how I feel I have improved and how much more of an impact my images now make. Loving your blog and your work :-)

    • That’s fantastic Gary, it is so important to look back and see how much you have changed. That is great to hear and thank you so much. :)

  14. It’s nice to reminisce. I remember we found each other’s blogs two years ago when I was posting about our trip to Sydney in May 2011.

    • It is, wow, that is a long time in the internet world. I vaguely remember that. Sorry, I am getting old and my mind is going. You would have seen all these images before then, I hope you don’t mind looking at them again? Thanks

    • Thank you Connie, we are our own worse critics. That is wonderful to hear, lovely to know that I inspire others. I find inspiration in so many places.

  15. I think it’s nice to look back. Time gives you fresh perspective (along with measuring growth) You get to fall in love again or say, “what was I thinking?” That said, I haven’t been following your blog as long as many of your other readers. So this is a first look for me. And a lovely one at that.

    • Thank you Gina, usually for me, when I look back, I think the original images are usually okay, but it is the processing that I think, “what was I thinking”, haha. I do like seeing how much I have grown. I am glad I was able to share the images with you for your first look at them.

  16. Leanne, WOW …. this is what I love …. to find the beauty in the the roughness and wasted maybe – stunning gallery. My favorites is the church windows – so beautiful and the silos .. Fantastic, Leanne
    I checked out the link, CreativeLive. – lot of fantastic workshops going on. If I remember I will have a look at the wedding workshop – I’m love creative wedding photos.
    I hope you weekend has been pleasant …

    • This type of image does appeal to many people Viveka. I glad you looked at CreativeLIVE I have learned so much from them. Thanks

      • I know …that I can understand – because when used similar photos in the challenges they have got many likes.
        Very interesting link that CreativeLife.

  17. A beautiful photo set. Especially like the B&W and the colors of the stained glass.

    Some suggestions (recommendations) on possible photographers to profile: Jane Lurie, Carol Dunnigan, Tricia Booker, and Callie Codd.

    • Thanks Richard, it is nice to go back, it is amazing I can’t believe they were taken two years ago, it doesn’t seem that long ago.

      • Time really does fly. I sometimes think visual memory plays tricks on us too (something to do with mulling images over before using them?).

      • It does certainly do that, too fast sometimes. I think you could be right about the visual memory tricks. I think too because I have done some of these images many times, it has done that, does feel like they weren’t taken that long ago.

  18. I still like that very first picture. I remember seeing it when you posted it before. I used all old pictures on my post today. I decided to look back and see how our experiment of scheduling posts has been working on my blog. I had fun with it. Hope you like it too! I only linked to you about 4 times. :)

    • I’m sure you will be very good at photography, desire and want to be good is a big part of it. Then practice, practice, practice.

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