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Trying to be successful is so much harder than just producing the work.  So many people have told me that they love the work I am doing, but it is hard to find my audience and find that success.  It seems just producing good work is not enough and you have to do a lot more.

I met up with a friend recently who does marketing and she gave me some hints and tips of what I need to be doing.  One of the things she said that was really important, was networking.

So what is networking?  I think we all know what it is, basically making friends, but how do we do it?  How easy is to make lots of friends?  I am not a shy sort of person, but I am not comfortable around other people.  I feel very awkward, so I don’t know how I am going to be able to do this.  It is going to be interesting.

I have signed up for some things with my local council that will hopefully help with networking and I could possible meet a lot of people.  I have my new business cards now, so I am really all set to go, just need to find that new network.

I thought today I would show you a gallery of all the images that I really like of the new work that I have been doing.

On the subject of networking, I met a new person this morning, Michael from Photonet Gallery in Fairfield.  I was introduced to him through a friend from the Mallee, Ted, and I was introduced because Michael does printing.  He prints on many different types of papers, and everything is archival.  I loved all the papers and I really hope we can work together.  Some of the papers he has would give my images another dimension all together.  It is exciting.

I think my network might have started.

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