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Dancing All Night

This last weekend I had a job photographing a young lady before she went to the ball.  She was making her debut and I was lucky enough to take some photos of her as she was all dressed up with her partner waiting for her carriage to take her to the ball.

Leanne Cole - Spin, Spin, SpinI didn’t really do any art images, but I thought this one would lend itself well to one.  I am not sure about the colours I chose, but I might try it again another time.

I enjoyed talking photos of them dancing, and it reminded me that I had some of Ilia and Briony that I hadn’t processed, so I thought I would try doing one of those.

Leanne Cole - Taking a TurnI am not sure about this one.  It is a nice idea, but I don’t know.  I might have to work on some new ideas.  I had lots of photos, but again, Briony just keeps laughing, I need to work on that.

Dancing is a lovely thing to do and people all over the world do seem to enjoy it.  I think more dancing.

It isn’t easy working out what to do.  I have been concentrating so much on trying to do marketing that I haven’t been taking enough photos.  I need to spend more time working on actual images.  I do have two shoots scheduled for the weekend, so I hope that will be good.


  1. Dani of Henry Arthur Photography says

    I really like the first photo and like the person before me, your second photo looks like a painting! Great job!

  2. I love the one of Ilia and Briony! It’s beautiful. Her legs look ethereal, not quite corporal. There’s a real mystique to the image.

    I know what you mean about marketing. I have working on that too and it has cut into my writing time. I was able at least to think about my story today, while doing other things, otherwise it would have been all learning about promo and no writing today, which depresses me. I’m glad I used my driving time to think. Thinking counts! Maybe if you have a long drive or have to wash the dishes, you can think about your compositions. Then you’ll be ready when you do another photo shoot.

    • The skirt came out really weirdly and I suppose it does look like legs. haha. Thanks Nia

      This is going to sound weird, but I always find the shower a great place to think, I come up with some of my best ideas there. It sucks when other stuff gets in the way of creativity. Thinking always counts and it is very important in the creative process. I should just sit and think. Haha. I really want to do some more. I do have some ideas, but I need models.

      • Actually thinking and coming up with great ideas in the shower is really common! I hope you get some models.

      • Doesn’t do the water bill much good though, LOL. I am sure I will, there are plenty around, I just have to choose. Thanks

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming shoots. I can see what you mean about choices–there must be so many of them to make. For me, I do like the color choices in both pictures. I perceive the colors as portraying what is happening in the picture and perhaps reflecting on the action. In the upper picture, I like your choice of purples as it communicates a sort of whimsy and playfulness and suggests that the couple may not be romantically involved, but just friends. In the bottom picture, the reds and browns, especially the red grass, once again for me, reflects passion and the possibility that these two are in love. This is just the way I see it.

    I also think you are masterful at creating the mystery of where the painting part and photo part merge, so that you get sort of a painting/photo feel.

    • Thank you, It is interesting what you are saying about the colours. I must admit that I change them to colour that I think suits the mood of the image, but I love what you are saying and I might have to think about that a lot more from now on. There are many choices, though the poses, where to shoot, what they should wear, etc, and then of course, all the decisions to be made about processing. It does make me exhausted some times, but a great exhaustion.

      I don’t want the images to be confused as paintings, but I can understand how they can give a painterly effect, I do borrow ideas of colours, and sometimes poses, from paintings. They are a great source of inspiration. Maybe I should try a Mona Lisa pose.

      • It is scholarly of you to borrow poses from other paintings. And, like you say, there are so many color choices regarding the costumes, backgrounds, etc., that not everyone will agree on them. I am an avid film watcher and amateur critic as well as photographer and I was taught, mainly from my studies at UCLA decades ago, to look at movies and images in thematic and symbolic ways, if appropriate, as well as literal ways. So for me, your choices here worked.

      • I like that, I use films for inspiration too, I like watching the costumes and drama. It is great to get inspiration from all around us.

  4. The second photograph, for me, is stronger than the first one. I think the color palette is more attractive for the eye as all the colors go well together. I also think it has more emotions and I was able to relate to it more. It feels spontaneous – the first one feels like they were trying to pose for the camera while the second one conveys more of a “caught off-guard” kinda thing, if this makes sense.

    I do appreciate your effort in both photographs. The first one is rather cute, but the second one seems to imply more intimacy and more emotions in the atmosphere.

    Hope to see more of you <3

    • I suppose they were both posing for the camera, but the second one they were mucking around a lot more, where as the first one, I think she was worried about the dress getting dirty, her hair getting messed up, etc. I like the way you have described them.

      Thanks Nour, I must remember what you have said.

      • I knew there was something keeping her from connecting more with the camera. And I’m really flattered to know that what I said made sense. Haha <3

      • That’s awesome :3 You leave me wanting more, and I honestly love your work.

      • That is fantastic, hopefully you will be seeing a lot more, more images are always dancing in my head, just need to get them out.

      • Same for me. It’s like that for photographs and drawings. Also, it also happens for me when writing a poem. I’d have the general idea but still need time to execute it well, or need to find a way to develop it into “something”.

      • I need to spend time writing things down, because I end up forgetting things, and that drives me crazy.

      • Saaaame. D: It happens to me too because I’m wasn’t always able to write my thoughts down right away thinking that I will be able to recall them once I have time to take notes. I ended up forgetting things most of the time. Now, I try to write down everything that occurs to my mind no matter how much of a little idea it may be.

      • Perhaps we can challenge both of us to do this, it really is something I need to do and sounds like you do too.

      • To write things down? Sure, but how exactly are you going to turn it into a challenge? You seem to have an idea about it. Sharrrrre.

      • No not really, no idea, I just think we both need to do it and maybe find some way of telling one another.
        So I just said we should do it, have you written anything down yet? I haven’t, I went and made a coffee, but I might try doing some now. Maybe I should do a post on this.

      • I’m drawing at the moment. I like drawing at night. What about you?

      • I am too tired to much at night, but it is morning here now, and I have to start getting ready to visit a printer to see if I like what they do and if they can help me.
        Do you have facebook?

      • I found you, I thought perhaps we can encourage each other that way.

        I’m in Australia, Melbourne, so pretty far south.

      • I still didn’t receive a friends request on Facebook in case you have sent one.

        And Australia is cool. I want to go there someday.

      • Ah. Just saw it. Followed you back. [I just enabled the following button yesterday. So you’re obviously the first. Yaay]

    • I hope that is good, the first one is quite modern, whereas in the second one I tried to add more of a medieval feel to it. Thanks.

  5. Leanne, that top photo is brilliant … I’m not too sure about the other – a bit too much fairy tale of over it … you’re so right about dancing – it brings joy … to our lifes .. and fun.

      • I think a little of “Red Riding Hood” is okay for some photos – but not all … *smile

      • I didn’t have fairy tales at all in mind for either photo, the first one, was for a shoot I was doing as the girl was on her way to her debutante ball and I was hired to get some shots of her, and I wondered if I made one into a fine art print what it would look like. The second shot, I was thinking 16th century, or medieval, a couple just playing and dancing in the woods, nothing more, there was no fairy tale aspect as far as I was concerned. So I think that is something that you have started thinking about my work, but it certainly isn’t always there for me,

      • Leanne, I haven’t for a minute thought that you have fairy tales in mind when you work … that is only as I see them. Sorry, that I gave you that impression.
        I hope that you don’t think that I’m derogatory against your art, because I’m not … I was only trying to be funny – maybe in the wrong way.

  6. How fun to contrast real life with fantasy in these two images. They are both beautiful scenes of dancing in the park and each have an interesting story of how everyone involved came together for this moment. One real, one make believe yet both living in the present.

  7. The dancing is a great idea to explore, these certainly work well…
    As for Laughing Briony…have you thought of trying a softer color to convey that youthful joy? I quite like the reds, and agree with the comment above that they invoke Passion in the viewer…Anyway, just my thoughts…
    Hope everything goes well with the next shoots! We’ve dipped back into insanity around here…

    • Thanks Marie, Briony, well Briony has too much fun and I need to find ways to get her to be serious, the other problem I have with her is that she tends to stare at the camera, so I have to keep telling her to look away.
      I like your thoughts, thank you. I hope you find some sanity soon. I miss you.

  8. Shannon’s hit the nail on the head – your new shots are so painterly, very romantic like the pre-raphaelites. Great stuff.

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