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Weekend Wanderings – Revisiting Aireys Inlet

This past week has been busy and I haven’t been able to get out and take photos, well not the type of photos that I normally do for these posts.  I thought I would do another post on looking back at some older images.

It is almost two years since I first went away with a couple of my friends for a photography weekend and we have been away quite a few times since.  We are going away again in about 3 weeks, back to Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, so I thought it was appropriate today to have a look at some photos from the first trip and a subsequent trip we took there.  We have been to Aireys Inlet twice now.

20110827-0007mnOne of the nice things about Aireys Inlet is that it is only about a 2 hour drive from Melbourne so you don’t have to stay there if you just want to take a few photos.  Though staying is good, and you can go to many surrounding places as well.

20110827-0047mnThe lighthouse is one of the highlights here, and like many lighthouses you can see it in all different directions.  This lighthouse is quite different to many along the coast, you can actually get up close to it without having to pay money.  Most that I have seen you can usually only see them from a distance and if you want to look up close to them, then you have pay some fee.

20110827-0135mnYou can’t go inside, but it is nice to be able to get a shot like this.

I was going to show the photos that I took the second time I went, but when I went back to look at them I was horrified to see that they were all HDR’s and not very good ones.  I sincerely hope I have got a lot better at doing HDR’s since then.  So I went back and just processed them as normal single shots.

LeanneCole-ai-3454It was nice to revisit the images I took.  If you love the ocean then this part of the Great Ocean Road is fantastic.  You often get to see the ocean in its very angry mood.  I love the coast in winter, it really gives you something different.

Here is a gallery with lots more images for you.  Some you might have seen before, and others you may not have.

I have my first client for my fine art portrait session this afternoon, hopefully it won’t rain.  It should be a great experience.  Enjoy your weekend.



      • Great photos. If ever I find myself in Aus you have unearthed a gem of a place to visit. Love the lighthouse. I have on on the agenda on Englands north east coast to visit before the summer ends.

      • If you come to Australia the Great Ocean Road is a bit of a must. Sounds great, have a great time on your trip, thank you.

  1. Wow Leanne, these are all beautiful shots! I particularly like the blue sky and ocean photo and the lighthouse on the cliff but they are all amazing! :)

  2. The weekends are a great time to explore the outdoors and of course, work when you have a client. I like your images of the inlet, ocean and the lighthouse towering high towards the sky.

    • Weekends can be so busy, but also in a very nice way, I can mine becoming more about work though, at least I hope so. Thank you Mary, the lighthouse is great to photograph.

  3. Leanne, I haven’t had time to do much reading of blogs, but I’m glad I caught this one today. Beautiful pictures!


    • Oh I know that feeling. I am glad you enjoyed the images to day then. Take care and thank you Janet.

  4. Leanne, thanks for revisiting your trip with those of us who didn’t get a chance to see it the first time around. I really enjoyed these images!

    • Thank is wonderful Lisa, I have found that, especially if I post photos from a couple of years ago, also good for me to go back through as well. Thanks Lisa.

    • I always hear the roar of the ocean and the waves crashing. I hope we get some really angry ocean when we go to Barwon Heads.

  5. Always good to look back and re-experience the progress you’ve made. Speaking for myself (still experimenting in order to develop my own ‘signature’) ‘looking back’ is essential to evaluate and analyse and from that point working towards whatever the future will bring. :-D

  6. Places always feel more alive in weather that’s a little unkind, the cold wind on the face, darker light, at times the fringe between the storm and the calm, where light is just that little bit twisted. A place I’m yet to visit, the photos are a standout with the lighting you captured.

    • I like what you have described and I think you have really said it well, a place really does feel more alive then. Thank you.

  7. Great set, Leanne! The lighthouses and their locations are always very photogenic. You have captured the mood very well. – If you visit England, go to Beachy Head (my trip here:, you might find that inspiring as well.

    • Thank you Olli, I will have to try and remember that, I really hope to get there one day. What an amazing place, that lighthouse is in a funny place, they are always on top of cliffs here, why is it in the ocean?

      • My mistake, not knowing your country, from your post, I assumed that Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, and Aireys were somehow in the same surrounding area :-)

      • They are sort of, but there is some distance between them, so we will concentrate more on Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff. The opposite direction. We are thinking of going to Lorne at some time, but not sure when.

  8. We have two lighthouses in Fleetwood. There used to be three but the sea cadets accidentally burnt the third one down when they were practising their flares.

    • Oh no, what a disaster, let me guess they aren’t allowed near the other two. Great story, thanks Brian.

    • Thank you Carol, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is about putting a series of images together that are the same except for exposure and then allows you to see the dark areas and the light areas. Very good for images that have a huge contrast.

  9. Ah, these are so beautiful…and here’s crossing my fingers that it didn’t rain.

    • Thank you Georgia, unfortunately it did rain, and rain, and rain, so we had to cancel. We are going to try again next week. HOpefully it won’t rain then.

      • Thank you, we have been hit by a wet spell and it looks like rain all week, so hopefully by next weekend, it will have eased some.

  10. I remember shooting that exact same shot of the lighthouse at Aireys Inlet. It’s red dome contrasts beautifully against the sky.

    • I suspect it is a very popular image for people with cameras to get. It is a lovely lighthouse to photograph, the red dome does indeed. Thanks.

    • Thank you Karen, the portrait session had to be rescheduled, as is Melbourne it rained, and then the rain settled in.

  11. I love coastal waterways. Never lived near one, though. :( Beautiful images, and I like the angry ones, too.

    • There is something so wonderful about coastal areas, they are fun, yet incredibly dangerous as well. Thank you Dave. I hope you get to visit some every now and then.

    • Thank you Paul, the shoot had to be rescheduled, it does as Melbourne does so well, it rain, then the rain settled in.

  12. Hi Leanne, I love the beautiful shades of blue in your pics. I think they are amazing. Really great work.

    • Thank you Anne, it had to be rescheduled though, it rained, and rained. Camera or photography weekends can be great, it is wonderful to go away for a weekend that is just about taking photos.

    • What a shame, I hope you do get to go from time to time. Thank you. My first client had to be rescheduled, as it rained.

  13. Stunning scenes which allow you to give your talent free rein.
    The misty-cal :) lighthouse particularly engages my imagination.

  14. I love these photos and especially the beautiful (2nd) lighthouse image.
    Love your work!
    It’s good to go back and see how far we’ve come :)
    Hope your first session went well.. I bet it did :D

    • Thank you Robyn, it is very interesting to go back and take a look. My first session had to be cancelled, it did what Melbourne does best, it rained. Oh well, we have organised to do it another time.

      • Wishing you luck and good weather the 2nd time around. Better to have a nice day than battle the elements while you’re shooting.

      • We had snow showers here this morning and it’s still very cold! Not enough to see on the ground though. Still, I saw flurries :D

      • Not photographic unfortunately… I was looking ;)
        Thoroughly enjoyed the snowflakes from my window though :D

      • Oh, that is disappointing, you would think if it was going to go to all the trouble of snowing that it would at least do it so that it would a make a fantastic photo, haha :)
        I would have thoroughly enjoyed them as well. :)

  15. Leanne, the force is very strong with you. Those of us who are still Jedi padawans have our work cut out for us. (Sorry for the Star Wars reference lol)

  16. You’re so talented! Your blog and photography are gorgeous! Thanks for ‘liking’ one of my posts. After seeing your work, I’m flattered and inspired to step up my game. Have a great day.

    • Thank you, what a lovely comment, you don’t need to thank me for that, this is a community and we are here to support one another, that’s what I like to think.

  17. Beautiful photographs, all, but I adore the second one in the post—the lighthouse. That’s just stunning, almost otherworldly! Gorgeous.

  18. Sonel says

    It so beautiful there Leanne and you’ve captured all that beauty perfectly! Great shots hon! Love it! Good luck with the photoshoot. I know you are going to enjoy! :D *big hugs*

    • Thank you, it is a beautiful area and I think most people would be able to get great shots of the area.
      It rained so the photoshoot had to be cancelled, but it has been rescheduled. Fingers crossed. :)

  19. I can not say what others have not already said. So I’m just saying: WOW. Thanks for that wonderful walk to the lighthouse …

  20. I love taking costal shots like these….they could be anywhere around the globe, timeless and placeless…wonderful :-)

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