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Having a daughter who wants to learn to drive and wants me to take her places so she can do a lot of driving can have its benefits, as I found out last Sunday.  I agreed to let her drive if she let me take some photos of her on the side of the road somewhere.  So we decided to take the back way to Woodend and we knew on the way there would be rolling hills and I wanted to take photos onto of one.  (for anyone interested the bakery in Woodend, the one on the corner, does very good Vanilla Slices)

Leanne Cole - Taking it In

Can you tell how windy it was?  I think she regretted agreeing to do this in the end as she was freezing, but I think it was worth it.  I loved the photos I got.  I didn’t get many, but I was really only after one, so to get three that I really like was great.

The cloak I purchased is turning out to be one of the best props I have, so many want to have their photos taken with it.  I might have to see if I can get more, but different ones.

Leanne Cole - In the ElementsThis was the last lot I took, and I did a lot of work to make the cloak bigger and tried to get her hair to look very wind blown.  It was really windy, I kid you not and the wind chill factor was very cold.

I love this one (above), there is something quite amazing to it, well if you ask me.  This lot and the previous ones of Briony and Ilia make me think I am definitely starting to develop my own style with these.  I like the old masterly painting style, but I hope you don’t say they are paintings, just remind you of them.

Leanne Cole - Hidden 1This was the first version of this that I did, but I wasn’t really happy with it, so I thought I might try a different photo and see how I went.

Leanne Cole - Hidden 2I like this one a lot more.  I think it is softer or something.  I know it breaks the rules of portraiture because you can’t see her eyes, but I don’t care about that, I like the way her hair is blowing in the wind and she is protecting herself from the wind with the cloak.

When I was doing these images, I had Catherine from Wuthering Heights in mind.  I knew it was going to be windy before I planned the trip, the forecast said it would be.  So I wanted to find somewhere open, so the wind could blow and the fabric could go everywhere.  I wanted that idea of Catherine on the Moors in England.  I think I achieved it a little.


Thank you to everyone who went over to Public Domain Textures, it was a great start and I think Joseph was really happy.  I spent all day working on more textures, and I will continue doing that for a while.

I have been asked, by quite a few, about doing a post on how to use textures, so I am going to do one next Wednesday.  I might see if I can get some software and do a screencast, that would be easier for me.  So if anyone knows of anything that I can use for free, please let me know.

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