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Together in the Park

Last Saturday I went to the park with Briony and Ilia again to get some more photos.  We went to a different part, I wanted something more open, but I was very disappointed with the place we went to and I really struggled to find inspiration.  I just pushed on and tried what I had planned.

Leanne Cole - Taking a Walk

I hadn’t really planned on doing this image.  I opened it up because they all seemed over exposed and I wanted to see if I could fix it.  Then, you know how it is, I just started playing and I couldn’t stop.  In the end I decided I liked it and now you are seeing it.

I really like the way they are just strolling along.  There is something very peaceful about it.

I decided to try something else and I know they thought it was a little weird, but I have to say, I love how it came out.

Leanne Cole - Taking ShelterThere is something so romantic about this image.  My other daughter saw them and just said they were beautiful.  High compliment from someone who tends to hate her sister.

I asked him to drape the cloak around her and for her to put her arms around him.  There are many photos of them laughing and giggling, but this one I liked a lot.  The colors seem to suit the mood too.

Leanne Cole - Getting Closer to ShelterThis is the not the same photo as the previous one but it is the same pose.  I zoomed in to get their faces more.  While I was out there I thought all the photos were going to be crap, so it is a pleasant surprise when you start working on some and they turn out to be great.  Well I think they are.  There is a softness to them that I can’t stop looking at.

I have no idea what else I am going to get, but I am more excited about working on them now.  Hope you will be excited to see them.


  1. I really love these images Leanne, I tend to shy away from shooting people, but these shots have given me something to aspire to, Thanks for sharing, :-)

    • What a wonderful thing to write Ed, thank you, that is fantastic. I stayed away from people for a while too but now I love doing them.

      • My Pleasure, Im more comfortable with castles and such, but the style of these shots really appeals to me. Would love to see your process for editing :-)

      • I was like that, then I saw a show on fine art portraiture and how to take dramatic images and I was off. I am still trying to find my way with it all, but I do like the direction that I am going in. Maybe I will do some stuff on my editing at some stage. Thanks again Ed.

  2. Sonel says

    I just love it Leanne! What is the name of this story? ;)
    Thanks for sharing hon. :D *hugs*

    • I don’t know really, I wanted them to pretend like they were a couple in love, perhaps like a forbidden love, or secret love. What do you think Sonel? :)
      No problem at all, it is always a pleasure, and thank you. :)

      • Sonel says

        Hmmmm…a modern Romeo and Juliette then. :)
        Love your photo’s hon. Great job! :D *hugs*

  3. I like the list shot in the series, it is very evocative of movies that I grew up with.

    • Thank you, I think that one is my favourite. It reminds me an old masters painting, the colours anyway.

  4. Congrats, the result is very moody and inspiring, love your work, Leanne!
    Greetings from sunny Norway

    • Thank you Dina, that is what I was hoping for. Norway, is a long way away. I have heard it is a lovely country.

  5. Hi Leanne,

    I used to do a lot of street and portrait photography and after a ten year break I have also found it difficult to to return to when I thought it would be easy. I would really like to hear how you managed to get to where you are now. I suspect I have a confidence issue that I need to work through. Was this something you experienced too?

    • I used to do it many years ago, but I couldn’t get the drama in the images like I wanted, it was in the days of film and unless you were a master in the darkroom, which I wasn’t, I couldn’t get that drama into them. Then I saw something that showed me that the thing I was missing was Photoshop, and I have been a mission ever since. I am also lucky in that I have teenage daughters and they have lots of friends who are willing to be my models, so that has been fantastic. I am still trying to work out what I am doing, but one thing I am starting to learn is that I shouldn’t pre plan my images, if I just let them evolve I seem to get more. Thanks

  6. The last image is great – atmospheric and romantic with expressions, pose and colours all working really well together.

    • Thank you Noeline, I think exactly the same. I love it when you are working on an image and everything just seems to go right and you get that knot in your tummy like you might have something special.

  7. I think my favorite is the first photo, although I very much like the last 2 photos. The close-up is lovely, and the longer shot I can’t seem to find the right words to describe how very much I like it. I love the mood evoked by the poses, and the sky is exquisite. I think you did an outstanding job! :)

  8. Johann Briffa says

    There is something ‘old world’ about these pictures that I really like. Probably the colour palette, as you commented. There also seems to be a touch of sadness or pain below the surface, particularly in the latter two images; was that intentional? or maybe it’s just me…

    • I don’t know that it was intentional but one of the things I try to get into these images is a lot of drama, and I think that can be like sadness. I don’t mind that. I do really love the colour palette and I think I need to make some notes. Thank you Johann

      • Johann Briffa says

        There is certainly a lot of drama in your images!

  9. These are world class photos: the way you manipulate a so-called “normal” environment to something both strange, yet beautiful; and the models fit in so well with this environment. The last two photos here have a real Renaissance / Baroque feel to them–otherworldly, yet evocative of that period in art history.

    • I was thinking the same about the feel of them, they remind me of old masters paintings, and something I would really like to do more of. I am so glad people are liking them, I would really like to do more I think. Thank you.

    • Thank you Marie, I like that idea, I have been watching Elizabeth on DVD, so probably partly due to that.

  10. These photos look like they could be for the next Twilight movie! The colour and the cloak really give that vampire, fantasy type vibe. I really like it, very creative :)

    • It is great hearing what people think of the images, I hadn’t thought of that, but nothing wrong with it, I like it. Thank you Andrew

  11. crazykokonut says

    These photos have definitely captured the eyes of many as they have mine. Such surreal beautiful photos. Love the effect on the final photo, it looks just like one of those in old story books coming to life.

    • Thank you, I was so happy with how they came out. Beyond my weirdest dreams. The shoot was quite disappointing, so these have turned out to be wonderful treasures.

  12. Beautiful work. I love the lighting and mystical atmosphere.

  13. My favourite would have to be the last one Leanne – the one you put up on facebook.

  14. These are beautiful Leanne-I love the colors and the light-the mood is somewhat melancholy-reminds me of Romeo and Juliet-

    • I was really happy with the colours in these, and it is something I would like to try again. I sort of that in my head, that story and the whole 16th century thing, so great that you picked that up, thank you.

    • Moody, Silky and gothic, I love those words, I can work with those, thank you, the models were fabulous, though after photographing my daughter her whole life, she wouldn’t stop looking at the camera, haha.

  15. So much drama! Very beautiful. It would be nice to see the laughing / giggling shots as a separate post. I imagine the mood would be much lighter?

  16. Shot #1- I feel like they’re emerging from a Field Of (mythical) Dreams. Of course, no one would ever confuse this with an Iowa cornfield like in the movie :)

    Shot #2 & 3- I like the juxtaposition of their modern faces and a background that would feel at home hanging in an ornate frame in a museum wing of Old Masters paintings. Quietly, with their soft robes and footsteps, they snuck in, avoiding eye contact so as not to alert those of us walking by with our maps and audio guides.
    Although the young lady has a timeless beauty that could pass for many eras. Either way, very lovely.

    • I know that film, I suppose there are many interpretations, that one is interesting. :)
      I love the idea of the Old Masters paintings, and it is an effect that I would like to try and get more of. I like your descriptions, thank you, I like what you said about my daughter as well, I like photographing her, perhaps that is why.
      Thanks again.

  17. Oh, Leanne, those last two shots are wonderful!! Everything about them works – the composition, the way you’ve treated the shot and Briony and Ilia’s expressions are perfect. Great work.

    • Thank you Richard, I was so happy with these shots, especially when I saw the originals, so to have them turn out so well has been wonderful.

    • Vampires seem to be on everyone’s minds now, haha, I like to think of them as two 16th century lovers, who have found themselves someone they shouldn’t be and he is trying to protect her, but they are a little uncomfortable with the contact. Thanks you.

  18. There you go being wonderfully creative again. Your pictures are like a doorway into a fairytale, Leanne, haunting and irresistible. You know, I keep clicking on your follow button but somehow lose you everytime – I’ll try again.

    • That is so weird, quite a few people have been having trouble with my site recently, I think I will go and report it to the admin people, see if they can work it out.

    • Oh, almost forgot, thank you, I am learning all the time with these images and I love where they are going.

  19. Looking at these again, I’d say they have a gothic romance feel to them … which you rarely see. Nicely done.

    • Oh I really like that David, I might have to write that down, gothic romance, fantastic. Thank you.

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