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Last Saturday I went to the park with Briony and Ilia again to get some more photos.  We went to a different part, I wanted something more open, but I was very disappointed with the place we went to and I really struggled to find inspiration.  I just pushed on and tried what I had planned.

Leanne Cole - Taking a Walk

I hadn’t really planned on doing this image.  I opened it up because they all seemed over exposed and I wanted to see if I could fix it.  Then, you know how it is, I just started playing and I couldn’t stop.  In the end I decided I liked it and now you are seeing it.

I really like the way they are just strolling along.  There is something very peaceful about it.

I decided to try something else and I know they thought it was a little weird, but I have to say, I love how it came out.

Leanne Cole - Taking ShelterThere is something so romantic about this image.  My other daughter saw them and just said they were beautiful.  High compliment from someone who tends to hate her sister.

I asked him to drape the cloak around her and for her to put her arms around him.  There are many photos of them laughing and giggling, but this one I liked a lot.  The colors seem to suit the mood too.

Leanne Cole - Getting Closer to ShelterThis is the not the same photo as the previous one but it is the same pose.  I zoomed in to get their faces more.  While I was out there I thought all the photos were going to be crap, so it is a pleasant surprise when you start working on some and they turn out to be great.  Well I think they are.  There is a softness to them that I can’t stop looking at.

I have no idea what else I am going to get, but I am more excited about working on them now.  Hope you will be excited to see them.

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