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Weekend Wanderings – Lighting Up the Webb Bridge

It was back to the Webb Bridge at the Docklands on Wednesday with my photography buddy.  She lost all her photos from the last visit and I wasn’t totally happy with what I got, so we thought we would go back.

We got there before Sunset, but it was so overcast, really overcast and so we spent the time that the sun was going down having hot chocolate, tea and sharing a burger.  Then we waited until it was almost dark and headed over to the bridge.

LeanneCole-webb-6865The sky still had some colour in it, though not for long.  Look at how wonderfully the bridge lights up.  We were lucky and seemed to score another almost windless evening.


One of the lovely things about an almost windless evening means reflections in the water.  This one wasn’t great, but there is more.


It was like getting two for one.  It was so good.  The reflections are not perfect, but they are nice.


We went onto the bridge just before we left and got some great shots of the inside, if that is the right word for this spot.

It was an interesting evening, because it was so overcast the lights of the city reflected off the clouds so we didn’t get that black black sky.  I really liked some of the shots we got.  So here a gallery with the above and some others I took.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, sadly mine is almost over.  I did do more portraits, so I will have to go and look at them now and see what I got.


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      • I have no idea, other people are liking it, so I am confused. I have people who can’t comment sometimes.

      • The liking thing is a bit of problem with this post, I might have to ask WP about it if it persists.
        Thank you, what a nice thing to say, I had never considered that.

  1. Lovely crisp shots! And I never even knew about this bridge :) So thanks for sharing these!

    • Thank you, I don’t know why you can’t like or why Matthew can’t. I think it is one of those WordPress mysteries. Sorry about that, but thanks for sharing it on Facebook.

    • Thank you Mark, I think the same, I think it looks better at night than it does during the day.

  2. I’m looking forward to it getting darker again, over here in the UK, so I can have another go at this sort of photography. These are great shots.

    • Yes, summer can be hard in that respect. I do love winter for taking photos early, but then again, it also means that you don’t get those wonderful dramatic sunsets that come with summer. I don’t know what it is like where you are, but the sun always go down her in summer by around 9pm. Thank you.

    • Thank you, it is nice that I am giving you reasons to visit, it is a great place to come to.

  3. leecleland says

    Great shots and what a great bridge. It looks nearly spiderweb like on the inside and like a SF or UFO Pod from the outside hovering over the water. The little bit of coloured reflection in the first shot is wonderful as it gives a second spot to look at and keeps the eye within the frame. I do like it better at night :)

    • I have to agree, I think it looks so much more interesting at night. I love how you have described it all. It is a bit like that. Thanks Lee. :)

  4. What a beautiful interesting bridge! I would love to see that in person!! Awesome pics!!

    • It is pretty amazing, I love it that they build things like this and it really makes the area beautiful. Thanks Lisa.

  5. Elle Hubbard says

    What a beautiful bridge and great photography of it to show it off. I have never seen or heard of this bridge before, but it is stunning.

    • Thank you Elle, it is great to photograph it. I really liked it. It is pretty cool, shame it is down one end of the city that doesn’t get used much.

  6. I’ve been having the problem with the like button on lots of different blogs, so it’s not just yours. Sometimes it works and then it doesn’t. I find if I click refresh it appears again. This bridge is an amazing structure. We must find it next time we are in Melbourne.

  7. Very nice, and I liked your last series on this bridge, too. It’s really something. And it suits your editing style to a T.

  8. Sonel says

    Absolutely stunning shots as usual Leanne! Looks like you enjoyed it very much. I love the reflections! Thanks for sharing hon. :D *hugs*

    • I did enjoy it, my friend and I had a fantastic time. It isn’t often you find someone that really suits you when you go out to take photos, but she was great and I love going with her. I loved the reflections too, I was so happy the water was almost still enough for them. I wonder what it would be like first thing in the morning. Thanks Sonel. :)

  9. Beautiful, Leanne! Love the Webb Bridge and you do it so much justice when you photograph it!

    • Thank you Steph, that is nice of you to say. I do love taking photos of it, I would love to photograph the inside one day when it is sunny. One day.

  10. tnuttallsmith says

    Really nice work, both the photos and the way that you write. Look forward to seeing more

    • Thank you Lisa, these are easy shots for me, in that they don’t really require much processing. Getting there to photograph them is a different matter.

  11. These are wonderful, Leanne! I love the reflections. One of them looks like a giant fish is opening it’s mouth to swallow us alive. :)

  12. Those image were well worth your time to photograph and well worth my time to view. Great stuff as usual.

      • Haha, I just read what you are responding to and realised, I thought you were responding to my post on Paul, I am so sorry. I do comments in the comments window and I usually look to see what post the comment is for, but I missed yours, I am really sorry, and can I just say, thank you.

  13. superb photo’s, Leanne.. I love how the lights worked in your photos.
    groetjes, Francina

  14. These are fabulous – that bridge was made for night photography.
    I have the same problem as the commenters above with your ‘like’ button, but I can Like a post from the Reader without a problem…more WP weirdness….

    • I agree Marie about the bridge, it certainly was. They really thought about that.
      I don’t know what the problem is, I might have to report it to WP, it is very strange. Definitely more weirdness.

  15. Such an amazing Bridge! I have had fun photographing it too! I really like the wide angle shot you have of the bridge. Makes it really look like a long snake!

    • I have to agree it is fantastic to photograph. If the image is the one I think it is I love the way the reflection in the water just seems to make it go on forever. Thank you.

  16. lovely photos. the webb bridge looks very much like the helix bridge we have here in singapore!

    • I wonder if they were designed by the same person. I have seen some photos of things in Singapore, looks like you have some great architecture there.

      • it’s become like that in the last few years – I just returned after only four years away, and our skyline has grown immeasurably more beautiful in that time.

      • I keep seeing all these amazing photos and I want to come there to take my own. I have you photographed that bridge you were talking about?

  17. I love the photographs of the bridge. The reflections make it look “alive” somehow. Great shots, I think.

  18. I love the way you’ve photographed the bridge. It looks extraterrestial :)

    • I think the same EllaDee, it doesn’t seem like a spacecraft, especially from the end with the round part. Thank you.

  19. beaudboux says

    Stunning pictures! I would love to visit bridge!

  20. It might be interesting to to some portraits there… I don’t know what the light is like though, you might have to get two or three flashes if you wanted to do that.

    • I don’t know that it would be possible Joseph, it is such a busy bridge, you don’t know how hard it was to get photos without people on bikes, or pedestrians, It was a contant stream.

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