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It is Friday and this isn’t going to be a post about Deaf Children Australia.  I have decided that for the time being, that they will either be every second week or once a month.  I need to talk to them and see where they want to go.  I did get some wonderful suggestions last week, but I need to process them and work out what I am going to do.

So for today I thought I would take another look at the images I took of Briony and Ilia.  I tend to pick a few out and process those and forget about the rest.  I learned with the shoot from Lara that often there can be more there and I just have to have the imagination to find them, then process them.  I found three more to work on and will share them with you today.

Leanne Cole - Taking it all in

I took quite a few of these, but initially I didn’t want to do anything with them as the shirt was quite blown out, so I played around with it and got it to a stage where it looked a lot better.  The way he is lying on the bench seems so relaxing.

Leanne Cole - AwakenI didn’t like the way she was dressed and I was disappointed with many of the shots that I got of the two of them.  He was so light with his white shirt and she was so dark with her black clothes.  I hadn’t really considered taking photos of them together when we went out this day.  It was a wonderful surprise to see how well they photograph together.

I am going to be photographing them tomorrow again.  I have a big list of poses that I want to get, and, of course, will make sure they are dressed better, well more suited with one another.

Leanne  Cole - In the Light of the Setting SunHere she is, my daughter, hamming it up in front of a sunset, which didn’t come out as well as I had hoped.  I showed this to her and she was confused, she couldn’t work out where it had come from.  The dress and the fabric is all composited together.  I quite enjoy that.  Though one problem I had was that it didn’t look real where it hit the ground, so I had to work on making shadows and allowing grass in front.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed with the post today.  A full weekend ahead.  Lots of photos I hope, aren’t they the best kinds?

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