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Taking Another Look

It is Friday and this isn’t going to be a post about Deaf Children Australia.  I have decided that for the time being, that they will either be every second week or once a month.  I need to talk to them and see where they want to go.  I did get some wonderful suggestions last week, but I need to process them and work out what I am going to do.

So for today I thought I would take another look at the images I took of Briony and Ilia.  I tend to pick a few out and process those and forget about the rest.  I learned with the shoot from Lara that often there can be more there and I just have to have the imagination to find them, then process them.  I found three more to work on and will share them with you today.

Leanne Cole - Taking it all in

I took quite a few of these, but initially I didn’t want to do anything with them as the shirt was quite blown out, so I played around with it and got it to a stage where it looked a lot better.  The way he is lying on the bench seems so relaxing.

Leanne Cole - AwakenI didn’t like the way she was dressed and I was disappointed with many of the shots that I got of the two of them.  He was so light with his white shirt and she was so dark with her black clothes.  I hadn’t really considered taking photos of them together when we went out this day.  It was a wonderful surprise to see how well they photograph together.

I am going to be photographing them tomorrow again.  I have a big list of poses that I want to get, and, of course, will make sure they are dressed better, well more suited with one another.

Leanne  Cole - In the Light of the Setting SunHere she is, my daughter, hamming it up in front of a sunset, which didn’t come out as well as I had hoped.  I showed this to her and she was confused, she couldn’t work out where it had come from.  The dress and the fabric is all composited together.  I quite enjoy that.  Though one problem I had was that it didn’t look real where it hit the ground, so I had to work on making shadows and allowing grass in front.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed with the post today.  A full weekend ahead.  Lots of photos I hope, aren’t they the best kinds?


    • I wish she thought so. I love photographing her, and the other one as well. They can be great, well, when they are in the mood.
      Thanks John.

  1. The more I look at your pictures I feel like I am watching a Harry Potter movie. Beautiful yet surreal!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How will you grow as an artist unless you allow, and, in fact, encourage comments of all kinds? I would think that remarks about what you need to work on would be THE most welcome, so long as they are expressed respectfully. Thoughtful critiques can only work to enhance and perfect your art. Your statement sounds as if you only solicit praise, while anything critical is not to be heard.

    • People who follow me and have got to know me know that they can offer suggestions or what not, but the problem is there are too many people out there that are cruel vicious and downright rude with what they say, so I want to discourage them. There are people that think THEY know what is best for my work. I don’t have any problem with someone saying that they don’t like it, or there are aspects they have problems with, I do have one follower that I know finds much of what I do too dark. That is fine, she tells me, but doesn’t expect that I should change that for her. Too many people have an opinion and instead of it coming out as an opinion comes as telling me what to do. The work is subjective, and it is personal, this is my work and it means a lot to me. So I have that there so people, hopefully will think before they comment and won’t say something rude. It tears me apart when people do.
      There is a massive difference between criticism and just being revolting. That is my experience. I will take the criticism from people I respect and trust.

  3. Hi Leanne. Is there any particular reason you went down the compositing route rather than using appropriate costume for the shot. I have no issue with compositing just curious as to your approach.

    • Money, really. If I can make a costume with 2 metres of fabric then that works better for me than trying to make one. That doesn’t mean I won’t make them, but I don’t have the finances right now, it is also fun trying to do it with fabric and seeing what I come up with, it is different every time.

  4. Your work is very inspiring ….I have not experimented on this road yet ..but soon will try .I am pretty new to DSLR and I use a Canon 600D and a 18 -135 mm canon lens …..I have been hearing about using block lens /prime lens like 50 mm..they are better than your standard zoom lens so I hear , Planning to get a 50 mm lens and also thinking about getting a 60 D in exchange of 600D . I find the 360 degree screen pretty handy ..especially at school taking pics and vids of children where I teach , would be nice if you could give me your opinion about the 60D and prime lens …it would be after a while before I can get a zoom lens. –thank you

    • Thank you, the Canon 600D is a pretty good camera, I don’t use Canon, but I got to try one out recently, I also got to try a 60D and I didn’t like it. I have used fixed lenses, but I don’t have any. I have spent a lot of money on good zoom lens, I like zooms as they give me more flexibility, but that is me. I have thought about getting a 50mm, but not sure when. I think for most of us, we probably couldn’t tell the difference in a image. It takes a pretty trained eye to notice the difference. That is my opinion. Just that.

  5. Hmmmm…you’ve got her being dramatic, dressing in costume, AND brought a boy along? I don’t think you’ll have any more trouble getting her to pose ;)
    Lovely stuff…hope the weather cooperates for you this weekend, so you can get lots more!

    • Hahaha, yes, though they are not interested in each other, but they seem to be okay with pretending they are, which is great.
      The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow, so I hope it will be wonderful for photos, thanks Marie

  6. Oh, I love it Leanne! Feels like I’m reading a storybook when I see your lovely photo’s. :D *hugs*

  7. The D&D or magical quality of these photographs would have many a writer wishing you’d make their book covers…exquisitely done.

  8. This is beautiful. Reminds me of the Nick Cave & Kiley Minogue “Where the wild roses grow” music video.

  9. The photo of your daughter almost looks like a flower blossoming out of the ground – the first shot, I initially mistook a blemish on the back of the bench to be something sticking into his heart – a death shot if you will. Funny how others see things.

    • I like that description of my daughter, I might have to play on that idea, thank you. It can be funny what people notice and what others don’t. I had to go and look at the image, and it was not something I had noticed. LOL. Interesting, thanks Robert.

  10. I like how painterly the bench looks in the first shot. It made me smile. Like you started with oils and then decided to make a “real boy” with your camera. When I look at the shot of your daughter (who is lovely by the way) I like how she is utterly surrounded, underfoot and overhead, by thousands of tiny bits of colors (all the individual leaves) Because her face and skin look more real (to me) than the rest, I feel like she is breaking through. The bits and wide bands of color cannot contain her. This may or may not be what you intended, but it is what I happily took away from it.

    • Thank you Gina, I am overwhelmed by your descriptions, I just love them, I don’t know what else to say, except maybe, thank you once again.

  11. Certainly the first shot was worth persevering with and has a great fairy tale quality to it. I also agree that there is a bit of an issue with their clothes not being compatible; his pale shirt against the dark background works really well so, personally, I’d dress Lara in something paler too. This would also have the added benefit of the fabric structure showing up better thereby retaining a depth to it.

    • Is that right Noeline haha, LOL, please take that as a joke. Yeah, the clothing was a problem, it is nice to have the images to play with and now I can do them again and see what happens. Thanks Noeline.

  12. Yes, I like the first one too. A lot. It’s my favorite of the three. I agree with the person who referred to Harry Potter. I always get that feeling too! Nice, Leanne!

    • I don’t mind saying I am surprised that it is the one people like the most, I don’t mind it, but I just see faults in it everywhere, maybe I should try it again and see if I can make it even better. The Harry Potter reference is interesting, not one I was thinking of, but not bad, I like it. Thanks George/

  13. I really like these pictures. I can’t see, why you should be disappointed. I wish I would shoot one thing like that. :) I love the colours!

    • I wasn’t really sure about them, I like them, but I think they could be a lot better. Thank you. :)

  14. Not disappointed at all, Leanne. Love the processing – it’s interesting that the further you get from reality the more real the shots become.

  15. The one of the boy and girl together look almost like they could be from a vampire movie. (A love story one!)

  16. I like the where you are going with this type of photography. It is very stunning and almost surreal. keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Amanda, I love the poses, and the processing, it was what they were wearing that I didn’t like, so maybe one day I can get them together again and do some more.

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