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One Aspect of the Life of an Artist

Actually it is more my life really.  Sorry I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.  I thought I might talk about one aspect of the life.  I have been surprised lately to read definitions of what an artist is, there is a massive list and while you don’t have to fill every one, one that did surprise was being a teacher.

This is something that is fairly new to me.  I have been teaching for about a year now.  I really didn’t like it when I started, but I have really started enjoying it.  Learning howscclass3006 I need to teach was the hardest thing for me to learn.  I am finding my way around it, and the more I do it the more I enjoy it.  There is something special about realising that people are coming to you to learn.

I have more classes coming up at Living & Learning Nillumbik.

My first class is Saturday the 3rd of August, which is Introduction to your DSLR, unfortunately full, but if there are enough people interested there may be a chance of a second class in the last term.

Landscape Photography is on the 7th of September, also a Saturday.  We do some stuff in the class, then head out and down the road to try some landscape photography.  I try and do some critiquing as well, though it can be hard with how many photos people take.

Architectural Photography is on the 19th of October, and pretty much runs the same way as the landscape one.  All my classes are practical, and you are expected to bring scamelia-1368your camera and take photos.  I learn by doing, so I teach by doing.

The Portrait Class on Saturday the 16th of November.  We get a model for a couple of hours and experiment with taking photos of the model.  I showed you some photos from the last model.

Sports and event photography is on the 30th November.  Again, we will try and find a sport to go and photograph.

There are still places left available in most of the classes above, but they will fill fairly quickly.

I am also going to be teaching some sports photography classes for kids who live on the fringes of the city, so that should be a good experience.  I don’t know how many of those yet.

I am in discussions with the team in Eltham too about structuring the classes a little differently next year.  Instead of doing the individual classes, we are going to do a scclasses-9830-sepcourse, about 6 weeks.  So it will be all the other classes put into one.  It should be good doing it as a short course instead of all the individual ones.  I will be able to build on their knowledge from one week to another without having to continually repeat information that was in the previous class.  It is going to be exciting. It will be well structured and thought out.

I am also hoping to do some workshops, full day ones.  I am in the process of planning a portrait workshop.  It will start with looking at portrait photography, and we will go through the whole process of how to do portraits, from start to finish and at the end of the day you should have some wonderful portraits, and the knowledge of how to do more.

If I can’t run that one at Eltham, if I get people interested, then I might try running it sccity-3hpm2105myself somewhere.  So if you are interested, keep it in mind.

Don’t forget, I also do full day One on One Classes as well, there is information at the top under Learning Photography.  You get to spend a whole day with me and I teach you how to use your camera, if you need that, I show you around the city, or we just go and take photos, with breaks to look at your photos and to critique how you are going.  I also give suggestions on how you can improve.  I also take photos, so you get to see me working as well.  I only charge $330 for that, which is for about 8 hours.  I was told it was too cheap, but I think it is fine.

If you really want to do a class with me and don’t live in Australia, there is always online and we can talk over the internet.  I have done that for a few people now, and it has been fantastic.  That is more for editing and stuff.  Again that information is under Learning Photography above.

I can see teaching creeping in more and more.  I have even considered looking around at other places to teach as well, which surprises me.  I really do enjoy it.

I hope some of you may join me in some of my classes.  It would be so wonderful to see people there who know me through the blog.


  1. I just love the determination in your ambition. Please do not falter by giving up, you are on a good track.

  2. Awesome very exciting stuff to be teaching..and hard too..i know when my daughter left uni it was because the art she was being taught was not being taught by artists and she got very disillusioned..she found her art became better with her own life you already are a passionate photographer you are already in the right place to impart knowledge :)

    • Thank you, it is exciting. I agree, I think if you want to learn how to do something, it is best to learn from someone who does it, or at least knows how to. I hope I am a good teacher, I do enjoy it.

      • I am sure you are..i know Rhiannon found the uni teachers to be lacking was all technical and boxed in thinking…bizarre for art! :)

      • Where did she study? I know the places I have studied, the teachers were all practicing artists. I can imagine how frustrated she would have been, it would have driven me mad.

      • When she went to Deakin …she left got a job at a kebab shop saved her cash and went and worked at a school camp in New York..turned 19 the day after she got there..spent three months and came back and startedworkong as a barista in Brunswick where she did her street art and got it finely life held no appeal after New York hahaha :)

      • I could imagine that, I went to the VCA, so we had artists teaching us, some quite famous ones too, so they did know what they were teaching, which was great. Sometimes you have to go on your own. I am sort of doing that now with my photography. :)

      • Good for you! sometimes its more about the feel of where you are in time and the way you fit in that gives your creativity wings..:)

      • Well, I didn’t think I fitted in at the VCA, I always felt out of my depth, or like I didn’t belong, then again, I tend to feel like that every where. It is great to have a degree from there though.

      • Hahaah I have never fitted in anywhere and neither has Rhiannon…thankgod!! I am glad you got your degree though..i have a saying…some people sit on the lilypads..I prefer to be in the pond with the bugs and strange murky’s far more interesting :)

  3. There is an old saying that says…….. if you want to learn how to do something well, teach it to someone else.

    • Yes, I have heard similar. YOu have to understand something very well, to be able to teach it.

      • I have found that I understand things I never knew I knew only after having to ‘teach’ it to someone else. It is also a way of realising how much you do know. I’m glad that you are starting to enjoy the teaching. Well done.

      • Thank you, I find I know things, but I don’t really know why I know it, and with teaching I have to be able to express or say why something does something and it helps me to really understand. I found that with shutter speed, trying to explain that one.

    • Haha, I tried something similar here, but the software was going to cost me $300 to do good tutorials, and it was pretty clear that people didn’t want to pay for them, so it would have been a waste of money to me, so I decided not to buy the software, and I can’t do the tutorials now.

  4. I wish you a wonderful success story in you endeavors to teach photography. Someday when I get a real camera I may need to read the manual and then get some lessons :)

  5. I think it’s wonderful that you are passing along your photographic expertise to so many people Leanne. :)

    • Yes, busy, just the way I like it, gives me a good excuse not to do the housework. :)
      Thanks Mary.

  6. You have a lot to give!! :)
    This is all fantastic and I wish you and your students all the very best with your ongoing and new classes.
    You never know, if I can get there one day too, you might see my face :D
    I’d love it!

    • Thank you Robyn, it is a great thing to do. It is also really rewarding.
      How wonderful would that be if you could join me one day. Maybe I can become famous and run workshops all over the country. :)

      • I enjoy teaching, although I taught quilting years ago. It is very rewarding…and very tiring ;)
        You never know… I’d love to come and maybe one day it’ll all line up.
        I’m back to part time study this month…Yippee!!
        I bet you do teach all over… you’ll see :D

      • Yes, it can be very tiring.
        that would be wonderful if you could come to a class one day.
        what are you studying?
        I hope so, that would be fantastic. :)

      • Going to be doing Design Fundamentals :)
        You never know and it would be great!
        Wishing you well with all you’re doing xx

  7. Sounds great Leanne especially for those taking your courses, there’s nothing to beat being shown how to do something new practically by a well qualified enthusiast talented teacher. They should be queuing up RIGHT NOW ;-)
    I swear there must be more hours in the day Down Under than up here in the Northern Hemisphere .. how else could you manage this hectic schedule otherwise Lol …

    • I have made a friend from them as well and she tells me that she loves the classes and it is the practical aspect that she loves. I wish they were queuing up, it would be good.
      Haha, no, I just don’t do anything else. I sound much busier than I am. :)

  8. Teaching was one of the most satisfying jobs I ever did. I also made a few lifelong friends from among students (adult students in a post-graduate course) … I never thought I would like it. Now if only it paid a little better :-)

    • I would be happy with being paid, at least then I would be making some money. I do enjoy it and would like to do a lot more of it. I would love to run high end workshops, so maybe I can build up to that. Build up my profile.
      I have started making some friends as well. Thank you.

  9. Ooooh, I wish I was in Australia. I love these classes! How much fun your students are going to have. And being from Australia, they will understand when you say camera roll, that you really are saying camera raw. hahaha :) Lots of love to you, Leanne :)

    • They do seem to enjoy them Marsha, which is fantastic. No, I don’t have language problems here, haha. Thanks Marsha. :)

      • Of course they would LOVE them, Leanne. We had a great time, and I’m SO much more aware of feet, and things in my view finder (when I can actually see what’s there!). That was a great hour we spent! :)

      • You can spend a lot of time browsing websites, haha, I spend too much time on it, I need to cut back some.

      • Haha, yeah, I am finding time for the blog is running short these days, the new portraits are taking up a lot of time, which is great.

      • That is so true, I am finding myself with a bit more time now, especially since I stopped working on the blog so much. I am hoping that my new business will be really busy soon, and I will be very busy making photos and getting paid for it. I hope.

      • Yeah! Just don’t forget me! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, so now, you’re more than just a blogger! :) So less blogging means don’t lose touch! :)

  10. It’s your turn… you had practicing artists as teachers and now you’re applying the same. Teaching isn’t always one way.Teaching helps you know what you know, value what you know, and it becomes circular the more you feed it, the more you give, you get back… up to a certain point, I must say, there is an economy of scale that applies to everything. It’s great to see all those sessions/classes/workshops in the pipeline, both for you and the students :)

    • Thanks EllaDee, it seems to be an important part of my art practice. You are right, it is good to give back, and it also means I have to really know what I am doing. I do love meeting everyone though, which is great.

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