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Just over a week ago I was given an opportunity to photograph a young man for my portraits.  It was an interesting experience, and it required me to think very differently.  I couldn’t just dress him up in an amazing dress, you know how it is, it just wasn’t going to work.

Leanne Cole - Prince Charming Finding the PumpkinsSo I turned him into Prince Charming and he found a pumpkin patch.  You can make of it as you will.

I also got him to do some other things and this is one of the images I have just finished.

Leanne Cole - Contemplation I love how vulnerable he appears in this.  I enjoyed working with a model that wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability or look silly.  I don’t know if there are a lot of men who could do images like this.

My daughter was there as well, so I did some of the two of them as well.

Leanne Cole - Being UnsureI really enjoyed working with both of them.  I liked how they would act like a couple, even though they aren’t.  They held hands and walked together.  It was just great.

I like the awkwardness of the above shot.  They are together, yet also a long way apart.

Leanne Cole - Tears, MistakingWhen I set up this scene, I actually intended for it to be something else, him creeping up behind her, but this was one of the first shots, and I love it.  It says so many things.

The work sometimes takes over and I sometimes get so much more than what I intended.  I think this is how writers feel at times.  This session was a total surprise and one of my favourites.  I really hope to go out with both of them again some time.  I will ask them to wear different clothes though.

I am finding with these sessions that people love doing them, and have so much fun.  I just finished another session with a young lady who wore some of the skirts I made, and she loved wearing them so much that she didn’t want to take them off at the end.  It is a great feeling for me.

I have made a Gift Voucher so people can have the session as a gift, and get some credit towards a print.

2013voucherI will have to get it printed, but I thought putting it on facebook to start with might be good, and now I have it here.  Hopefully it will lead to more sessions.

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