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Being a Prince

Just over a week ago I was given an opportunity to photograph a young man for my portraits.  It was an interesting experience, and it required me to think very differently.  I couldn’t just dress him up in an amazing dress, you know how it is, it just wasn’t going to work.

Leanne Cole - Prince Charming Finding the PumpkinsSo I turned him into Prince Charming and he found a pumpkin patch.  You can make of it as you will.

I also got him to do some other things and this is one of the images I have just finished.

Leanne Cole - Contemplation I love how vulnerable he appears in this.  I enjoyed working with a model that wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability or look silly.  I don’t know if there are a lot of men who could do images like this.

My daughter was there as well, so I did some of the two of them as well.

Leanne Cole - Being UnsureI really enjoyed working with both of them.  I liked how they would act like a couple, even though they aren’t.  They held hands and walked together.  It was just great.

I like the awkwardness of the above shot.  They are together, yet also a long way apart.

Leanne Cole - Tears, MistakingWhen I set up this scene, I actually intended for it to be something else, him creeping up behind her, but this was one of the first shots, and I love it.  It says so many things.

The work sometimes takes over and I sometimes get so much more than what I intended.  I think this is how writers feel at times.  This session was a total surprise and one of my favourites.  I really hope to go out with both of them again some time.  I will ask them to wear different clothes though.

I am finding with these sessions that people love doing them, and have so much fun.  I just finished another session with a young lady who wore some of the skirts I made, and she loved wearing them so much that she didn’t want to take them off at the end.  It is a great feeling for me.

I have made a Gift Voucher so people can have the session as a gift, and get some credit towards a print.

2013voucherI will have to get it printed, but I thought putting it on facebook to start with might be good, and now I have it here.  Hopefully it will lead to more sessions.


  1. mirrorx2onthewall says


    I love how you play with the colors, especially having the opposite colors in nearly every photo. Your style is mysterious and fantasy-like, which makes simplistic places and people look much more interesting. The only thing that bothers me is that I can only imagine these type of photos in art galleries or photography contests but not on e.g. add campaigns, so, where do you yourself see these on, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m sorry if I sound like I’m trying to educate you, I look up to you and see you as much better than I am. You just got me curious :)


    • Thank you, I like your description there of the work. It is wonderful hearing how people interpret it. I am thinking galleries and art competitions, not ad campaigns, I don’t think I would enjoy that. I would also like people to commission me to do a portrait of them for their walls, so getting some art with them in it. I don’t think you sound like you are educating me, you are just asking some questions. I hope I have answered them. Thanks Janna

  2. WOW, Leanne…..I think you have outdone yourself on this session! WOW! These are beautiful and I love all of the expressions by your lovely & handsome models!

    • thank you so much, they were so wonderful to work with, I really hope I get another chance to try again.

  3. The bit of shirt tail out really makes these shots – it is always the smallest of details that raise the work to art.

    • I was hoping it would add a bit of disarray, the idea of the end of the night. I am glad you like it, thank you.

  4. Really, just beautiful! These photographs have a unique style & area almost haunting. Success to you!

  5. I love the story you are telling here with these photos. The models seem so relaxed. These are world class photos. Congrats…..

    • Thank you, I think I am getting better at conveying to the model what I am after, so I know I have to tell them how I want them to feel, come up with a little story and ask them to act it out.

      • Brilliant way of directing models. And the more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become. And a few months ago you seemed to be so concerned about this modeling issue. You have come a long way.

      • I am finding it much easier, I did a session today, I knew what costumes I wanted and then I told her how to feel and what she needed to do and it was great. I am starting to feel a lot more confident, and getting in my stride.

      • Yes, well it shows. Would you mind asking if you have found a way to sell some of these yet? I hope it’s not too personal of a question, but we did mention this issue before. I have a lot of my photos framed and ready to go, but I am still at a loss of how to sell them.

      • Thanks. No I haven’t worked it out. I have no idea. I am going to go the gallery route, enter some art competitions, see if I get accepted, and try writing some proposals. I don’t think trying to sell them on the internet is going to work, well, not until I get some sort of reputation. Sorry, I know not the answer you were hoping for.

      • No, that’s okay. I really appreciate blunt honesty. The photographic markets are saturated. I will make it work somehow. I am working really hard to sell my stuff on Society 6, but like Instagram and a lot of other photo sites, you’ve got the top 20 % or so getting 80% of the pie. It’s that good old 80/20 rule lol.

        In any event, we will both find our ways. Thanks for taking the time to answer that rather personal question. Take care…..

      • You are welcome, I think there are ways of doing it, but you have to find that way for your work. I am going to try what I said, but I am going to try some other things as well. It is going to be interesting to see what happens. I agree about those sites, they are saturated and you have to be social and get known, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered, it is hard keeping up with wordpress. Good luck.

      • Believe it or not I completely agree with all you say here. However, lol, I am going to stick with Society6 for awhile and see what happens, among doing other things.

        Let’s def come back to this topic at some point. Take care…

      • You should give it a go and see what happens, I have removed some from Red Bubble, but still have some there, I”m not hopeful, but you have to try.
        Yes, we should revisit this topic. Thanks

  6. Great set – I really like the “prince” on the bench alone for all the reasons you discussed.

  7. Love the photograph with the two by the bench….leaves an opening for so many possible stories. Great photographs as always!

  8. These are a lovely series! The colors are spectacular! I love the young man in the pumpkin patch (my favorite here) but they are all beautiful!

    • Thank you, I like the colours too, adds something different to the images. The pumpkin patch was the first one we worked on. That is great, I love the different stories that come from it as well.

  9. I like the last picture best. The way you superimposed the type script photo was brilliant. Make me think she is thinking of him in her memory. Were you shooting for that?

    • No, when I set this up, he was going to walk up behind her and put his hands around her throat, but when I saw this when I was going through the image, I loved how it looked and what was happening between them, or not. So it was an unexpected shot. Thanks

  10. Nice work – really like the poses you got this young man to do. He met all the emotional elements you were looking to achieve.

    • Thank you Mary, he was great to work with. I think he has done a lot of drama, so he was very happy to do what I asked.

  11. I like your plan to market the vouchers. It should be a great way to bring awareness to your new direction.

  12. Such wonderful photos! And better for you with your daughter too. :)

    • Thanks Marie, I thought his shirt was a little to bright, and I think I would ask him to wear a different one next time. Maybe still a light colour, but not white. All learning, but it is great to see some work actually happening.
      I am having fun, a lot. The final images look so different to where I start, and I do love that. I also love planning and working out what I want to do. It is great, I love creating stories, now I can do it with my photography.

  13. You are in your sweet spot! your portraits show how you interact with your models to make it meaningful and interesting. If we lived near one another I would have loved to have my portrait taken by you.

    • I think creatively speaking, yes, I am definitely in a place I want to be. I love working with the models and love seeing them interacting and becoming their characters. Thank you, what a great thing to say, I hope their are people around me who feel the same way.

  14. Fantastic photos.

    It must’ve been an extremely good session. I agree most guys wouldn’t want to appear vulnerable in a shoot. My title would be “A reluctant Prince Charming meets the Dark Angel”.

    • Thank you David.
      It was a good session, the only problem was it got too dark too soon. It was great to get a guy who was willing to do images like this, I think finding guys who have done acting is good, they are used to being like that. Interesting title.

  15. Sonel says

    Oh wow! Stunning as usual Leanne and I just love seeing your creations. Your photographs really do “tell the story” hon and it’s truly amazing. You also put so much work and time and also love in your photo’s! Love the voucher too. Well done! I am sure you are going to get lots of appointments!
    PS: You could have put him in a tutu with a pair of workers boots on and let him sit on the ground looking totally discouraged and sad. LOL!

    • I think the images are getting a lot more creative, I am certainly enjoying that aspect. It is great to find a story, give it to the model and then watch them make it come true. Then I do my stuff on the computer.
      I hope the voucher does bring in people and some sessions get booked, I really want this to be successful, especially when I see how happy people are when they are being photographed and then when they see the end result.
      I don’t know if I would be able to find a boy/man that would wear a tutu, I don’t think the guy I had would. LOL
      Thanks Sonel.

      • Sonel says

        Whahahahah! Well, ask him next time. LOL! I saw a paint shop pro tube once with a man like that with a tutu and it looked so adorable! Love your creativity Leanne. Have fun and enjoy! :D *hugs*

  16. I haven’t been by in so long, Leanne, but I’m glad I came back to this post. Wonderful shots! The color and the ambience really create a mood. Hope you’re well.

    • I hope it was a lovely surprise for you. I have been doing some very new stuff, and I am really liking where it is going. I am well, thanks for asking, I hope you are too.

  17. Katra. says

    I really love this session! So mystical…

  18. These are just brilliant, Leanne! I love the interactions between your models – and they do seem like a couple in some ways. That final shot is superb.

    • Thank you Richard, it was really good working with two people, I might have to do it some more. I really like that last shot too, it could mean so many different things.

  19. Really.. really like these Leanne .
    I like the way the young man has hold of your daughters hand there … he might have the unsure look but he is keeping her with him with his strong but – not unduly so just an impression -grip across her hand … come …
    The bench image I love with the script -tears foolish mistaking -yes I like using words too when I can in images.. A sense of a misunderstanding maybe ..
    The first shot could be the the start or the finish of the series in some ways …. or standalone …
    Oh you’ve got me all of a dither wondering … You’ve tapped into something with these two youngsters they’ve achieved the expressions and attitudes I’m sure you were after . Great stuff .

    • That is wonderful to hear Poppytump, I think the work is really starting to come along and I am feeling so much more confident with what I am doing.
      The two of them were great and I loved working with them both, I really hope they will let me do it again some time.
      Do people still get dithery? Haha, that is great. Thank you so much, I have loved reading what you had to say.
      The words, I am liking doing that, they are the words from Romeo and Juliet, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I blended them and those words came out on the bench. Brilliant, well that is what I thought.

      • *Serendipity * and yes quite Brilliant ;-)
        Yes… dithery still figures in my life LOL …
        Have a great evening Leanne .
        Now I must stop prevaricating and try out some F stops haha

      • That is such a great word Serendipity, and so is dithery, love them.
        Thank you, I’m sitting here watching Masterchef and doing my post. I have been working on some new photos that I shot yesterday. I wanted the girl to be a fairy, but I had no wings, so I have tried drawing them, and making them on the photo. I am quite impressed with myself. I wonder what others will say. I loaded it up on facebook and the response has been quite good.
        Now get going with those F stops. ;)

  20. They make a good couple :D
    I particularly like the second and last images – quite a lot can be read into them.

    • Though don’t tell them that, haha. It was great that they were prepared to work together like that.
      I think those two have been the most popular, I entered both in a competition yesterday. I like how the images almost demand you to work out their stories. I am liking images like that a lot more.

  21. Oh my Gosh these are good, and so much fun. They look like romantic book covers. My mother would just have gone nuts over these. When I do a romantic book, you are definitely going to do MY book cover! Awesome. I love him – even if she’s holding him at bay a little bit. She’s definitely not in love with him yet, but he’s quietly making his moves. It won’t be long! By the end of the book, she’ll discover his true self, although he might be a vampire underneath all that darkness. hmmm. There is nothing more romantic these days than a gorgeous vampire! :)

    • Gorgeous vampires or gorgeous dark angels, they are big in this house. It is going to be interesting to see what happens with these images, I really love doing them, it is like creating my own fiction, and my own stories. I need to start planning more. I love the story you have going on. They have both agreed to let me photograph them again, so that will great. She wants to wear the vintage dress I bought, so that could make it very interesting. Thanks Marsha. I entered two of these into an art competition.

      • How wonderful! They are gorgeous. Did I tell you that I had some professional pictures taken for my professional organization? They came out great, and since I own the copyright on them (paid extra) I came home and photoshopped them. I was impressed at the amount of work and how quickly she could pose me, look at the lighting, the amount of equipment and set up needed, and how quickly she got it. One tip for old ladies: the photographer got up on a stepstool, and had me look up, thus stretching my neck. Such a quick tip, but it left me wondering, “How many tips are there to learn before you become a really great portrait photographer?” The more I learn about photography, the more I see why mine are decent, but no more than that (if that, sometimes!) It was fascinating to approach the session from the vantage point of being a photographer. I had so much fun with it. I’ll send you my pictures. :)

      • I have used that trick too, the getting up higher, also means they have to open their eyes more. It is good watching how other photographers work, you can learn a lot. There comes a point where you just have to say enough and just do it. I doubt myself so much and I have come to realise that I need to do that, stop looking at what others are doing and just do my own thing. So that is the plan now. Just get on with it. I am glad with these new portraits that I am doing, that much of those sorts of tricks are irrelevant, that it is about the character and not so much about what you look like. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

      • For me to attempt to become a GOOD portrait photographer wi require more time, energy and talent than I think I have!!!!

      • You would only know if you had the talent if you tried, but time can be a problem, then is no one saying you can’t give it a shot and do your own thing, do you want to be a professional, or do you just want to take great photos of people?

      • There you go! Truly, I just want to take great photos of people! I was impressed with the easy way she did things that I knew nothing about in the way of posing. It really was fun, but I have WAY too many irons in the fire to focus on learning that skill. I’ll tell you. What I’m enjoying the most is processing the photos. I really spend tons of time doing that – just because I love doing it! :)

      • I love processing too, and I was worried for a while that maybe I like it too much, but I am finding that I like the whole process now, from the planning, to the taking, and then the processing right to seeing what people think of their images.

      • I’m still so new that I’m focusing right now on learning. I need to take some more actual photography classes, but I don’t have time right now. I loved the one I took, and then the 3 online hours I’ve had on processing have me focused on that, and that includes the composition and other things we talked about. I’m much more aware of things around me, but that means I’m cropping more. :)

      • I think most of us are doing, I’ve been learning some more advanced stuff and sometimes my head just swims. Just be careful with cropping, as it also means smaller images and it can limit you with how big you can print, especially if you are thinking of selling stuff.

      • Yes! :) I may have already responded to this, but I know you will forgive me. :) Let’s sell some pictures! :)

  22. This is amazing. The one of him sitting on the bench and the two of them, with him approaching from behind are really powerful. You are blowing my mind!

    Love the gift voucher idea. You are working very hard, I know how hard it is, to do the business side and still have time to do the art side. I don’t know how you do it all. You must not sleep much.

    Yes, when it’s going well, that’s what it’s like for writers too. The work takes over. It’s wonderful.

    The fact that you and your models are having fun, that’s the key to knowing you’re doing the “right” thing. And it really shows. Brilliant work, Leanne! Remember me when you’re famous.

    • Thank you, I was really happy with these, I loved working with them. I suspect I am getting even better at the planning and working out what I want.
      I am not doing enough on the business side, I think that is a problem.
      It is wonderful when you are so motivated to just keep walking.
      I hope I become famous, well, it would be great if the work did, and as if I would ever forget you. Never. Thanks again Nia you are the best.

    • Thank you, I like that, and it seems to have been a common thought, that so much can be read into them, I really like that.

  23. I absolutely love these! These are my favorite portraits from you, really beautiful! He’s so perfect for this scenery and I LOVE the last one with your daughter! She’s my favorite model of yours! HAHAHA! They look great together and I hope she lets you photograph her more! So romantic but in a more innocent and haunting way, I made my husband look at them! HAHA!

    • Thank you Amanda, it was so different with a male model. He was fantastic and I loved the ones with Briony and him, they worked so well together, I just didn’t like what they were wearing and I would like to do more, but with them in different clothing. I will admit, I love photographing her as well. When she was little I loved to photograph her, but she is very picky about what I can photograph now. I hope your husband like them too, haha.

      • Hahaha yes when we all grow up we get a little more picky with portraits haha! I hate having my picture taken lol! Oh and yes he did haha

      • That is so true, though she seems to really like the photos I am taking right now and is happy to let me. As long as the photos aren’t about her, I think. That is great, glad he liked them, thank you Amanda, love hearing from you.

  24. Superb images, Leanne…and what a lot of work! BUT–the progress you are making as an artist is fantastic (drooling a bit with envy here, as I try to ‘catch ’em up’ on all these posts)!

    • He was great, I was meant to take photos of him yesterday, but it was raining so we have rescheduled. I discovered though that some boys like the costumes too, he likes the cloak so I am sure I will be taking photos of him in that. I am really enjoying where these images are going and can’t wait to keep doing them. They are really coming along. Thanks 1000

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